All Of My Heart

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Links to contributors: Larry Holder, Steve Israel, Lisa Piper, Rhesa Siregar

I wrote this music during the Christmas holidays in 1997 and sent it to Larry. He penned these wonderful lyrics. - Elton December 31, 1997

In 2018 Larry wrote a bridge for our song. You can hear several different recordings, including the new 2021 recording made by Steve which has Larry's new bridge and includes tracks recorded by all three of us. We also added the bridge to the Spanish translation.

In 2021 I recorded my mother playing this song on the piano when we visited to celebrate her 87th birthday. See the video on this page.



(Verse 1)
All of my heart here to love You
And all of my soul here to praise You
All of my life I lay before Your throne
Glory to You loving Father
And Praises to You my Lord and Savior
Mercy and grace to me You have made known

Praise to You God Above
My Redeemer and Father that I love
You're the One to whom I cry
You alone God Above
My Redeemer and Father that I love
Now in praise be lifted high
You Lord my God are over all!

No greater love
Your grace beyond measure
Atoning for sin alone on the tree
How else to respond
To such mercy and favor
Than to give You the life
You've given to me

(Verse 2)
For I have received life eternal
Saved by Your grace I live forever
Surrounded by love I know that You are there
Free of my sin I'm free to serve You
Free to begin a life to please You
All of my days I'm ever in Your care

(Sing chorus twice more)
Praise to You God Above
My Redeemer and Father that I love
You're the One to whom I cry
You alone God Above
My Redeemer and Father that I love
Now in praise be lifted high

Praise to You God Above
My Redeemer and Father that I love
You're the One to whom I cry
You alone God Above
My Redeemer and Father that I love
Now in praise be lifted high

You Lord my God are over all!
You Lord my God are over all!
You Lord my God are over all!

Copyright © 1997 by Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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renae forbes2024-02-17wow beautiful song I love song of praise lifting my spirit high up to God
SallyZ2023-03-22Years ago I got the cd's but they won't play on my desktop so I went to the website hoping you were here. Thankyou
2022-10-24This is Amazing song
Jeremiah Agware2021-12-07Some songs just connect deeply at some point. I guess that's why they say music speaks directly to the soul.
Joe Pang2021-11-07I first came across this site in 2005. Listened to the first composed batch of the beautiful, inspired songs by these gifted people of God. After awhile I had not been following the developments as it kind of becomes not so active. Suddenly yesterday I happened to come across the downloaded song sheets in my file. I searched the Web and hey... It has became much bigger & more songs ! Praise God! Thank you to all. Will be catching up on the backlog of new songs. God bless to all.
Sylvia Alvares2021-05-16This has been one of my favourite song and I have trained my choir children to sing the same. This new 2021 version is all the more awesome. No choir rehearsals as of now due to pandemic but will definitely send it online to my former choir angels
Trifena2021-04-27The first time I heard this song was about 15 years ago, when I was still in college. At that time I didn't have enough money to buy an original Christian songs CD, so I often listened christian songs here. Thank you for being a blessing to me. Greetings from solo indonesia.
Joe2021-01-13This is an awesome song.
Romana2020-11-11A Beautiful Song that touches the heart.
Sophiya2017-10-02Nice song... Love it
Praise2017-07-29Wow what a wonderful song so inspiring more knowledge in Jesus name
TANYA ROBINS2017-06-01lovely
2017-02-21This is one of my favorite songs.
Rodney2016-11-07I am a psalmist of over 30 yrs and the tune and lyrics of the worship song are one of the most anointed I have ever heard, praise God!
ODoyle2016-04-14Amen,what a wonderful Holy Spirit inspired song!He is our redeemer and God.The Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be His Name.
Renae forbes2016-01-01Yes you lord my God are over all .
D'silva2015-12-30 praise the Lord
Celia2015-09-19Thank you for such a beautyfull song
How can I share in Facebook page.
okusanya mathew2015-05-27The song is good,it will make many of us, to honour God more and more,God bless the composer IJN Amen.
renae Forbes2015-04-03Yes all of my heart here to love you
renae forbes2015-02-07This is a wonderful song
aleee2014-12-28hurrah very very good and loving this song for me when i listen in my iphone am very exciting then i save in my songs gallery
Renae Forbes2014-12-19Yes you god all my heart and all my day that I am praise to you god you all over
Lisa w2014-10-09Amazing song! Made me smile and raise my hand towards heaven! Beautiful voice
Ramakrishna2014-04-13Wonderful amazing anointing song!
Ramon2014-02-06Great song !
Just the way I like it.
Simple chords, simple lyrics, pure simplicity at heart.
Praise be to God.
Kokorofoong2014-01-18happily cloud and tifa
vishal2014-01-05i think this gonna be a hit song in the world i like this it is so soft and silent musics
2013-10-27The music is so inspiring, I cannot wait to introduce this to our church for our praise and worship... God bless you!
CEL2013-10-02praise GOD... WHAT A NICE SONG...
renae forbes2013-09-14YES lord i give all of my heart to you and all my life.
Simon2013-06-06Beautiful and Adorable song of praise!
2013-05-30Sweet song leaves a good feeling
Huwaida Alnil2013-05-22I really liked it God bless you!
sharon hunn2013-04-03
Susan Baron2013-02-24I think you did a wonderful job at Vertical worship. The song is directed to The Lord . You honoured Him well with your talent. To God be the Glory, I am thankful for your love and obedience to The Lord . Thank you again.
Elijah2012-12-14All of my HEART[in Truth,Spirit,Affection] =to LOVE You,

