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Morgan drew this picture of their brother Eric while he was in the hospital in August 2008. Eric passed away on December 27th. Please visit the memorial page on the Garden of Praise site.

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Suz2011-12-06God bless you in your time of loss. God is nigh to all of a broken heart. I lost my dad to cancer , Oct 7, 2011. It is very hard. Cancer is not of the Lord and I know the day will come when all with cancer who are prayed for shall be healed--Praise the Lord!!! God bless you.
rita2010-05-27my prayer is that God will sustatin you as you cherish the memories of your loved ine.
Kim in Arizona2010-02-09What a fabulous tribute to your brother. I am very sorry for your loss, but happy that your brother is with the Lord now. Thank you for sharing your story.
2009-11-19i hate sappy things like this
TexasDayLily2009-11-11Thank you Veronica for making this drawing for Eric and his Family.
Jan2009-09-27A truly beautiful sketch of a very brave young man.
Leendert van Rijn2009-05-03Dear friends in Christ,
Only yesterday I found out the story behind the song 'for Eric' which I by accident while doing my internship of surgery (part of the program of the medical school which I attend at Leiden university, the netherlands) found on the Internet half October 2008, only a couple of days it must have been added to the Internet. I was wondering myself who the eric was were the song was made for, because the sung was also in my personal situation a strong support while dealing with very ill patients and having a very hard time to on surgery. It struck me to read that eric has passed away and that I have listened to that song while he was still alive. Although it was December and the ones who have been close by eric, I want to let you pass my condolences to you and have prayed allready this night of support and blessing from the lord for all your work. I'm sure this song composed for eric in his situation will be a support in other patients. At least in my live it has been till now, and knowing this story behind the song gives me a longing of sharing this song with others of my terminally ill patients.
Again it's really a hard thing that eric has passed away, but I can really say, sometimes during the many times of listening the song I felt such a desire for heaven. Eric is there and His our belouved Lord Jezus is there for him.
I will pray for all of you who have been in touch with him, and although I'm far away in the Netherlands, pray for me that during the last part of my program to become a doctor I may share this song with patients and that they may be brought to Christ.
You'll be part of my prayer's, God bless you!
Leendert van Rijn
Parker2009-04-30A very nice sketch, Veronica. It's obvious you really loved Eric. Sorry for his passing at such a young age. You have skills and talent and sensitivity... keep on developing them. Thanks for sharing.
Dorleen Edway2009-02-10I have been so blessed by this wonderful song. I feel sad that you are deprived of your loved one in this life but you will be together forever with him. Something in his voice speaks so deeply in the depths of my spirit and leaves peace and deep encouragement. I have listened to this song many times tonight for this has been a horrible time of warfare against my son & I and I have been touched once again by God. Thank you. I hope I get to meet Eric in Heaven. He has such a sweet spirit. What a blessing & comfort he must have been in your lives. Thank you for sharing him with us. God bless you all.
Chris2009-01-29Dear friend in Christ...I am sorry for your loss...I underwent 2 surgeries due to cancer... so I share your pain. December 27th was also my birthday...
Brother Elton,I thank you and your team for the wonderful job your are doing with this site. When things don't go too right, I find consolation in these beautiful songs that remind me of God's love and care.
By the way, I am not as good as Veronica, but I also draw...This is a great work of art: Praise God for the talent(s) He bestows on His children!
God bless you and yours!
Ardealia mcghee2009-01-28Dear Pat,
I wrote to You last year when I heard about Eric. He was all ways in my prayers.My Prayers goes out to you and your family. I can see from reading the diary you kept of him he was very special.He will all ways be in your heart. We Are persecuted, but God does not leave us.We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed. 2 Corinthians4:9 Give all your worries to him,because he cares about you. 1Peter5:7. May God keep you in his loving arm. Prayers and Blessings to you and your Family.
Sharon Howard2009-01-19To Eric's family,

I am so sorry to hear that Eric has passed away. Be of good cheer because he is now with our Lord and he is not suffering anymore.

Please accept my deepest sympathy.

Lorrie Deeter2009-01-17Dear Elton & Family,

May God's unlimitless love hold you at this time. The song from Natalie Grant, "Held" shares how we can let the Lord hold us when we are heartbroken and even angry. I pray He comforts you and draws you closer.

Veronica, you have a great gift. I know Eric would want you to pursue your drawing. Blessings to You & Yours,

Lorrie Deeter
Brooksville, Fl
Tony & Charla2009-01-13Dear Pat & Elton & family,
Our hearts go out to you! We will remember Eric as the sweet boy we knew in Sweetwater. May the Lord bless you with the comfort that only He can give.
2009-01-06Dear Elton and family,

I love the poem below, for me it truly sums it up. Elton, I am so sorry to hear Eric has passed. Now, at least he rests without pain and in peace.

Btw, WH Auden is wrong. Love does last forever, it is within us, it warms that which is cold and brings light to the dark. For nothing to come to any good truly would be loss. By Eric's very existence example and influence, the good, indeed the great, is already in progress.

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone - W. H. Auden
Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.
Nina2009-01-05Thank you for sharing with us the joy of your precious loved one. As I read Eric's story I cried for your loss and also I had tears of happiness that he is such an inspiration for those of us doing our best to touch the heart of children with the Love of God.

