Come Fill My Heart

Written by Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel
Links to contributors: Larry Holder, Steve Israel

Dan Zigler and I were working on a new play in which a young woman trapped in prostitution gives her life to Jesus. This song was written as a solo for that character. Be sure to see our play, also called Come Fill My Heart. There is also a real young lady that we know who is seeking redemption. She is the inspiration for the character in the play.

I wrote the music for this song. Steve, Larry and I worked together on the lyrics. Tina Arseneau shared the recordings. She used the midi file as background music and sang the song beautifully. - Elton, October 30, 2000

In August 2021, Elton started working on the recording and asked Steve for help. Steve recorded some instrumental tracks with guitar and organ, and remixed Tina's recording.

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(Verse 1)
Come into my heart today,
Come and fill my very soul.
Come into my heart and stay --
You are all I need to know.
No one else in heav'n and earth
Shows Your mercy, grace, and love.
I turn to you and humbly pray
Pour Your blessings from above...

Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
Mighty Savior, Lord most high,
Hear my yearning, hear my cry:
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
All I am, I give to You;
In Your grace, You'll see me through.
Come fill my heart!

(Verse 2)
Come into my heart today,
I have waited for so long.
Drive the sin and doubt away,
Give me hope to carry on.
Shower down on me Your grace
Till my cup will overflow.
Take me to a holy place
Let the faith within me grow...

(Repeat Chorus)
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
Mighty Savior, Lord most high,
Hear my yearning, hear my cry:
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
All I am, I give to You;
In Your grace, You'll see me through.
Come fill my heart!


(Verse 3)
Come into my heart today,
Come and heal my wounded soul.
Come into my heart, I pray --
Lord, To You, my life I owe.
You're the only one who saves,
There is nothing I can do.
I want to follow in Your Way,
That is why I ask of You...

(Repeat Chorus)
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
Mighty Savior, Lord most high,
Hear my yearning, hear my cry:
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
All I am, I give to You;
In Your grace, You'll see me through.
Come fill my heart!

Come fill my heart!
Come fill my heart!

Copyright © 2000 Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel

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Elton Smith2021-08-11I finally got the video made. Hope you enjoy it. It's been almost 21 years since we wrote this song! Our website grew up.
Tim Lisas2020-11-14 please give me a chord tab for ukulele ? if they have a copy thanks email to my gmail thank you so much God bless
Jose Luis2019-09-27Beautiful and Powerful song, exatly the king of pray that the hungry soul elevate to God asking for restoration. It never get old.
J.John2018-07-05This music has been touching me for years
Angie2016-05-19this is a beautiful song
judy mutemi2016-03-09 the song lifts up my spirit
Blackfive2016-02-12This is one of the best praise songs I've ever heard. Beautifully written, backed and sung (I have Tina's version), it's been on repeat for several hours. Thank you.
Renae forbes2016-01-01Come fill my heart come live in my soul restore the peace lord make me whole
renae forbes2015-01-09I want Jesus to come in my
Heart to today come fill my
Soul restore the pease come
Make me whole.
2014-10-26 such a prefect song and prayer .really good!!
Tony2014-07-16Realy enjoyed this song.
Comfort2011-12-30This song is wonderful...
Kevin Thomas2011-12-12Wonderful, simple and nice arrangement, 2 thumps up. Thanks to Elton and friends. God bless.
Yvette2011-11-27I don't know what to say except that I love, love, love this song, I alresdy know the words, this is a very nice song.
ali2011-11-01ite coops
jack cooper2011-11-01bloddy love this tune turns me right on
Jeanne2011-10-01Such a Beautiful Song
Hendrik2011-08-09Listening to this song reminds me of another great song "My Heart is filled with Happiness" that we like to sing at our church. I hope to come across a recording of it on this great and wonderful website.
Timoteo2011-06-29Thank you. Oh what a joy in my heart to listen to this angelic voice!Nice, very nice indeed.
br.bonaventure fsc2011-06-12i really love this song which cosole my heart.
shailendra2011-05-16The voice and piano music comes together to form an excellent composition.thanks
Rolan2011-04-18I love this song... Not the song itself but the message... Blessings.
zeny bordeos2010-11-23im so happy i found the songs i like,i feel relieve,thnk GOD UR so good.........
Char2010-11-08I have come to your site for years, and so thoroughly enjoy this song - alonge with about 15 others - because they just speak to my soul. The Lord is good and has used you to bring much joy to others. I will pray for you and your families to stay in the power of the Lord.
lavern2010-09-14Great Song, very imspiring, I love it!
GRACE ONWUKA2010-09-07i love the song, its an insipration to my soul, and my soul is feel with joy as i sang the song , its like a food to my soul
grrace2010-04-04hi i love the song very much its touches my heart and i feel blessed.
Philemon Pun2010-03-15By hearing this song i feel that jesus is right there with me and is helping me.I love my God Jesus.God bless the one who sang this song.
mariah2010-03-07i am filled with joy and happiness while listening to this song.its so wonderful
Brian2010-01-16thank you for such a lovely song
Bill2009-11-20my heart truely becomes filled with joy listening to this song true me as I seek his presence and love touching me
Annmarie2009-11-07This is such a lovely, powerful song. Whenever I'm feeling down and need spiritual upliftment, I just come to this site and sing it over and over again. Thank you and may God continue to bless your music.
Carolyn T. K.2009-10-25This beautiful song was one of the first songs I downloaded from your web site over eight years ago. Quite often in the late evenings, my late husband and I was play this song to end our day. It has such a calming effect to it. I now happy to see that you have it recorded with the words which are so inspirational. I often share this beautiful song with some of my friends who need a special moment of prayer and song. Thank you for continuing to share such gorgeous songs of praise to the entire world.
Blessing always.
Sweet Caroline
portia2009-10-16very beautiful inspirational song. wonderful
2009-10-03beautiful and inspiring
elsie2009-09-24beautiful inspirational song
P.Johny P.K2009-09-21really beautiful presentation for those trouble hours when everything seems painfull. Ya i felt his presence when i closed my eyes and just listen to it. Thanks for such wonderful work being done for powerfull name Jesus. To remain ever in his love. Just pray and listen each and every one can be touched by his power. Just try it whoever reads this comment.
Carrington2009-08-27Yeah. Truly great.
There are sometimes you can feel something from a song of worship, and you can tell it was inspired, or truly is powered by the Lord
patty2009-08-27very nice to hear, i always love instrumental songs,and it absurbs into my heart..ur site was a big help specially for us far from home.i mis my family in the Phils. God bless in more power
Cecil2009-07-13I am a music lover and I can assure you that I love this song so much that I have to keep on humming the tune to let it envelope my whole being.
Renata2009-06-25Is really beautiful song!
Faith,Kenya2009-05-07Ever since i heard ths song,the music plays in my mind and heart always. Its just beautiful! The words and all.
joy2009-04-28How wonderful is this song/prayer
God bless you for sharing it with us all
luz2009-04-08the song really inspires me, it beautiful
ellen2009-04-06simply beautiful ~
Mita2009-04-03What a beautiful and spirit filled song. I love this song and thinking of letting my youth choir sing it for worship special number.
Jeanne2009-03-03Thank You For this Song It Is Beautiful
Wanda Barton2008-12-28All your music touches my heart so deeply! Your music and songs are so annointed. Thank you so very much for all you do.