And all of my SOUL[with Knowledge,Intent and Free Will]= to PRAISE You,

All of my LIFE(that same very best I am and have -my life or myself- is a Living Sacrifice] =I lay before Your THRONE.

What a wonderful song.

God Blessed you.
And all of us.Amen.
Bashir khan2012-10-29This sweet and good praising song.May God Jesus gave you the power that you may work for him more and more.
Yolanda2012-09-07Is there a way to download music to put on a website. I used to be able to do it and had a link to this site but it all got lost. This is my favorite and beautiful song!
THOMAS SIROMONI2012-07-19It is still my favourite song... It is just beautful ... you can watch the video I uploaded typing 'All OF MY HEART THOMAS SIROMONI' it was by chance I got to play the piano at the Cathedral and sing .... Now I make all my friends listen to this song ... I just love sing it and also listening to it.
Neethi2012-05-31lovely song.............
Kristi2012-05-24I love the lord and this song is perfect and sweet and it probably makes him very happy that we listen to these songs instead of other kinds
Zarena2012-05-20I really like this song it calms me down when i get sad plus it's beautiful and im 12!
Im glad i found these songs I love em
JENNY dAVID2012-04-28very beautiful song,love feels good in the heart.God bless.
Deyan Delchev2012-04-21It's one of my favorite songs. Some time ago I translated it in my native language(Bulgarian) and my spiritual brothers and sisters enjoyed singing it! Thank you and God bless!
liza2012-02-26what a blessing talent you have.may GOD bless you the lyrics of your song.GOD BLESS....
J.2012-02-04This song has and still blesses me from the first time I heard it; and that was several years ago! Thank U for allowing the Lord to minister through you in this way.
Kevin Thomas2011-12-12Absolutely wonderful, I like the harmonization voices and the music. Lovely thank you. Praise the Lord!
2011-12-08after hearing this song my life's true
Gaylin2011-11-28Is there anyway how I can download this songs of praise
Yvette2011-11-27This is such a wonderful and inspirational song, I listen to it over and over, it really moves me.
ali2011-11-01this song goes number 1 by sure
lara2011-11-01such a lovely song ...this year we small kids from the christmas choir is giong to sing this awesome
Jeison Manas2011-10-198s so very beautiful and inspirational i read and sung it i didnt notice when my tears of joy flowed down to my chicks..GOD IS LOVE!!!
Ferghelle2011-10-13Nice............ I relly love God :***
2011-10-06I like this one! Great website! Just a message to all - try listening to Philippa Hanna for some rockin' Christian music. Google her!
Shylesh2011-09-28Amazing song i ever play in ipod. I appreciate the effort and the clean heart behind the creation of this song. The songs from Larry Holder I really love because, they are not money driven.
Jeremy2011-09-16Ever since I stumbled upon your site looking for new songs my choir and found The Perfect Gift and then The Resurrection Song everyone out here in Karachi found hope for really lovely and inspirational Christian music. Thought there couldn't be much more and now I found this! Wow! Your music has moved me a gain!
mija19972011-08-17this song touch my life, it's really wonderful and inspiring song...i keep on playing this music...glory to God...Love you Jesus
Steve C2011-07-31This is truly a wonderful worship song. When you can feel the praise and adoration to God right from the beginning, this is surely lead by the spirit. Continue don't loose heart to do the wonderous writing. Thank you
dongcometa2011-07-22i luv this song very inspiring to every one
ruby2011-07-13i liked the recording by larry and lisa.very touching song..
Timoteo2011-06-30Ah, this is a powerful song for the true worshipers in Spirit and in truth.We thank God for you singers and praisers of the living God.
2011-06-03That song i and please everybody pray for my dog that is having puppys and if she dosent at 12:00 thay have to do a c section and she cant have puppys ever please please pray
shanny doyle2011-05-29i love ur song so much made me
zhenzi2011-05-23I love this song
shailendra2011-05-16Every time I hear this lovely song I feel very emotional. It is the most beautiful song.
Thomas Siromoni2011-04-21I just love this song ... Its just beautiful. . . I Play the violin, but I sang this song playing the piano at St Paul's Cathedral, Kolkata, last year. You can see it and listen to it . . . just typing ALL OF MY HEART THOMAS SIROMONI. in google search or youtube. This was my first solo at the cathedral.
Bernice2011-04-18Thank you for sharing your Midi's, they are just awesome, You are all both gifted with great talent. God bless you all!
cha2011-03-30love the song.. hmmm can i download it? tnx..
2011-03-19felt like hearing the song again and again and again. praise god for he is good.
erry ann2011-03-14hearing this very beautiful song, i am falling in love over and over again with our Almighty Creator and Savior!
Jhonn Paul2011-03-05I don't have words to say, god is so good for me. This music is wonderful.