I came upon your website several weeks ago desperately looking for an activities my students could do with the holiday lesson and I found a wonderful jigsaw puzzle and memory game - the kids just loved them - I brought 3 laptops right into the classroom. I came back today looking for more help (God is so good and you are so faithful in being there). My heart sank when I realized that between the time I was here before and today, that Eric was gone. I had not taken the time to read before. I was so very sad for that. I am so very happy that he has such wonderful family and friends - he truly was blessed while here, and now he is with our Lord. Thank you Veronica for the picture.
Nanette Kuehne2009-01-05Dearest Pat, I want to send my sympathy to you and your family on the lost of your precious grandson. Being a Grandparent is such a blessing to us, but having a Grandma is a blessing for them. Especially a Grandma who loves the Lord and lives his example in front of them. You and your family will continue to be in our prayers.
S.Rivera2009-01-04Hi, I just saw this as I was looking for ideas & games for my class's Sunday lesson.
I just happen to come on this site & read about Eric. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that God sends angels to minister to your hearts. **Also Psalms 147:3**.
Reading this also made me think of my own brother who had a birthday the day after Eric passed. This makes me more determined to pray & fast even more for my own brother's salvation.
Thank you for sharing parts of yours & Eric's story, it really touched my heart.
Your family is in my prayers.
*God bless you*
Barbara Luster2009-01-01Pat, I'm so sorry about Eric. It must be very hard to lose a grandson. I've read some of the messages, and they are so beautiful; I hope they have been an encouragement to you. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers that God will comfort you and walk with you through these days - and we know He will, don't we?
We are so sorry that Eric lost his battle with cancer. He was so blessed to have you has his grandmother and friend. We will continue to pray for Eric's family and for you. May God bless you and comfort you during this sad time. In Christian Love, Danny and Linda Rich
lizguffey@yahoo.com2008-12-31Patsy and family,
Our love and prayers go to you and your family at this time.
We want you to know you are loved and remembered at this time.
The Guffey's (Gene and Elizabeth)
Lily Tay2008-12-28Patsy,

I dont know what to say to comfort. But I know God is there for you and all who mourns for Eric including us here. Listen to the song in this website "You're at peace in his love".....let God works through this song to bring comfort and healing. http://songsofpraise.org/songsearch.php

May the Lord keeps you all in his love at this time.

For the past few days I have been on this website (http://gardenofpraise.com/bibleles.htm#jesus)searching for lesson plans and ideas to teach my five year old son during home school. While I am reading the different stories, I keep thinking to myself, "It is wonderful to see someone is spreading the Living Word"! Today though was the first day that I actually looked at the full web page and saw this about Eric. My heart sank.But as tears are in my eyes at this very moment,it is of joy and peace to know Pat, that you know the Lord and the ultimate prize that our Lord Jesus as promised us if we believe. It is truly a wonderful feeling to know that he had someone his life that lived and spoke of Our Lords Word. I pray this very moment that God may comfort your family during this time of lost.

With much love
Lorrie2008-12-28My prayers are with you all at this time!
Peace and Comfort be upon you and your families in the name of Jesus!
much love in Jesus
Peter Gringhuis2008-12-28Whe are sorry Eric passed away last night..............................

dear God please look after him, and give the family the strenght they need. Whe will think about you all, in this difficult time and wish you all Gods peace and love.

from holland
a big hug to you all...
Jeffrey York2008-12-24Pat, I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! Jeffrey York
2008-12-22Hello Eric!

Some one prays for your in Finland, too. Jesus loves you so much. Many times we don´t understand what is happening to us, but one thing is sure: God loves us with His everlasting love and no one can take us from His hand.

Years ago I found this song "Your Love is Strong" by your father, Steve Israel and Larry Holder. I translated it to Finnish and our choir has been singing it in nursing homes and hospitals many times during these years. The words of this song have been a great comfort to many here in Finland. I pray that the Lord may comfort you as well with these wonderful words:

Though I am weak
Though I am frail
There is one thing I know,
Your love is strong.
Though storms may come
And plans may fail,
There is one thing I know,
Your love is strong.

No one can take me from Your hand.
Forever on this Rock I'll stand.
And in those times my strength is gone,
There is one thing I know
Your love is strong.
Yes, in those times my strength is gone,
There is one thing I know
Your love is strong.

Eternal joy is mine
Because I know Your love is strong
Your mercy lifts me up
And gently carries me along
In-to Heav-en.

Through Summer's heat
And Winter's cold,
There is one thing I know
Your love is strong.
As day by day
My life unfolds,
There is one thing I know
Your love is strong.

No one can take me from Your hand.
Forever on this Rock I'll stand.
And in those times my strength is gone,
There is one thing I know
Your love is strong.
Yes, in those times my strength is gone,
There is one thing I know
Your love is strong.

God bless you, Eric, with His love, peace and joy, during this Christmas time!
Let´s pray for a wonderful miracle of total healing to you very very soon!

