Come Fill My Heart

An inspirational musical by Dan Zigler and Elton Smith

This is the third musical that came from the mind of Dan Zigler. We had completed a Christmas musical and an Easter musical, and were not sure what to do next. A young woman in all sorts of trouble began visiting the church where we attended, and we did what we could to help her escape from her past. She was the inspiration for the character Juanitta in this play. Please tell your church drama group and music director about our site.

This play and the songs within it are freely available for non-profit use by churches and other organizations. The songs are registered with CCLI. We do not require CCLI membership in order to use them.


Come Fill My Heart

Click here to view and download the PDF with all elements needed to present the play

# Scene Title Song
1 Reach Out In Love Reach Out In Love
2 Come Fill My Heart Come Fill My Heart
3 All of My Heart All of My Heart
4 Ten Thousand Angels Ten Thousand Angels
5 Now Arise Now Arise
Our Song Of Victory