Я возлюбил

All of My Heart (Russian)

Written by Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Yuri Krivonos
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Larry and I wrote this song during the 1997 Christmas holidays. Yuri Krivonos of Russia generously translated it to Russian. - Elton March 21, 1998


Я возлюбил Тебя всем сердцем,
И всею душой преклоняюсь,
Вся моя жизнь принадлежит Тебе!
Слава Тебе, о Отец мой,
Благословен будь Господь мой,
Ты мне открыл так много славных дел.

О, хвала Бог богов, мой Защитник,
Отец, моя любовь!
Ты Один Кого зову.
Ты Велик Бог всего, мой Отец,
Ты мне дал свою любовь,
Я Тебя превозношу!
Ты, Тот кого я так люблю!

Жить во Христе буду вечно,
Милость Его безгранична
Знаю, что Он возьмет меня к Себе.
Ты взял мой грех я свободен,
Чтобы служить в жизни новой.
Все мои дни вверяю я Тебе!

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Copyright © 1997 by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Translation Copyright © 1998 Yuri Krivonos

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Galina2012-02-19This is one of the greatest songs ever. Lets me think on how i should live my life.
Susanna Vinogradski2007-07-19The words to this song made me desire God. Thank you for your work, so encouraging. Im amazed that i can see these in other languages. I read the russian translation, and the words seem to be a little different however. Instead of "all of my heart here to love you" it says "i have loved you with all my heart...all my soul'. Don't you think that is a bit inaccurate? In Russian it sounds a bit of a proud statement. Only Jesus was able to fulfill this greatest commandment of loving God with ALL his heart and soul every second of his life.
I just thought i might mention that because it jumped out at me. Thanks again and God bless you