With love in Christ, Lea from Finland
Lily Tay2008-12-17Eric,

Each day you are in my thoughts and prayers. And as I was praying just now, I recalled a lady with cancer. She had such strong faith in Jesus each day she give thanks for her healing even though she cant see progress. One day during her review, it was found that the tumour had shrunked. And later it was completely gone. She is now an old lady over 80 yrs and is still living and witnessing the Lord serving him faithfully. Yes, it is faith that we need to hold on to. Be strong and have faith in the Lord, our healer and redeemer. As usual I clicked to check your updates. Joy and hopes flooded into my heart as I read the news of Dec 17. It isnt a co-incident to meet that "angel"...it is God-providence. Praise the Lord. Eric, God loves you. Remember FAITH ...Jesus said "Have faith" and you shall see the glory of God. It is not easy but tough for you to endure each day but I know HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT for you. His strength is your strength. Stay positive, rejoice in the Lord each day, stay hopeful and stand tall in FAITH. Our gracious and merciful Father in Heaven sees and knows what you been through. He is there for you and you are in His Hand.The Lord bless you and heals you. Amen
Linda Lawrence2008-12-15Eric,
This is for you and for your precious family. This is taken from a book in my library, it is the NIV Women's Devotional Bible. The title of this excerpt is The Harmony of Faith and Suffering on page 1300. Will write it to you just this section as it is written.
from: The Harmony of Faith and Suffering
Here is the mystery: The path of joy runs straight through the heart of pain and suffering. Christianity, alone among the world's religions, does not run from pain but embraces it. Jesus Christ is our example of faith: "For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Hebrews 12:2). Faith,
at the very least, asks us to believe this: The path to heaven runs through suffering. Throughthe sorrow of the world, through that certain fog of doubt and pain, we have faith: sure of what we hope for, certain of what we do not see. God is love. God is in control. God shall wipe away every tear and replace it with a river of joy.
Faith carries with it movement- from what we know to what we long for, from suffering to joy, from earth to heaven. That movement, that song, is always driven and graced by the choice we make to love.
This is taken from the same book, page 1403. From: A Flower From A Thorn
Here it is -in the blossoming from thorns, in the harvest of wheat from the solitary grain-the gospel, the Good News of life out of death, a gospel for every individual, every need, every hopeless and helpless situation.
'It'll never work fofr mine," someone is tempted to say. Are you sure that your problem baffle the one who since the world began has been bringing flowers from thorns? Your thorns are a different story, are they? You have been brought to a place of self-despair, nothingness. It is hard even to think of any good reason fo going on. You live in most unfavorale conditiions, you are up against impossible odds.
He wants to transform every form of human suffering into something glorious. He can redeem it. He can bring life out of death. God has not abandoned us. His work goes on. He asks our acceptance of the painful process and our trust the He will indeed give resurrection life.
I am so dreadfully sorry that you are having to deal with this situation. Days,weeks,months or years later someone will think back to a haapy time. You will find yourselves laughing at some occurrance. May you all have happy memories of famly gatherings or just times that stand out in your memory. It is so wonderful that we have these wonderful memories. Know that I think of my mother daily. When someone remarks to me how I look like her or act in ways as she did or even that my advice sounds like some she would have given - I take it as a high compliment.
Sandra Sipe2008-12-15I was trying to write and it disappeared. Eric you are an amazing man. May the Lord give you supernatural strength as you endure this disease every day. The Lord is your healer and all we humans can do is light our lamp with fresh oil and seek him for your healing. I pray that you are completely healed from top to bottom.
Sharon Howard2008-12-13Eric,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please stay positive and I pray to the Lord that you will recover from your illness.
God be with you.
Dave and Charlene Frankenfield2008-12-11Eric you are always in our prayers. I go to your grandmothers site every morning to see if there are any updates. God Bless You and keep you in his healing care.

His name is Jehovah Rapha and HE will heal you.
Pastor Grace Akande2008-12-09Eric,
I sent this word to you in the name of Jesus and it shall never go void without performing the work that God send it to do conserning your health.
It is written "and the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven.James 5:15. I released the word to you that the prayer we have prayed in faith for you shall make you well in Jesus Name, the Lord shall raise you up and take glory out of your life and your sins shall be forgiven in Jesus Name. I ask God to stretch his healing hand to you for miracle, signs and wonders through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. By his Stripe you are healed in Jesus Name. In Jesus Name every sickness and disease of cancer be broken in your body, soul and spirit in Jesus Name. It is written that every plant my heavenly father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots.Matthew 15:13 In Jesus Name we command every spirit of cancer to be pulled up by the root and cast it away from your body into the lake of fire in Jesus name for God's Glory to be revealed upon your Life in Jesus Name. God Loves you, his will for your life is stay healthy and satan cannot rob you from it in Jesus Name.

Pastor Grace
Lorrie2008-12-06Hi Eric, stopping by to say hello to you:)

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness (arise with healing in his wings;) and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
Malachi 4:2

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
Isaiah 53:5

Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.
Psalms 57:1

much love in Jesus
ann gill2008-12-03God Bless and keep you warm in His love
Humphrey2008-12-03Hi Eric,
Take heart from these words of our good LORD:
"The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them" [Psalm 34:7]

The Lord uphold you in his faith.

Linda Lawrence2008-12-02Dear Eric, Hope that you are in little amount of pain and you are comfortable. Found another poem that I felt was relavent and you and your family might like to read it.
Here are the words:

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot erode faith
It cannot destroy confidence
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot shut out memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot reduce eternal life
It cannot quench the Spirit
It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection
It cannot short-circuit prayer
It cannot prevent the concern of others
It cannot break the promises of God
It cannot hinder His providence

