The Strawberry Girl

Image by Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Strawberry Girl image

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The Strawberry Girl by Sir Joshua Reynolds. For more information and activities for this painting visit Garden of Praise. Play a jigsaw puzzle of this image

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beverly waters2013-11-14This has the signing saying "Original By Sir Joshua Reynolds" this painting is over 200 yrs old and is in pretty good condition to be this old
Beverly waters2013-11-14I am the owner of this picture, It it signed it read "Original By Sir Joshua Reynolds " The Strawberry Girl .. is any one interessted in purchasing this is 200 years old
beverly waters2013-02-27I have the original painting , signed by sir reynolds,,anyone interssted in buying?
Angie2011-09-12I this print if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
2011-08-03Ihave this picture and I love it , It looks very old . Where is the original on display?
Tony Reynolds2011-03-18This is the print thatI was looking for but how do I purchase it?
2009-01-09I have one of these Purchased it years ago at a househid auction. Enjoy it very much
carolyn2008-05-02i have one of these framed and was bought in fl. at a english antique store. it said on the painting the strawberry girl original by sir joshua reynolde
John2007-07-19I have an original of this, painted around 1758. My wife's grandfather was a collector of fine art in London. Some of his pieces are in the National Gallery in Londaon.