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Wisemen Still Seek Him

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Wisemen Still Seek Him
Just beautiful and heart warming.
Rev. Marie
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I love the song “wisemen still seek him”. Is available it be used in a church Christmas program?
Debi Carlisle (debicarilsle_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
My husband and I made a black pegboard of this powerful song , “Wisemen Still Seek Him!” And Jesus Christ still changes lives through believing Jesus died on the cross for sins and God’s love for the world.
Shirley Golding
Wisemen Still Seek Him
lovely words, message for us relevant today.
Wisemen Still Seek Him
good merryful prayer song
Wisemen Still Seek Him
A really fantastic song
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Wisemen Still Seek Him
lovely to find such meaningful songs to sing and teach children at christmas time.thank you. sung beautifully.
susan mercy philip, Bangalore
Wisemen Still Seek Him
A meaningful christmas song with the heart of christmas. beautifully sung. Lovely.We sang at our churchand loved the spirit of the song
susan mercy philip, Bangalore
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Beautiful song! I'd love to play this recording in our church Christmas play. Is there something I need to do to be able to use it? I think I've finally found the right song for the Wise men scene. Thank you and God bless you!
Wanda Bailey (wndbl674_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I was so grateful when I stumbled across this site back in 2006. I had been looking for something different to do with the children in Church that year rather than singing and performing the same familiar songs we do every year. This site was truly as blessing. And I couldn't believe everything was free. As a Sunday School, we performed the play but what really stood out were the songs. They were absolutely amazing!!! And the children still remember them to this day!!
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Real life experience meets the real love of God in the Savior. This song gets to the guts of human feelings and longing for a life of meaning and purpose only found in the Savior Jesus. He came down and become one of us! (jrabary_AT_iowatelecom_DOT_net)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!
Wisemen Still Seek Him
An amazing song and voice thank you i would love to use this in achristmas production
 Kerrie (kerrieramdath_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Wonderful Song......... really it & m planning to sing this as a special number for carolservice
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I love this song
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I now have a new favorite Christmas song! I've ordered the CD and plan to sing this next Christmas at our Christmas Service at church.
Wisemen Still Seek Him
This was brought to my attention by a church leader. It fit in beautifully with our plans for Christmas service. The the audio track is helpful we may use it with ouf choir of 8. I may play guitar? We will see how the spirit leads. Thanks
 Kenneth (krw2dbw_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I this song.
I am that Anya Christine Zhao was talking about.
I This Song!
I have it on my Itunes!!
Anya (anyac_AT_myschoolace_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
At the Christmas program we were amazing. Thank God for this song!
Christine Zhao
Wisemen Still Seek Him
This is a inspiring Christmas song.... Praise the Lord for giving to us such a beautiful song through Lynn.... Thank you very much....
Wisemen Still Seek Him
There was this Anya. I sent her the song and wanted to take advantage of me so she wrote what I sent her.
She thinks I put too many comments.
Christine Zhao (czhao888_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I LOVE your songs! Good thing we're doing your song for Christmas Program at my school. I just love your songs!
I'll email your songs to a friend. I love them!
Thanks to my friend that gave me these songs or I would never have known about these beautiful songs!

Anya Chen
Anya (anyac_AT_myschoolace_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I Lynn Cooper's voice in the song. It's so fabulous. Ieverything about this song.
Christine Zhao
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I LOVE THIS SONG! I have to listen to to it every day! I also have to say it is the best song in the world! bet everyone on earth would love it when they listen to it! It's so contagious that I got the song stuck in my head. BUT GO GO! Hooray for the people who made this song!
Christine Zhao
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Love this song! Hope God loves it too when my class and I are going to sing it in the Christmas program this year. GO GOD!
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I got my CD today and I love it. Thank you so much!
Brenda Reynolds (Whitewright, TX) (super_finders_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Very Nice song! ! ! (bheddins_AT_tcsmail_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
How can I downlaod the midi file?? I clikce don it but it only opened in Windows Media Player and started playing. No option was given to download or copy. Help!
Wisemen Still Seek Him
this is a beautiful song full of power, majesty and grace and inspires you to always remember our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Kerrie & Anwar
Wisemen Still Seek Him
beaitiful Christmas song, inspirning moving and God's power is within it moving and showing graces Amen
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I absolutely love this song. I plan to use it in this years christmas program!!!
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I remember a house garage in Edmonton, Alberta....for on the garage door are the words "Wise Men Still Seek Him". I use that saying a lot.

So when I heard this song for the 1 time yesterday, I thought that's a good song, and would be good to use in my Christmas Light display this year.
Scott (mrbee789_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Wisemen Still Seek Him
Absolutely love this. Planning to use it, in shortened form in our Advent service next week with the children waving ribbons as they journey through the church as symbolic of our Advent journey and our search for light. Thank you.
Wisemen Still Seek Him
I want to order cd but cannot get it to work....please advise.
Thank you
Dianna Tuttle

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