Author unknown
Linda Lawrence2008-12-02Dear Eric, My heart goes out to you and your precious family. You don't know how fortunate you are to have such a loving family! They love you uncondionally. Know you through your grandmother, Pat. She is there with you and loves you so much. God loves you unconditionally - His love differs in that He is divine. Know that this an extremely difficult situation for you and your family to deal with. Eric, you have posibly seen many beautiful places and met wonderful people. How great is that? Then most of all you have a God who loves you and will always care for you. There is the most fortunate thing you have in your life and that is God. God gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for us. It is through His death that we have a hope of being with God one day.Your fortune does not seem to have an ending. My wish for you is that you know God, He will be with you at all times. Let Him take your hand, He is more than willing to do so. He will also be with your family. There are some verses that are so comforting to me and I would like to share a few of them with you. They are Hebrews 13:6, Psalms 46:1-2, Philippians 4:13, Psalms 23 and John 14:1-2. How our Lord cared for the Isrealites and He tells us He cares for the birds and the flowers. He cares for us, since we are more important than the birds and flowers. We have souls when they do not. God showed His complete for us in that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us. It is without Jesus Christs'death that we would have no hope of a home with God. We are truly blessed!! I told you earlier of my mother's death due to lung cancer. She died in 1999. She never smoked, she exercised and ate healthy food each day. But she died of lung cancer - through second hand smoke and working in an asbestos building years ago. After she died, I received a precious poem stating God needed her for His garden as she loved roses, pink and yellow. You might be needed to tend this garden, this is only in our imagination. But, it might help you and your family. but to look upon His face, how much better can it get? When she was in the hospital the last time, I read her a particular poem over and over. I would like to send you the words to that poem. If I could have suffered for her, I would, but I couldn't. The poem is entitled REALIZE. Here are the words: If I could, I'd write for you a rainbow And splash it with all the colors of God And hang it in the window of you being So that each new God's morning Your eyes would open first to HOPE and PROMISE. If I could, I'd wipe away your tears And hold you close forever in shalom. But God never promised I could write a rainbow, Never promised I could suffer for you, Only promised I could love you. That I do. This poem is written by Ann Weems. Hope you and your family are comforted by it.
Barbara2008-11-22Dear Eric, My heart goes out to you and your family. Just remember the LORD can do ALL. Just put your faith in the LORD. I pray that he will HEAL your BODY. GOD BLESS.
2008-11-19Hi Eric,

I had read your life-battling situation as of now, but remember Eric.. your illness is just a spot to our big God. I know HE sees and hears your suffering. Just hang on, for He will give you healing. As HE had said in his word, "..by his stripes we have been healed.."

Our God is an answering God and He loves us so much. Keep hanging on and he'll surely be there for you.

GOd bless you and claim the healing he has for you. Ask and it shall be given unto you.. as he would always say.

God loves you.. he do cares and loves us all..

Keep fighting for the race isn't over yet. God has a perfect plan for your life. GOd bless you Eric.

Cora Nov. 18, 20082008-11-18Hello Eric,
I just wanted to let you know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of my family, and the kids that I work with. Keep your eyes on the prize, and never give up. Lots of love to you and your family, during this time.

Love always,
Brenda2008-11-17Hi Eric,
I know the good lord will bring you through this because he says he will never give us more then we can handle ... take care and may the healing power of our lord surround you and clease your body of this illness ..Amen...
jonathan mwanzau2008-11-15Hi Eric,

Be encouraged my brother there is nothing hard to our loving Father.He knows what you are going through and may His healing flow through your body.May your health be restored in Jesus name.

My family and I are standing with you in prayers.Thou we are far-in AERICA-KENYA ,we are one family in Christ

May God strengthen you.

The Murray Family2008-11-12HI Eric,

I love the image. What talent and love your sister has put into it.

I have a grandson your age and I cannot even imagine what you and your family are going through.

My son is 39 and he is struggling with returning Basel Carcinoma on his lip. They removed most of his lip and the wonderful dr.s in Austin TX performed reconstructive surgery when the time was right. You can not tell he ever had a problem. However it has returned just this month. I know that he came through this by the grace of our Heavenly Father once and our son will again. I believe you will to. We cannot know HIS mind but we do know that HE loves us.

My family and my email prayer family are praying for you and yours.

Love & God Bless
The Murray Family
Livingston MT
Joseph Sebastian2008-11-12Hi Eric We are from Wellington, New Zealand. You and your family are very much in our prayers and thoughts. Please continue to have the strong faith, expecially in the hour of pain and that will give you the greatest comfort. God Bless!
Bea2008-11-10Hi Eric, I do not know if I am on the right page to send you a message as your father said he had created a Guest Book for you and I just followed the link to here, (that sounds a bit peculiar) but anyhow I just wanted to say that no matter where you are or how you feel you do have the healing within yourself to get there. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 years ago, tumours in the lung and a shell that had formed across my lungs and partially into part of the heart system. The doctors I saw said that I had approximately six weeks to live but still prescribed seven weeks of radiation, ironic but true! I readily went for the radiation as the shell was suffocating me and also started on the chemotherapy. After seven weeks the radiation had subdued the shell and I was able to breathe again but another tumour had started growing and the chemo was making me feel like the living dead! So I decided to stop the treatment much to everyones horror and against all medical advice. I told my family that I had already lived a week longer then expected and I was not going to spend the rest of my natural days either hugging the toilet and/or in a state of nauseous coma and misery and I learnt a very good lesson God helps those who help themselves. Shortly afterwards my eldest daughter met and made an appointment for me with a Reiki Healer the most wonderful strong yet gentle person I have ever come in contact with and I started hands-on-healing with her immediately. She explained to me that she was just a bridge between the Creator and I and that I should at a soul level want to be healed and fully accept the healing that I was asking for which I did. Three weeks latter the tumours started shrinking and by the eighth week they were gone - I have medical files, x-rays and support letters from each specialist I saw so this is well documented. The doctors were absolutely stunned and immediately started questioninmg everything and trying to put the facts into little allopathic boxes but they just could not. It was a miracle! I truly believed it could happen and I knew God was willing to help me and he did. I do not suggest that people stop their treatment or stop listening to their doctors as each of us has our own road to walk but I thought my story might bring you some encouragement. My thoughts are with you in this trying time and I know God will be with you and beside you at all times even when you think He has turned away, He never does. I will keep you in my prayers. With love
Carla Cummings2008-11-10Hey Eric, There is a lot of wisdom in the letters that people have written, I just want to reinforce the Praise music! The worshippors always went in first into battle. Let the music do the battleing for you, and as you feel led, join in! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. We don't praise God because we feel like it, we praise Him because He is worthy of our praise! I am interceeding for you Eric and praising our Father with you! Until you are fully recovered!
Alysia2008-11-10Hello Eric, My Name is Alysia. My Husband and I have been in ministry for 13 yrs. My Daughter and I teach children's church in Kenai, Alaska. I was looking for coloring sheets to go with our lessons and found your prayer page. My family and I want you to know Alaska is praying for you and your family. We are sending your prayer request to everyone we know. God Bless!!
ian2008-11-10Hi Eric,
God allows us to go through some experiences we wished would never come our way.Have hope my brother in the Lord today.Does Jesus cares? Yes He does. Please continue to exercise your faith in the BALM OF GILEAD.You are in my daily prayers.
Bye Ian
JuliO Cesar MigOttO2008-11-09Hi Patsy

