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Ten Thousand Angels

By Lynn Cooper

CCLI Number: 3641956

Here is another wonderful song by Lynn. This song is sung by Juanitta in act 4 of our revival play Come Fill My Heart. Rhesa and I made the midi file together. - Elton February 13, 2001

Many thanks to Brenda Hoddinott for allowing use of her painting entitled "Imagine" as the background image for this page. I saw the painting at her site and immediately thought of Juanitta. Click here to see a brighter image of Juanitta... er... I mean Imagine. :-) Be sure and click on the Hoddinott banner below to visit Brenda's site.

Lynn Cooper

Brenda Hoddinott

Rhesa Siregar

Recording by Lynn Cooper

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(Verse 1)
I know you're hurting,
I can see it in your eyes.
There's nothing I can say or do
to ease your heart or mind,
But there's someone you can talk to,
He'll come and ease your pain.
He knows your every thought and prayer,
Just call upon His name.

May He send ten thousand angels strong
To comfort you and guide you through this storm.
May He send ten thousand angels strong
To strengthen you, and guide you through this storm.

(Verse 2)
He understands the broken heart,
The suffering of the soul,
And in this crazy stormy night,
Yes, God is in control.
So let Him take this cross for you.
Your burdens He'll make light,
And to the top of Calvary's hill
Your fears be released tonight.

(Repeat Chorus)
May He send ten thousand angels strong
To comfort you and guide you through this storm.
May He send ten thousand angels strong
To strengthen you, and guide you through this storm.

(Guitar Solo)

(Modified Chorus)
May He send ten thousand angels strong
To comfort you and guide you through this storm
To strengthen you, and guide you through this storm.

Rock-a-bye dear child of God
With a blanket of stars above.
Sleep sound in Jesus,
in the arms of His love.

Copyright © 1997 Lynn Cooper/HeavenSent Productions (used by permission)

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Ngachon khapudang (Ngachonkhapudang18_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I am the organist at our church in Pierce City, MO. I would love to get the sheet music for Ten Thousand Angels by Lynn Cooper. Please let me know how to get this music & where to send money.
Rhonda (jrforgey_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
May he send ten thousand angels strong
Renae forbes (Renaeforbes24_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I played this song at my sons funeral everyone loved it. It really helped me.
I like this song very much