God bless you
gabriel2011-02-16a perfect harmony, close Ur eyes and listen, you will God's presence. thanx for a beautiful song
Elize2011-01-18This woords of this song open my eyes and hart. Love this song
2010-12-24Superb songs
Michael2010-12-17Over all, above all,who can compare? Father God yours is the name at which every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD!!! Amen
Don2010-09-29One of my favorites
2010-09-26I was truly blessed by this song, it really uplifts the spirit.
Thanks and God bless
lavern2010-09-14This Song is so...... good. It make you feel like dancing before His Throne!
khiimmoii2010-09-14like this song !
rani2010-09-05this song is so cool
2010-09-03That was good song of praise! Thank you and God bless you!
Rufio2010-08-24hi,i just new member from Thailand ,i found to the good songs for praise , sorry I not good at English but i would love to contact to ya'll if you come to Thai.we are Church of 300 for Christ.
And this song is GOOOOOOOD.
david2010-08-08gods good
Charlotte2010-07-31Dear Elton & Larry, I truly love this song! It is truly a testimony of my heart and life with Jesus. thank you so much for sharing this precious song with us. God Bless you both! Charlotte

What a wonderful message..
It's really really true...I love this song so much...
We should praise Him spiritually
Thomas Siromoni2010-06-24Praise God ... it's just beautiful... wonderful and no words to express how much everybody appreciated the words.. so touching.
Diana2010-06-19lovely song..heard this years ago..nice job re-doing it over...
Tony2010-06-05This songs wordings are so touching to ones heart that by hearing it you get blessed. Elton Lord Almighty God bless you day & night for praising HIM.Yours in JESUS. Tony
Jeanne2010-05-22This song is annoited Thank You
mhack262010-05-11Peace be with all of you! Praise God Almighty! May God Bless all who listened to this Song! Amen.
Albert2010-04-16This is the song realy for WORSHIP the Lord. To praise the GOD & Praise be lifted high.
Praise.................................. the LORD
2010-04-12Do you have this available in sheet music?
Christina2010-04-02I have listened to this song so many times and I absolutely love it - definately my favourite favourite. An incredible worship song.
Thomas Siromoni2010-04-01It's just wonderful... I love it... means so much cause God is the only one taking care of me and my family... I listened the whole night to it, learned it and enjoyed singing it...
Patrick2010-03-20It is a real blessing for who ever hear this song.
I am alone in Maldives But God of all is all over the place. Thanks for the greation this may God Bless all of you
Patrick ( patrickomow_AT_gmail_DOT_com )
2010-01-20what is this song about, what is it's message and meaning?
Donna2010-01-16This is a wonderful and anonited worship song. It ushered me into His presence almost immediately. The words bring peace and give God control over any situation. The main voice is rich and the mix with the contralto blends so sweetly. Definitely to be used for worship.
Birdsong2010-01-01This song must have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. It combines joy with restraint. It expresses love without sentimentalism. It connects the human to the divine. May you both be fully yielded instruments to the only one worthy of such praise. And prepare to sing our parts in the heavenly choir.
Shaji2009-12-16What a beautiful song.
Thank you for the wonderful song.