I just watch an amazing program on the 3ABN channel (http://endavo.total-stream.net/endavo3abn). And I remember that this information will be very helpful to Eric.

It was about health and depression. See the website and be in contact with the people there because they can help Eric in a marvellous way.

Ask Eric to read and get informed and if is possible get a book or a DVD.


Vicky gave one hour interview talking about mental health and everything related to it.

Also she spoke a lot about nutrition.
She is very knowledgeable on science and Bible. You can call her and ask for help.

Also call to 3ABN channel (www.3abn.org) and ask when that program goes in the air again. It is worthy to be watched. I will try to watch again and record it to show to friends and brethren.

God bless you all.
RoseMarie herdman2008-11-09Eric= one thing I have learned over the years - dealing with dear loved ones and cancer- To take each day as it comesNever let go of your faith- and let others do for u- they need to feel useful and not out of pity- but out of love.

Give the Lord your pain- even when it seems unbearable He makes it bearable.

Listen to music- let its healing powers calm your spirit. Sometimes music has a theraputic power that is unlike anything else.

God bless u and your family and give u strength and courage each and everyday.
Lucienna[ a Canadian Christian]2008-11-09From another Newsletter I received this week there was this quote:
"Don't measure a man's success by how he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom".
- General George E. Patton

I pray that your faith, and the support of others will assist you in bouncing high at this challenging time in your life. I hope that you are sensing the presence of the Lord within your being. He loves you. He knows your pain. He is beside you at all times.
jvk2008-11-09jesus is there for you, just as the good samaratin was.To heal and bind your wounds and to make you strong to continue your walk on the jerico road as you in turn become the wounded healer.Cast your burdens unto him he cares for you
Anja2008-11-09Dear Eric. God bless you and His healing be over you. I pray for you and your family.
Regards from Jerusalem.




Julie2008-11-09Dear Eric - Look to Jesus. He will never leave you or forsake you. When you call to him, He will be there.
Kim2008-11-09Dearest Eric,
I know you do not know me but I want you to know that I am praying for your full recovery. Try to stay strong & believe in the power of prayer. You will get through this! I just know. :)
Kay2008-11-09Hey Eric,
I will add you to the prayer list at my church. Also I will tell the pastor and he will have someone stand in for you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. We had a young man at church healed from cancer, he had it in his mouth. The doctor gave him papers to prove he had it and that the Lord healed him from it. So don't give up, hold on, the Lord will answer in his time. I just signed up for the newsletter not long ago. I think I know why now, because I don't normaly do that. But I guess the Lord had me to do it, so I could let you know about the young man at our church. The Lord said we are healed, he can't lie. Keep on praising Him for what he is going to do for you.
With love and prayers, a sister in Christ, Kay
God bless and keep you and your family.
Sr Maria and community2008-11-09Dear Eric,
We are Roman Catholic nuns who happen to be recipients of your father's newsletter. We pray for you daily that you will feel our Lord's presence and healing. In our tradition we like to ask holy people in heaven to pray with us and we asked Cardinal Ignatius Kung Pin mei, who was 30 years in prison for Jesus in China to pray with us for your healing and for God's love,

May the Lord bless and keep you!
Dragan2008-11-08Dear Eric,
Praying for you.



Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you:
I have called you by your name, you are mine.
Should you pass through the sea, I will be there with you;
or through rivers, they will not swallow you up.
Should you walk through fire, you will not be scorched
and the flames will not burn you...
Do not be afraid, for I am with you.
—Isaiah 43
Doris Hines2008-11-08Eric,
Praying for you to get through this. We know that the Lord will hold us tightly and carry us to victory. Trust in Him.
In Christ,
Doris Hines
Nelsia Loraine2008-11-08Dear Eric. I came so close to death after becoming seriously ill. I found in those moments, that when i gave everything over to God, my fears, my hopelessness (for there was absolutely nothing i could do but trust God) that was when He gave me a peace that the world could never understand and my healing, both body, soul and mind began. I learned that faith is not the absence of fear, but absolute trust in God inspite of fear. Being honest with God was the beginning. I told him i was not ready to die that i wanted to live but that he should take control. God loves us Eric, more than we can ever begin to understand. And He always has the final word. No matter what the doctors say, GOD HAS THE FINAL WORD. HE IS THE HEAD PHYSICIAN IN CHARGE. We do not know each other but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have just completed my traing as a nurse and i have seen patients live, not because their prognosis was not poor, but because they willed themselves to live. Let your dreams keep you alive for without them a man is already dead. Allow God to work a miracle in your life by turning everything over to him, fears and all and when you are healed, not if but when, you too can write your song but then you will have sooooo much to sing about. I'm rooting for you. God bless you richly.
If you so choose, You or any member of your family can e-mail me. One love.
Pat & John2008-11-08Eric you are in our thoughts and prayers. May you feel our Lord's presence and His healing. God bless.
JuliO Cesar MigOttO2008-11-08Hi Eric, I hope and pray for you to get well pretty soon. Jesus is able to heal you instantaneously. Why He does not do it right now?