renae forbes (renae forbes 78_AT_gmail_DOT_ com)
This is really a blessing. I cried myself to sleep listening to it over and over. I could just picture them surrounding me. Thank you for recording it!
My goodness how I have been comforted through this song for the last 18 months. Thanks be to God.
I will never forget singing this song at my Brothers funeral and evryone felt it:) Thank you God for giving me this song to sing to comfort me and guide me through the storm!
Denise (dscharf4jc05_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I played this song at my daughter's funeral. There wasn't a dry eye to be seen. So beautiful!
my best ever favourite song and beautifully sang ,sounds angelic ,thankyou
precious gran
perfectly comforting voice and lyrics. thanks. (betelan_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
for god's love almighty
brize lee skye
speech less
kristen skye
it really touch my heart when i heard this song i think about reality about abusing someone .so,people must love their fellowmen .tnx lynn for sharing it with us
taylor dean skye
I am happy to be a child of god
all i can say is beautiful and more beautiful one of the most loveliest songs i have heard
sonjah Community Profile Link sonjah (sonjah_DOT_farmer8_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
A realization that we'll never see our loved ones here on earth is a painful time after going through sleepless nights and expectancies for a long while. A song is a blessing. I want to learn to sing this to my loved ones.
Alexie (al-exie_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
In fact am very happy and in love with the song.it really good.
It is as if I were listening to an angel singing ot my soul to comfort, guide and strengthen through the storms. Oh what a peace!
Timoteo Community Profile Link Timoteo (timoteoarao_AT_yahoo_DOT_com_DOT_br)
very soothing and i love it, i just can't imagine the love of God into our lives, whether in that bad storm, he's there to protect us. Really love the song.
Love Community Profile Link Love (islandbloomer_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I think you can purchase this song and others by Lynn at her web site.. lynncoopermusic.com or just try to google it. Good luck and God bless, it is a touching song
What a conforting song. Love it! where can I purchase it????
lavern Community Profile Link lavern (lavern2001_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This beautiful song has been a source of comfort to someone special who is suffering with liver disease and has just lost her 40 yr old daughter. I will sing this at the funeral at the mom's request. Blessings. LBRM
what a supremely lovely sound. It is so soothing and calm that even in the midst of tragedy and strife one can surely find peace to make it through. An extremely appropriate song for times of sudden death
Its sad to see so many hurting people, especially abused ones. I cannot imagine being on the giving end of abuse. This song does bless me, and I intend to write an arrangement of it to perform in church (sax, vocal). Very pretty song.
Larry Johnson (johnsonlj_AT_att_DOT_net)
love this song. It makes me happy and blessed to be a Christian
nanz (yznan2 _AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
At a benefit for Elijah James who is battling cancer, his mother Betty sang this song to him. There was not a dry eye at the event. Thank you for this beautiful song. Love and blessings
Lynn!! Came across this site and suprize here you are!! It's been a long time and this song brings back beutiful memories. We still listen to your CD's as the girls love to hear them.
Peace, Amy
Amy Motyl
IT fills my heart with overwhelming joy as it reminds me that Hes always there for us.
Margarette Hornales Community Profile Link Margarette Hornales (tweetyh_20_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
LYNN OCTOBER IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH.I will be telling my story at a woman's shelter Oct.11 09 I was ask to bring a song to sing and I believe I have found the right one.I find great comfort in the words as I sing them I sing them as a prayer for all the abused women,children and men God Bless you Thanks for this song.
Donna Mann (donnad48c_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
This song is so beautiful! Absolutely wonderful, filling people with emotion. Thank you!
this is a beautiful song
brent wells (brent_35961_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
About 2 weeks before my father (who had been seriously ill for over 15 years) began yealping or weak shouting if you will from his room late one evening. He could not talk because of strokes he had during his illness. I came into his room and he waved at me. He pointed around the room and told me as best he could "I see, I see, oh, I wish I could tell you" I asked him "daddy, can you see something?" he muttered "yeppah, oh yesssa" He kept pointing at the foot of his bed in the air and basically around his room. He motioned they were big.
Two weeks later he died. This song makes me think of that evening and I believe there were a host of angles in his room.
Valerie Community Profile Link Valerie (valeriecardone_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I heard this song for the first time yesterday while at a funeral company's dove release what can i say people were in tears the song is soooo meaningful it is fantastic
how do i download this song
noel (noellpaver_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This is the most beautiful song and thank-you Lynn for sharing it with us. I chose this song to sing at my brothers funeral service in May, 02 and all eyes and ears were watching & listening to the words. And people were crying, it was very spiritually moving in the whole place. I am so glad I found it, it was the right choice .
You are truly an angel from God.
Denys (dscharf4jc05_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
my mother went on to be with the lord march 1st of this year and it is comforting to know that angels carried her on home to be with the lord i serve and this song makes me think of her and the lord and how blessed i am that the lord chose her to be my mom.
norma miles (miles150235_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net)
I felt so enlightened with this song. I'm going through some tough time nowadays and moving on seems hard. I have a very special friend who always tries her best to lift me up, especially at times like now. But there are moments that you seel so alone and there's no one to turn to and no one seems to understand how deep the pain and how much you are suffering. I believe in angels and I believe God sees all the pain and suffering and He is healing us with His undying love through Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Thank you.
Rosario (amiableme08_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This was a just wonderful song and beatiful melody. I feel a real comfort by listening as I also read the lyrics. It has been a hard time this winter as I had to leave my beloved wife for 40 years to a nursing home, because of Alzheimer.
Many thanks, and may God use your gift aboundently.
Leon Kristoffer, Norway
Lynn God bless you with a beautiful voice.My son is going through some issuses with the court sytem,he goes to trial soon he saids I have Jesus .He already knows whats in store for my life and he has a plan for me.This song really touch my heart for I started to lose faith and beginning to doubt God.Thank you Jesus for this beatiful song and Lynn.My prayers are with you.God bless (judy_van_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
I believe that God give you power to care your problems with your husband and give you His love into your heart... I will pray for you. Holy Spirit give you power, love and joy. Love your husband more than before and You will see, that you will get love back. Believe in it, pray for that! God loves you more than we are able to understand. God bless you!
Renata from Czech republick Community Profile Link Renata from Czech republick (renata_DOT_brazdilova_AT_fnusa_DOT_cz)
Am facing a difficult time right now with my husband. Going through this song really touches me,and i know that God touches my heart and he said, "MY CHILD AM WITH YOU ALWAYS"...came to think about it, yeah why should i worry so much when he's right beside me...
Thank you somuch for the lovely lyrics and i love the music...i'll try to learn the song so that i can sing it everyday when am down hearted...this song will help me to breath a new life... (islandbloomer_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
My home was hell because my husband was beating me everyday at home and I was not allowed to have even proper food. I worked in a software company and had to go to work with bruised face sometimes. I was not at all able to focus on my work.I was so numb that I did not have the strength or energy to pray.I worried about my little 2 yr old daughter's future and mine too. I never thought that I will see the next year.I somehow found this song and that was my first thing to do at office -sometime numerous times a day.God spoke to me through this song. This was in 2005.The site didn't have a feature to leave a comment and Now in 2009 I am still alive and God brought me to the US from my country with the band of strong ten thousand angels and God is still in control of the situation like never before.I still go through the same situations but better than before. I am not having bruised faces...I am having excellent food. God has eased my pain.Thank you for being a channel of blessing to me.
Wonderful song. From philippines
Ace (mr_DOT_imuan_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I was trying to find a song that has the words Ten Thousand Angels an old gospel song and this song popped up in my search. I listened to it and to the words and this is by far the most beautiful song I have heard in a very long time. It's amazing how God can deliver something to you at just the right moment. It is the perfect song for my friend at this time. Thank you
Faith Myers (libbydoo_AT_northstate_DOT_net)
Absolutely the most beautiful song in the entire world. I love this song more than any other ever. I wish I could download this song on myspace. More people need to hear this song and believe. Thank you Lynn Cooper
Robin Franze (franzerobin)
One of the most inspired songs I have ever heard, truly the Lord's work...has helped so many......brilliant
My step daughter just lost her baby and I think this song is great. Thank's
Thanks to god that I've come accross this beautiful song today. May lord our god bless those who contributed in the construction of this song.
this song is very peaceful. the first time my mom and i heared it, we listen to it till the end of the song.

May it inspire more peaple!!

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