It's my testimony. My Lord is Great & he is my redeemer.


With prayers
Shaji Thomas.
loke lily2009-11-22it make me remember in the grace of god every time.....................,always remember god is great all the time.
2009-11-17My husband and I found this song over a year ago and fell in love with it and actually sang it as a duet at our church where the song brought lots of joy. It has only been recently that we have rediscovered it and have fallen for it again. Plraise God for giving you this song and for the blessing it gives to whoever hears it. God Bless!
Beatrice2009-11-09praise to god!!..i love this song cause its touches deep into my heart.god bless..
Mary Keiter2009-11-07I am new to your site and quite by a musician and singer, I am impressed with this piece is very uplifting and speaks from my heart as well.....thank you for sharing
Pamela Denise Jackson2009-11-06What a beautiful "heart" song unto the Lord Jesus Christ! Who alone is worthy of such praise, honor, and adoration? No one--but Jesus. You have blessed by soul and my spirit this morning as I am sick in body,but my spirit has been lifted to priase God in spite of my sickness!! Thank you, so much for this ministry. God bless you!! Yes, He is Lord of all.
Jeanne2009-10-27Thank You for your annointing your songs really touch the heart and soul Thank You for the free site that means we can stayin touch with our Lord and Praise Him Too.
Dilip John2009-10-15I love this song so much cause it touched my heart so deeply,i would really teach this to my students
Shireen2009-09-22It is a beautiful serenade to the father absolutely heart felt
shireen from sri lanka
TexasDayLily2009-09-15 Love the song
Elias2009-09-08Oh yes.
Some songs are from the soul ,still some from the heart -and there are some from the spirit.All of them being good and great.Praise the Lord.
Suresh2009-08-22Lovely song I sing this song with my Family
Thank you for made me to praise our Lord Through this song.
Bobbie2009-07-25This song touched my heart like no other. It is the most beautiful song I've ever heard and Steve sings it perfectly.
flair2009-07-09AMEN! to that song...Yes! what else could we give our Lord for His faithfulness? ALL OF MY HEART...PRAISE TO YOU!!!
katherine2009-07-01hello I am from Venezuela, I would like to download this beautiful song please someone know where can I donwload it?? if someone knows where i can find it, please send me a message at msn
kim2009-06-14nice and wonderful song, it touches my heart.
bahath2009-05-26congratulation for the song it touches my heart how can i serve to my cds?
lynne2009-05-21i love this song... how could i download this thaks
niji2009-05-12praise god!!!!!!!!i love this song.please tell me how should i download this song?
Vicky2009-05-11this song really touch my heart when i needed it most,on this special day.
Christina2009-05-09Beautiful! This is real worship.
A special 5th grader2009-04-10this song was totally wonderful. I really enjoyed this song.
2009-04-10this song is so cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so coolso cool so cool
Priscilla Gonzales2009-04-09The song is beautiful. I want to copy it into my flash drive (USB) but I don't know how. I want to play it again and again. God Bless You for writing this song.
Sue L2009-04-01This Is a beautiful Song....All OF My Heart ..Listening to this song brought tears to my eyes and lifted me so, I havn't heard a song like this is so long that lifts Our precious Lord so high. Amen
lorie2009-03-11brother larry, thanks for the wonderful song of God... may God bless you and also to your family... keep it up.... but can i have the guitar chord... thanks in advance... God bless
Loraini2009-03-08I Love this song, It is a wonderful praise song, the words of the song is really expressing how wonderful & Loving this almighty God anhe is over all wonderful & powerful. God Bless !!
Susanna2009-03-07wonderful song.
God bless You.
Vera Six2009-03-05What a beautiful song! I love it.