I don't know, but He knows. When we get to heaven He will answer you personally why it took so long to heal you. It is easy for me to say Do NOT BE DISCOURAGED, in Jesus there is HOPE.

I want encourage you to learn about antioxidants and health nutrition.

I am not a doctor but I am a reader of books about health, mainly about nutrition.

By the grace of God I learned how dangerous are animal products for our body and mind.

I became vegetarian 34 years ago. If you avoid all that damage your health you have more probabilities to get well sooner.

Please, avoid all sugar, refined cane and artificial sugars, they are factors for cancers. The best sugar is the one made by the creator, fruit sugar.

You have to avoid all artificial products, most of them contains noxious and dangerous chemicals. I wish I could go in details to show you how dangerous are all these things I am mentioning.

In order to have good health we need to cooperate with our creator following His Health Laws.

Try to get the book written by Dr. Joanna Brandt. She got cancer and she healed herself with grapes. Also a good option is a natural product Grape Seed Extract.

There are many things I could suggest you, but if I write too much nor you, neither anybody else will stop to read.

I just remember, I have a friend who was healed from cancer. He told me he used and still using daily ROYAL JELLY, that is the best nutritional product on Earth. Made by honey bees. There are many scientifc studies on that.

The last thing: get information on the Weimar Institute. Near Sacramento - CA

If you have difficulties to find ask in the
this is a Christian institute that can give you good information on reliable Cancer natural treatments centers.

Other source of information is www.3abn.org

If I can help in anyway, feel free to contact me the.best4us@yahoo.com
Robin and David Johnson2008-11-08May angels watch over you, as God knows what you are going through and will give you strength each day. I will add you to my prayer list remain strong.

I pray that God will heal you completely, and give you strength and an inner peace that passes all understanding. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this very trying time.

There are people out here who care and love, even people you've never met. We are pulling for you. Hang in there and fight!!

In Love,
David & Robin J. - St. Louis, MO
Dave and Charlene Frankenfield2008-11-08Eric
You won't remember because you were only a little boy but we visited your church and heard your dad play and sing for us. We have played and sung his music since he first put his website up and I still have the pianobooks and CDs he so graciously gave to us. We just want you to know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers every minute for the healing of your body. Prayer works miracles. We have seen it in our own lives as Dave struggles now with congestive heart failure but we see him get stronger and are now able to get out and enjoy the music we love so much. Let the words of your dad's songs be in your mind and heart. Believe in what they say and know that God hears every word. Know that we still remember that beautiful little boy you were when you climbed aboard our motor home and your sister picked out a hymn on my hammered dulcimer without ever having seen one before. We wish you strength, courage and God's infinite healing as well as strength for the rest of your family.
Much love and prayers
Juliana Kingston2008-11-08Isaiah 40:31
"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

My thoughts and prayers are with you Eric. I am so proud of you and I love you:)
love always,
Juliana Kingston
Lorrie2008-11-08Hi Eric, stopped by to say standing in the gap with and for you:) as so many people of prayer are:)
Much love in Jesus
Nansi In Dallas Texas2008-11-08Keeping you in my prayers.
Ardealia McGhee2008-11-08Hi Eric,
My prayers goes out to you and your family. God is good, I'm ln a wheel chair from an attact on my way to work. I was staying in Chicago at the time. Someone attact me never got to see his face, he raped me threw me over a railing. I've all ways been an independent person. I ask god to get me threw this. they told my sisters i would be dead When they got there. This was Sept.9-1978, i went threw alot With the help of prayers from different people,freinds, and Family I made it. I still have work to do far God. I just want To tell you, stay strong.Praise be to God and Father of our Jesus Christ. God is the father who is full of mercy and all comforts.He comforts us every time we have trouble, so when others have trouble, we can comfort them with the same comfort God gives us. 2 Corinthians1:34.
God Bless You. Stay strong.
Adrian de Bruyn2008-11-08Praying for you. May our heavenly Father strengthen you at this time and always.
Pablo Garcia2008-11-07Eric, I believe in an all powerfull and all mighty God. Keep your faith in him and know that you have so many people out there putting in a good word for you before our lord. I can't say I know what you are going through but I can say I believe God is the doctor of all doctors and he can perform that miricale you are needing. Profess you faith to him and believe and you will see that he will not let you down. God bless you, stay positive and don't give up no matter what. I will keep you and your love ones in my prayers. God Bless you
Tena Flippen2008-11-06Hello Eric! I have experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that God will give you this supernatural peace that only He can give. The doctors and nurses did not think I would pull through. God fully restored my body & soul. All things are possible with God. May we rejoice in what He is going to do in your life that will effect even those that you do not know. Praise be to God who loves us more than we deserve or can imagine. Love in Him , Tena in NC
Lily Tay2008-11-05Eric,

Nov 1 updates does pulled me down but then I am not going to give up praying for you. Because God is in control. As I return for updates...what a rejoicing news awaits! Eric, be strong and keep it up. The Lord is with you. Remember Don Moen's song "Heal me O Lord and I will be healed!" Do the possible and leave the impossible to our Lord.Amen

We will be praying for you and your family. You are very fortunate to have family and friends that love you so much. Keep strong and praise God.

