The Resurrected Christ

Image by Salvator Rosa

The Resurrected Christ image

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The Resurrected Christ by Salvator Rosa (1615 to 1673). Play a jigsaw puzzle of this image

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Stephen Okoth2015-10-16My greatest desire is to be with Jesus!!!
NAREN KRAMSA2014-09-20
Juan Jose Morales y Castillo2012-12-20A very impressive Christ, as is to be expected from one of the most imaginative artists of the Baroque.
Me and my cousins use many of the songs on this website for our Easter Program
Dolly2010-01-10I had this picture hand painted on on canvas, 32x48 and now hangs in my living room. It is the most awesome painting ever and it reminds me every day that our Lord is alive and with us.
2008-03-26He is Risen Indeed!
2007-12-13Praise Be Jesus Christ
Now and forever
Long Live
Christ the King