God Bless You!
joakim2009-03-04am muslim and i love the songs praisin God alone.. thanks for your praises may God guide us all
josie2009-03-04its very good but i need the chords of this song... please... thanks in advance....
Please click the link for the music score. The chords are shown there. - Elton
Gerri, Chico, CA2009-03-01This is a really great praise song. I listened to it 1x and could sing with it the next. It will be easy to teach to my worship team. Praise God for He provides all our needs. To God Be the Glory!
SOMEONE SPECIAL2009-02-12I love it, it is great/beautiful. it lifted my soul high-GLORY TO YOU MY LOVING SAVIOR/ PRAISE TO YOU, GOD ABOVE,MY REDEEMER AND FATHER THAT I LOVE!!!!
mhars2009-02-09Thanks for this song. truly amazing... Great and realy praise GOD. God bless
SOPHIYA2009-01-30what a beautiful song....! Thanks!! God bless you!!!
Geri Dial2009-01-21This is a wonderful song.
Our Church is less than 100 and our finances are limited. What is your minimum or will you come for a free-will offering. We are located in LivoniaLivonia,MI and would love to consider you for a concert. Please contact me and I will forward information to our Pastor
Anna2009-01-17Thanks for this great song!
God bless!
2009-01-17this is a vary nice song very easy to sing to, great!!!!!!
jojo2009-01-06great, contemporary youthful style !
Monica2008-12-26waoh this is one of the beautiful songs ever, glory be to the God on high. Be blessed lary indeed God deserve thu true worship.
francheska2008-12-17i love god and this song. god is a great man, even jesus is to. who ever made this song up is a perfect genuis to god. Amen
Robert2008-11-30This song is beautiful. I enjoy the Larry Holder version in wma and listen and sing with it often. How great it is to praise God always. This song brings up a true heart felt praise for our creator.

God Bless you
Rajith2008-11-27Hi Larry, This song is really very beautiful and meaningful. Keep writing, composing and singing.
God bless.
sharon2008-10-08This song inspired me and iam very much pleased with this song.thank u for this song
Vuyo Msimang2008-09-24Oh what a wonderful song.Thank you it touches deep into my heart.God bless

Vuyo South Africa
nieva2008-09-20i really love this song, very inspiring to surrender all my cares tyo the LORD with all my heart and soul....
Shony-Palakkad-Kerala-India2008-09-18Dear brothers Larry, Elton, Steve
This is beautiful worship song; which as a family we've sung many times and worshipped our dear Lord, inspired words, and just beautiful.
Julio cesar soares de barros - Brasil -2008-09-16Realmente este hinos trazem muita paz, e as letras dos mesmo tocam no coração.
Deus abençoe, e felicidades a todos os irmãos em Cristo que estão relacionados a este site.
2008-08-30I think its a nice song.
2008-08-30Would be really nice if we could actually hear the song being sang and not just the soundtrack.
Please note the mp3 and wma links on each song page. Use these links to hear vocal recordings. - Elton
Lucie2008-08-20This is song is very nice especially the melody
ann2008-08-16Beautiful praise song for God.... I love it so much, my heart just so soft and touch of this song & melody
2008-08-03Nice melody, but as I never heard it before, it is a pity that I can't hear a nice choir singing this. But the melody is an invation to dream...

I love this song - it is so uplifting and the melody is joyous.

God Bless
Ikene2008-07-29This is lovely. I love this song
fred2008-07-29Great song
john2008-07-29The song is really nice, i will recommend it to anyone.
Alex2008-07-27Great song,I replayed it severally,God bless you.
Seyi2008-07-21The song is encouraging
G. E. E. S., A Catechist.2008-06-26Thank you very much for this song. We appreciated it.
Robin Luahiwa2008-06-18This has to be one of the most beautiful and worshipful songs I have sung to the Lord. Thank you for sharing your gift and for blessing me and so many others with this song. When it's sung I know it pleases and blesses the Lord. Thank you again!
2008-06-12Very beautiful and inspiring.Thank you and may god bless you.
aso2008-04-29Thank God for this song, not forgetting the efforts provided by Larry and Elton...i used this song while playing for my church and others while in Fiji, however moving back to Samoa i will once again spread the love of God using this song to the churches there..

God Bless
Violet2008-04-24Oh its such a wonderful song.
inday2008-04-24thanks God for sharing your song. it is truly inspirational. I will share and teach it to our christian music ministry. You are really an instrument in spreading His gospel. Keep up the good work and you may continue sharing more songs
Pauline2008-04-16Thank you and God bless you.
GGDatinguinoo2008-04-09Absolutely beautiful and very inspiring!!
henry2008-03-20Its a nice song to Praise God!!!!!I really love it!!!!!!!
Chelsea Bhargava2008-03-10I love this song, I feel blessed when I hear it.