Isnt God AMAZING... the report from Nov.1 to Nov. 4th....

Jesus is the healing Balm of Gilead and He is the Lord thy God the Great I Am, Our Physician. Hallelujah to the Lord Most High!!!
Rejoicing with you Eric...
Blessed be God!
Praise Jesus!
Thank You Lord!
Sandra Sipe2008-11-05Eric, I have read the latest comment on "The Garden of Praise" Web site. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord.
Jessie2008-11-05Dear Eric,
I pray and ask God to heal you completely and experience the power of a miracle working god. He is more than able. Believe and Thank God for the healing that is coming upon you.

"I am the Lord that healeth thee"

Love and prayers, Jessie
Zoraima Collado from Puerto Rico2008-11-05Hi i was looking for stuff to teach the kids at the church and i found this website, i will be putting Eric into my prayers and God is goin ti cure him we have to have faith in Him. God bless your familly.
Rachel2008-11-03Praying for you Eric.
2008-11-03Our family will keep you in our prayers. We have seen God do amazing things in the lives of His children.
Jay, Mindy, Rory, and Sage
Lorrie2008-11-03Eric and family, lifting you in in prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ! My thoughts and prayers are with you! May the love and peace of God be within you and surround you each and His loving grace touch each of you daily...
much love in Jesus
Linda Lawrence2008-11-02Eric,
So terribly sory to hear that your situation is not improving as we all hoped. Spoke to your grandmother Thursday and last night. I remember my mother as she was fighting cancer, so as I visulize you and your precious family, I am familiar with what you all are going through. My mother died in 1999. I also can relate, know that I do not know exactly how they are feeling, but feel that some of their feelings can probably be likened to those I experienced. My heart goes out to you and your sweet family. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I write the adult lessons for the Garden of Praise. Pat ahs spoken of you so, so many times. She loves you so much. Enjoy each moment you have with your family, as they do the same with you. You are fortunate to have such a supportive, loving family. Hope that you have a good day. Thoughts and prayers -
In His Service,
Linda Lawrence
Cheryl2008-11-01As a grandmother myself and also as a mother who has lost a child in 1986, I can identify with what you and your family are going through. I wish so much that I could say or do something that would take away your fear, but God can do all things. He may not choose to do what we want or what we ask, but He knows best. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Sandra Sipe2008-11-01Be strong Eric,
The Lord is the strength of your life.
Psalm 27:1
2008-10-28May God continue to have his healing hands upon you I have read your story and I know God to be a healer and he is a restorer to them that diligently seek him. he said if mt people who are called by my name humble them selves turn from their ways then will he hear from heaven and heal their land. I believe God has heard the prayers of the rightous you be blessed.
Rachel Price2008-10-26Dear Eric and Family
I use this sight to get lessons for my bible school class and found your prayer request this morning. May God be with you during your time of need. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Best wishes from Rachel. Quinland WV Church of Christ.
surendar2008-10-25I just found this site and its my first time visit here.. actually i came here for some music lessons.. but i read about him.. There is nothing to worry.. God is always with us...
Cathy Avery2008-10-25Family, Friends, and Eric,

I just "stumbled" on this prayer request in the Children's Bible Lesson website as I am preparing a children's message for this evening's worship service (in Japan). You are all in my prayers.

We always start our children's service with: God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. In children's worship tonight we will lift you, friends and family up.

May God bring you comfort and peace in knowing that He is in control.
Lily Tay2008-10-24Dear Eric,

Whatever you are going through, God is with you. I pray the presence of the Lord, His strength and comfort, you will experience...God loves you....all who were led to this site and committed themselves to cover you in prayers loves you. Every moment you are being covered by prayers and by God's loving protection. If God is with you who can be agianst you. Eric...fight victoriously in the Name of Jesus! Let no fear creep in. Stand up in the Name of Jesus. I pray you be out of ICU and in good condition.Amen
2008-10-23Dear Eric,
We are praying for you. May our merciful Father in Heaven surround you with His healing, love, and peace.
Sandra Sipe
Doris Culbertson
Blake Banta
Virginia Rittelmann
Amy Hogan2008-10-23Hi Eric,
I came across this site while searching for homeschool resources for my children. I don't believe it was a coincidence; I believe I am called to pray for you and to gather others to pray for you as well. Please know that I will add your name to our homeschool group's prayer list, our church's prayer list, and I will ask all of my friends here in Georgia to likewise add you to all of their prayer lists as well. From my family alone, you will be on prayer lists in San Antonio, Texas, Jackson, Mississippi, and Marietta, Georgia. May God continue to bless you and keep you strong as you battle and ultimately win this war with cancer.
I came across this page today and I want you to know that my prayers are most certainly with you. Facing such life altering circumstances can often leave even the strongest of faith in despair, but God is faithful to be our strength in times of weakness. Remember, Eric, that before God formed you in the womb He knew all the circumstances of your life. Wherever you go on the journey of battling cancer, God is with you. The battle is the Lord's and having trusted Him as Savior please take stregth know that whatever the outcome: you have victory through Christ! Praying for you, Rebecca
Mary2008-10-19Dear Eric, I will keep you in my prayers for a complete healing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You are on my prayer list and will be placed on our altar at church and prayed over each Wed. nite at prayer mtg. God bless! Mary
Lorrie2008-10-16Stopping by to say you are continually in our prayer Eric and family and grandma!
much love in Jesus,
Sandra Sipe2008-10-15I am not sure the first comment went through. I pray for your strength to uphold with all the medications. I pray for the Lord to heal you so that you can be a witness to others. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;and they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31. I pray that you have great peace and that scriptures are read to you or on CD's or tapes. Be well. Eric in Jesus mighty name.
2008-10-13We found your grandmother's site while looking for Bible lessons for our homeschool and want to let you know that our family will be praying for you. God Bless, The Suriano Family
Hamilton Cruz2008-10-12Today I woke up broken hearted because it's my wedding anniversary and me and my wife are not together. I went online to find some music to lift up my spirits and found this site. I realized everybody needs some sort of support, I pray that God will heal you and bring you and your family comfort. God bless you and be safe.
Tricia2008-10-12"With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26