Love and God bless,
orly2008-12-21Thank you very much for this song. It is the song of praise I'm looking for to our Lord Jesus Christ in this moment. It touches my soul, feel His spirit, and inspire me more. I'll have to find the CD copy of this. May our Lord God bless you!
2008-12-09To download the midi right-click on the link above "download the midi file" and "Save target as...". Then choose the location on your computer.
It's a small file and only takes a second or two.

noel l paver2008-12-08it lifted my soul. how can i download it.
Nina2008-10-22I recently was saved. Hearing this song has been very uplifting. I find myself singing this song all the time. This song also inspires and uplifts me. Thank You so much for this beautiful inspirational song.

God Bless You
herrly2008-10-18thank you very much.. i love this song...very touching...
nieva2008-09-20this song really touched my heart and soul and the feeling of upliftment...
Ress2008-09-10wow!!!!its a very good enhances my faith to our Lord Jesus Christ...i want more christian song and a worship song like still and thank you Lord...
carol bates2008-09-09found this song while looking for another, but this one really touched me.
Lucie2008-08-25I like this song because it is inspiring. All we have to do is calling on our Lord to come and rescue us by His blessings.

It's a good start of the day
John Blackwell2008-08-21Thank you guys so much for giving us this site. I have to tell you Fill My Heart has to be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to. I play it over and over again. So very heartwarming!

Thanks again and God bless you!
helen2008-08-13i jast wanna say that i really love your bring my god's faith more stronger and i fell his presence when i hear this song.more power
2008-08-13i just wanna say thank u for this web site.i really like this song when i hear the song it makes my faith to our god jesus christ more stronger and i can fell his spirit.more power your web site and god bless
Robinson Ugochukwu2008-07-11This is really good and wonderful
K. GEORGE KURIEN2008-03-17this sight is very usefull for those who is involved in business.this songs is very plesentable and beautiful for listing.
continue .god help you
2008-02-28amazing song. the lyrics is blessing to all! 'come fill my heart' oh Lord
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2007-12-30a very clean,crisp song
clai2007-11-24i am ok
M.PRABHAKAR2007-09-30this song filled my heart with god's glory
Pat Tolbert2007-09-28I loved this song very much. L will have to find the CD. I will talk to our music minster to find the sheet music.
Alana2007-09-22We sang this last Sunday. Our members loved it. Thanks
jennifer udeagha2007-08-06it's a spirit fills song, it's a song for one who longs to know Him more, is good for christian. thanx
2007-07-18very encouraging song of praise. Thank You.
Kelvin2007-03-10Inspiring worship song to the our Lord and saviour Jesus. Touches the soul.
mercell2007-03-07this is avery intimate song that is rightful for its purpose. it is reviving.
Del2007-02-24this song touches my soul, and the words just continue to ring in my heart through out the day.