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It’s A See You Later

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It’s A See You Later
i feel like crying.It is a beautiful song keep it up
It’s A See You Later
i just love you god!!
radhika anderson (special10001_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It’s A See You Later
Let us all wait eagerly for that moment when we will meet Jesus - the Son of God,face to face;

Let us all wait for that moment when He will call us Blessed for having answered his call and dedicated our life for Him

... but let us all see the face of Jesus NOW in the face of so many people we daily meet in our lives particularly those who are in most need of love in their spirit and heart.

Surely, if we live His word it wouldn't then be difficult for us to see Jseus with all his glory and immerse ourselves in the ocean of love and mercy of the the Sacred heart of Jesus.
MARIO CARUANA (mario_DOT_caruana_AT_ilearn_DOT_edu_DOT_mt)
It’s A See You Later
Always believe and trust in Jesus Christ - the Son of God. He is our Saviour and waiting for each and everyone of us so that one day we meet him face to face in eternity.

That would be the greatest moment in our lives when we meet Jesus fact to face and immerse ourselves in his divine love and mercy for us ALL. We will see his glory and share in his infinite love for ever.

We have been created for him (God) and our hearts will only find rest in him.

Jesus I trust in YOU and in your Divine Mercy.
MARIO CARUANA (mario_DOT_caruana_AT_ilearn_DOT_edu_DOT_mt)
It’s A See You Later
My Only son died 2001, and I am so glad I had a chance to hear this, I know my son is in Heaven and I felt he was talking to me through your music, Thank you and May God continue to bless your work.
Ju Ju
It’s A See You Later
very beautiful and comforting song. Is there a way I can purchase a CD with this song in it.
 Susie (fridaytall_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It’s A See You Later
the lyrics of the song comforts me a lot,my husband died at the age of 34,and we had a son-Yuan...it really hurts as we live each day without him but i know that it is just for awhile we will meet once again in that awesome place...HEAVEN!To God be the glory!rhai
It’s A See You Later
A very comforting song.
It’s A See You Later
Thank you! A very peaceful song of assurance and comfort to those who are left behind. One of my favorite things to say to loved ones while we're still living is, 'I expect see you at the gate'. Because of Jesus, His shed blood and His finished work at the cross, He has made it possible. See you later!
 Linda (roadrunnerlane1_AT_att_DOT_net)
It’s A See You Later
my dear husband left this world, he is gone tho heaven were he`s waiting for me.
he died at the age of 41,the cancer feld his body, but his soule lives for ever with ter risen King! and i know he is gone for a little wile,and that hurts but the Lord shall bring us together wen my time has come! but for now,together with the Lord, i shall take care for us children,they have two Fathers in heaven.Lord bless us!
It’s A See You Later
the song is encouraging
wisdom ezekwem
It’s A See You Later
this song tells me that my father in heaven is waiting to be with me in heaven
It’s A See You Later
Your song was dated on my birthday, and my brother died the day before. Perfect timing, because the last thing I said to him was. "I'll see you in the Morning." Thank you for this very fitting song.
Marva (smarvaj_AT_aol_DOT_com)
It’s A See You Later
A very comforting song with true implications. I love the melody, I feel like I'm crying inside. God bless you more songs.
 Richard (chard_lance7_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)

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