God Bless You,
Leiyahnna Josue2008-03-01Praise be to God! The song is really amazing bec. it tells abt. the love of God for us.
2008-02-15what a nice song! absolutely amazing and it is so great to hear
Philip George2008-01-23Nice Song, touches the heart
Suma George Thomas2007-12-31The song is really amazing. I love this song
Dinto2007-12-21Thanks Sir for the songs
Lucian Fistis2007-11-24E un cantec superb ! Pe mine ma umple de pace ori de cate ori il ascult !
cathy wales2007-10-11This song made me cry because i could see the unfalling love of God for me.

God bless you.
Renee2007-10-11My husband found this song somehow and absolutely loved it. He played it as background music almost whenever he was at the computer. Our house burned down last April, and my husband died of cancer in May. My 15yr old daughter and I kept thinking of this song, but it had been so long since we'd heard it, we just couldn't quite remember it. Finally "God above" came back to me, and then my daughter remembered the next bit... we did a search, and here it is :o) We printed out the sheet music so she can play it on the piano. My 7 yr old daughter told me she used to climb up into Daddy's lap when this was on, and he sang it to her. I never even heard him sing it; he was usually too moved to do so. Then my almost 3 yr. old came running in to where we had this playing on the computer. He was very excited. "Hey! Daddy likes this song!" It has been 6 months since we've heard it, and 4 1/2 since his Daddy's been gone... Thank you. This song has blessed our family.
Gene Slipek2007-09-22Elton and Larry: This song has the most beautiful lyrics and words I have ever heard you have done an excellent work of art with it. It has made such an impression on me I use it as the theme song on the web page home page I listen to All of my heart every chance I get I love it.
Margaret2007-09-03Hi, I came across this song several months ago, fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. It's a wonderful and many people feel blest by it. Thank you for writing such beautiful Lyrics.

God Bless you
Peggy2007-08-17I came across the song last year, and now have found it again. It still speaks from my heart of what I love God with All of My Heart. Thank you for writing this...
Crystal2007-08-09Thank you for the simplicity of this wonderful song. It truly reflects the title in its out pouring of adoration to He who is above all.
God Bless
Norma2007-08-01I've been looking for a song to begin our Women's Conference in September. This is the one. It is reverential and biblical. It's like songs of "old."
Jane Corey2007-07-13Fantastic, what a blessing!
Jean-Claude Morin2007-07-01I waited a long time to write about this song, but i must confess...I love it...
m powell2007-06-28This is such a beautiful song--not only the music but the lyrics turly touched my heart!!
Kinisi2007-06-17Oh, I really love this song and I am really blessed with it.
daniel2007-06-09i like all ur songs thank u
Veanne2007-06-03What a beautiful Song. May Gid continue to Bless You brother in your music ministry.
Alexandra N.2007-06-01It's a very beautiful song, I really enjoy it. Thank you!
vinodjohnbritto2007-05-30i need for song
Marianna2007-05-06best song I have heard for a long time. Really anointed by God. I have learned this song tonight. Praise be to God.
Jill Rosseau2007-04-17What a beautiful song!! Thank you for making the score and chords available!

God bless you!
Thelma D.2007-04-03I really love this song and I'm so blessed when I heard it.Thank God for this wonderful song
Bella Sooknanan2007-03-22Beautiful song, great lyrics and melody. I really love it. Thanks to all those whose input have produced this powerful song. May God continue to bless you all abundantly and may you continue to share your talent with the world... God Bless!
Raja Vassanthan2007-03-19A very wonderful and inspiring song . It is so soothing to the heart. The orchestration is very well done . I believe that this song will rejuvenate the lost commitment that people have had for Jesus. God bless all those involved in bringing this song. We need more soothing songs like this.
Blondell Anderson2007-03-18Very inspiring and comforting. May it bless others as it blessed me in the wee morning!
Rajiv2007-03-10Beautiful.Thank you
Paul2007-02-19I discovered this song accidently, the song really touches my heart and one just cant help listening to it over and over again. Thank you for this wonderful song.
Olen'ka2007-02-09This is a wondeful song. It is so touching. I accidentally found it and I was having a hard time in my life. This song really touched my heart. I really got into it. I couldn't stop listening to it until I memorized it. Thank you. God bless you. God is truly amazing.
Mary Ann2007-02-03I found this song a few years ago and played it over and over until I could sing it. It speaks to my heart! And what more does Jesus want to hear from me than "All of my heart!" Thank you for giving me a beautiful surrender song to sing to Jesus!