The Meeting

Image by Marie Bashkirtseff

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The Meeting by Marie Bashkirtseff. Visit Garden of Praise for a detailed description of this painting. Play a jigsaw puzzle of this image

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Stan Neuhaus2011-03-08I have an 8x7 copy of this painting that I found in a scrap book that dates back 60 years. It was connected to page 10 of what appears to have been part of a booklet. Page 10 describes "The Meeting", and gives some bio on Marie Bashkirseff.PP 10 is frayed on the edges, but the copy of the painting is in excellent condition. Does this have any value. To the left of the 10, ti has F.P. Series IL.
2011-01-18This wonderful painting of Parisian street life is in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, where unfortunately it is hung too high, particularly when it is a picture of school children. Another copy is in Nice,at the Jules Cheret Musée des Beaux Arts, although not currently on display. However, there are other fine pictures by Marie Bashkirtseff there and well worth a visit.