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The Immaculate Conception Of The Virgin
I saw a similar painting by Murillo today at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I wonder why would Murillo paint more than one version of the Inmaculate Conception. The painting is alomost identical to the one in Prado.
Mike (msoteldo_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Dante and Beatrice
I have an oil on canvass of this painting. I took it to have it appraised, but the appraiser could attach no dollar amount to it. He said it was painted some time during the 15th century. It was given to me by my uncle, who served in (and brought it back from) Italy during WWII. The painting is not invery good condition, due to its age, but obviously is the same as the Henry Holiday painting. I would appreciate any information (or speculation) that could be provided.
Rick (harleyngto_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I love this picture.I love dolphins and this is an excellent picture!my dream is to swim with dophins and looking at pictures like this one make me think im in the water with them!
hope williams
Portrait of Eric Smith
i hate sappy things like this
1788 New Jersey Cent
I acquired this coin around 1965. I was in a coin store in Pasadena Texas when an old man in a huge van drove up. He was very eccentric. It appeared that he and his wife lived in the van and his life was completely consumed with collecting coins. We looked at his complete set of US large cents. Then he pulled out a box of colonial coins. I had never seen colonial coins before and was fascinated. Eventually he handed me this one and told me to keep it. Somewhat shocked, I accepted and have treasured it ever since. It's not in the best condition, but all the features are visible.
 Elton (elton_AT_songsofpraise_DOT_org)
Neuswanstein Castle
It was really interesting to visit this castle back in 1986. I bought a post card in the gift shop and gave it to my grandmother to paint from.
 Elton (elton_AT_songsofpraise_DOT_org)
Portrait of Eric Smith
Thank you Veronica for making this drawing for Eric and his Family.
 TexasDayLily (leslie_AT_songsofpraise_DOT_org)
Neuswanstein Castle
Ecce Homo
i have his painting. how much is it worth
jackie (saludagirl36_AT_aol_DOT_com)
The mountain tops
I appreciate a Christian website such as this. I really enjoy seeing your pictures and working the jigsaw puzzles, which is one of my passions. I was curious if you have been all of these places or if they have your name on them (Elton Smith) or if it's because you own the site. I was especially gratified to see all the pictures of, I assume your children, on the battleship Lady Lex (or I think that was the one). I am a native Texan and live in Central Texas, but I lived for many, many years in New Mexico also, so I am always thrilled to see pictures from those two states. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
Myra S Wade (mwade1_AT_hot_DOT_rr_DOT_com)
Portrait of Eric Smith
A truly beautiful sketch of a very brave young man.
A rainbow
nice picture for a jigsaw
Mikey (dirranemikeydirrane_AT_yahoo_DOT_ie)
Bluebonnets and Barn
B G DRAKE (bgdrake_AT_grics_DOT_net)
My grandmother who was born in 1900 was a painter who copied this painting and had it hanging in her dining room for as long as I could remember. It haunted me all my life. When she died the painting went to my cousin who knows what she did with it. One day antique shopping I found a Borin print of it in the original frame. They both were in good condition and the color in the print were just as I remembered from grandmothers oil painting. It now hangs above my bed. It took me a long time to find out the name and artist of this painting but I did. There is something about this painting that quietly speaks to the viewer about life and how it can be viewed. Every time I look at it I quietly think of my grandmother.
Carrie Preston (carrieee4_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Diana of the Uplands
It takes me back to 1945 - was my mother's favourite picture. Alas, the years, the years.
Alan Frizzell (rafrizze_AT_tesco_DOT_net)
Atlas moth
its really nice.i have never seen such a big butterfly. (roopikaprabhu_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
The Infant Samuel
I have the same as Steve dated 2007-12-15 . printed on the back of the image is the date 1868. We still do not know if it is a print or a lithograph
Hilary (Malhilltd_AT_btconnect_DOT_com)
Portrait of Eric Smith
Dear friends in Christ,
Only yesterday I found out the story behind the song 'for Eric' which I by accident while doing my internship of surgery (part of the program of the medical school which I attend at Leiden university, the netherlands) found on the Internet half October 2008, only a couple of days it must have been added to the Internet. I was wondering myself who the eric was were the song was made for, because the sung was also in my personal situation a strong support while dealing with very ill patients and having a very hard time to on surgery. It struck me to read that eric has passed away and that I have listened to that song while he was still alive. Although it was December and the ones who have been close by eric, I want to let you pass my condolences to you and have prayed allready this night of support and blessing from the lord for all your work. I'm sure this song composed for eric in his situation will be a support in other patients. At least in my live it has been till now, and knowing this story behind the song gives me a longing of sharing this song with others of my terminally ill patients.
Again it's really a hard thing that eric has passed away, but I can really say, sometimes during the many times of listening the song I felt such a desire for heaven. Eric is there and His our belouved Lord Jezus is there for him.
I will pray for all of you who have been in touch with him, and although I'm far away in the Netherlands, pray for me that during the last part of my program to become a doctor I may share this song with patients and that they may be brought to Christ.
You'll be part of my prayer's, God bless you!
Leendert van Rijn
Leendert van Rijn (Leendertvanrijn_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Portrait of Eric Smith
A very nice sketch, Veronica. It's obvious you really loved Eric. Sorry for his passing at such a young age. You have skills and talent and sensitivity... keep on developing them. Thanks for sharing.
Portrait Of Mrs. Richard Hoare With Her Infant
The painting has, love and tenderness in the image of the Mother but for me, it has an even more strong emphasis, namely, protectiveness, signified by the raised hand, M0ther's back to the background and th vulnerable position of the child against an almost eeriely dark background.
terence hoare (terryhhoare_AT_yaoo_DOT_com)

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