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The Ballad of the Cross

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The Ballad of the Cross
I found this song in early 2000 s - downloaded it and have sang it most Easters since. It us beautiful and I do not understand why it never moved into the mainstream. I love it.
Sandy Fink (deltawinds_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Found this song years ago and every time I play it, sing it, it touches my heart like no other.
Thank you...
Diana Boney (paladin1954_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Beautiful! (piazazz14_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Truely a truth we need to sing out.
The Ballad of the Cross
I downloaded this many years ago and still love it. We sing it as s duet on Easter. Love it.
Sandy Fink
The Ballad of the Cross
I love this song very much
Renae Forbes (Renforbes830_AT_Gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Your music is special to me. Thank you for putting feet to the blessings God has placed upon your hearts. Thank you, thank you!
Bill Grisham (whgrisham_AT_catt_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
I love it!
Vera Six (old friend of your music) (verasix_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Yes I will call upon your name and be saved
Renae forbes (Renaeforbes24_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Glory B 2 JESUS on This Special Day I've Sent This Comment In For Good Friday3April2015♪†
Love The Song/Hymn & The Words♪
♪Thank You All & GoD's Blessings B Upon Us All & Peace B WithIn Our S
Fayette (quakawallaby_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
I've been looking for the music for 'Until I Come' as I have the words already. I'm so thankful that I found your site, it is truly inspirational. I run a Lent Club after school and I have used this before many years ago, thank goodness I found it again. Went onto the website, really delighted. Thank you so much.
Elaine Williams (elaine_will_AT_hotmail_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
The Ballad of the Cross
You are everything to me lord because I will call upon your name .
renae forbes (renae forbes 78_AT_gmail_DOT_ com)
The Ballad of the Cross
excellent will use it for the worship
The Ballad of the Cross
That is a beautiful song, and it so perfectly describes Jesus' perfect gift. I loved it! Everyone should hear that song.
Rebecca Schumacher (schumabecca_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
This is beautiful. I play piano for my church but don't feel accomplished enough to play this so I will just listen. I love the words. Thank you for sharing all the music.
Jo Ann (joannirons_AT_windstream_DOT_net)
The Ballad of the Cross
Thank you Elton and Larry for writing such a beautiful and holy song. I have loved this song, and "I Lay It Down" for years, well before my husband and I were married. We just got back from Good Friday Mass, and now that the kids are old enough to understand them, we played both songs for them. They are very special songs, and I thank you both for encouraging christians to use your songs freely in their churches. Glory to God!!!
The Ballad of the Cross
I have loved this song since I first heard it- now years ago. I bought the CD- Resurrection Song and have been trying to get this song and another-Lover of My Soul performed at my church. Well, I finally got someone to sing it at my church and he asked me to sing back-up. So, we had a man and a woman. We were well received. Everyone said the song was very thought provoking and emotional. I think/hope that's what you were trying for! One down and one to go! God Bless you guys!
cheryl (cherylsi_AT_live_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
5-star GREAT!!!
 John (Mike) (jmhorn_AT_brtc_DOT_net)
The Ballad of the Cross
What a awesome song. It tells of the greatest thing to happen to me. I resently started a music ministry with in my church and these songs are truly an inspiration to me. God is great.
Dwight (okcountryboy51_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
What a beautiful song. My pianist really rates it. Thank you so much for your wonderful music. I love singing from your list.
Doris Warren (dwarren1435_AT_aol_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
The Ballad of the Cross
i am in charge of our church play for easter and wanted to use "the ballad of the cross" and saw that for non profit we could use it so tried to download it but its not working, not sure why, i'm even willing to pay for the cd if needed, but need it asap for kids to practice. please help

Thank you for your interest. To download a file (mp3, midi, pdf), right mouse click on the link. This will display a menu on the screen. Use the menu to download the file to your computer. - Elton
The Ballad of the Cross
This song and the entire Russurection story is awesome. It is an inspiration to othera and it is great for use with children and youth groups
karan (karan_AT_cwjamaica_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Blast of beauty. Great song written by Elton and Larry, and Steve and Rhesa do a great job performing it.
Alvin Fisher (alvinfisher_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net)
The Ballad of the Cross
It's a song to be inspired in your faith.
God is Wonderful !
silvia (petrescuslv_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
wow!!!its so nice song...To God be the Glory!!! (glendzy25_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
I really like this song, because it makes you reflect on the death of Jesus and it is so surrend.
Mary McWilliams
The Ballad of the Cross
i truely love this reminds me of how Lord Jesus suffered for my sins and how he loves me. it also encourages me to love him back unconditionally. Oh how i love you Lord.
celine (ccningas_AT_gma_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
It is good to hear a song so glorifying to Jesus
The Ballad of the Cross
i love the song really makes me think that jesus did not have 2 do anything but he did wat god called him 2 do . God has a call 4 each n every one of us we need 2 follow our calling just like jesus did i love u my jesus
catherine (pinkwells_AT_aol_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
I hear this song and i love it,its remind the love of JESUS CHRIST FOR US
 charlito (charlie_canosa_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
I love this song,it remind me how GOD loves me.He give his only begotten son to Ransom my soul at the cross,
 charlito (charlie_canosa_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
i really like it
harriet (harrietomane35_AT_aol_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
the words were so very touching, may the other will be blessed....................camz
The Ballad of the Cross
ooooh this song made me shade tears would like to get a copy its wonderfully may the lord bless you elton as you go on serving the Lord
joan (joaby20002yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Wonderful Song!!!
Robert (robertdinakaranj_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Bessie (bess39_AT_cableone_DOT_net)
The Ballad of the Cross
I would like to share about this song. I had performed this song at my local church for special music, only was done in sign language. Thank you for allowing this to be done. This is a great Easter and Passover song. You all are a Blessing. Thank you so much!!
Martina Juranek (heartmkj_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Elton & Larry, My wife and I found this to be a beautiful song. We sang it a couple of years ago for our Easter church service. I plan on teaching it to a brother in our church so we may sing it together this coming Easter. Thank you two and God Bless, Mark
 mark (setfree6of96_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
wow ! the meaning of the song is great ! im not yet listening to it but i already fell in love to the song !!!
 madelle (celandinehawkins_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Ballad of the Cross
Love this song. Is there a version of this for SAB choir?
laura (blandersen_AT_cltcomm_DOT_net)

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