"Thy faith hath saved thee" Luke 7:50

May God build your faith during this difficult time. Keep your faith and be prayerful. Our God is a loving and an awesome God.
Chelsea (age 11)2008-10-09Dear Eric--no matter how many people are in the world God will never forget you. God will help you through every step of the way. My children's church group will be praying for you and we hope you get better! Be strong and don't give up!
Deborah2008-10-09Eric--just remember, the pain we suffer on this earth is the result of sin but God will never leave us. May you feel God's love & presence through this earthly trial. Through your daily battles may you feel uplifted by the knownledge that others are praying for you, those you know and love and those of us you do not know. May God bless you and keep you till the day when we are made whole with a perfect body,mind and soul.
Lily Tay2008-10-07Dear Eric,

I was looking for a particular song of comfort but the Lord leads me to click at this site and got to know of your condition and prayer request by your grandma. I just want to let you know that from today, God has added another prayer warrior to stand in the gap. Keep the good fight and be strong. May the gracious hand of the Lord be upon you. You may not know me but we clearly knew in Christ, we are one in God's family. So my brother, keep your eyes on Jesus. God bless.
Cynthia2008-10-07Veronica, think its a nice picture. I am praying for your family.
He'll be fine no matter what happens.
Jasmine Stewart2008-10-07I just got done reading about what has been happening to your grandson Erick. He is now in my prayers and i hope he will get better. Also i will pray to god to give him the strength to pull through this disease and difficult time..

May God Bless You!
Tamara Griggs2008-10-07I read about Eric and want to let you know that will pray for him and I hope he recovers without any problems. I know that God is watching over him and your family. I know that if you pray and ask him for help he wil help you. I hope God will bless and watch over you.
Ciara2008-10-07Dear Eric and Family,

I hope that Jesus can give you and your family the strength to make it through this. I know that this is a terribly hard time for you guys but ,Jesus will always be their. Be strong and pray alot. You and your family will be in my prayers! God Bless!!
Jayla Lewis2008-10-07Dear Lord,

We are just asking that you up lift Eric and his family. We know that you are the one to come to in the time of need, and we know you can heal Eric and his family trough this hard time.

P.S- Eric we are praying for you and we will continue to check on you.

Get Well Soon
Dont Give up!
Yohanes Lee2008-10-07Sorry you have to go threw all of this, but hopefully it all works out. I just know if we pray God's plan will work out no matter what happens. Just stay strong all of you and it will turn out all right in the end.Just remember God is watching over you at all times and all the time. Well hope you have a good one and don't forget to PRAY._ :)
briauna Crawford2008-10-07dear lord,

please help this family in there time of need please help eric smith with his time of need please heal him so that he could get back to doing normal things that he loved . umm lord i ask that u give him the strength so that he could go back to work so that he could start back geeting his mind back so that you can heal him so he can go back to worship like he wants to instead of being up in a hospital he can be where his heart drives him
in your name o lord we ask that you heal his mother and his fater

in your name
Kennedy Coopwood2008-10-07Dear Lord, I just ask you to be with all those who are ill and need your protection and healing. I ask that you just stand by Eric and help him to stay strong and continue to watch over him and bless him through all thats he's going through. I just pray that you send and angel to get him through this difficult time in his life and assure him that he is not alone on this and he has many people praying for him and looking out for him and thinking of him everyday. Thank you Lord, and it is in your hands that we say, Amen
Kaliq Jackson2008-10-07Dear LOrd please be with the family of Eric Smith. Please help him recover so that he can do the he loves. Please help him when this is all over to never let this problem come back again. Please help Eric to get back to phsyical and mental health ask this in your name AMEN
Derrick2008-10-05Heavenly Father we pray in the name of Christ our savior. In the name of Jesus forgive of the sins I have commited. If your will is our hope and faith is that you would touch the body of Eric with your healing hand. Father we pray this be if your will permits. In the holy name of Jesus. May all that we do, all that we portray, every word that we say be for your glory. Faith in Jesus, Hope in eternity, only through the love of your son. We pray this AMEN>
Linda2008-10-03FATHER, I ask that YOU would cause Eric and his family to have their hearts enlightened so they would know what is the hope of Jesus' calling, what the riches of the inheritance is in them and what is the surpassing greatness of YOUR power toward them who BELIEVE. Cause faith to arise in their hearts and touch your heart today.
Spare Eric and make him a praise to YOUR NAME in the earth....Amen
Lorrie2008-10-02Dear Heavenly Father, we just lift Eric and his family up to you O' God. Father in the name of jesus Christ we ask that you do a mighty healing work here Lord God, for there is nothing too impossible for you Lord Jesus. Touch Him mightily in the name of Jesus from the top of His head to the bottoms of his feet as we plead Your precious blood of Jesus christ over Eric right now Lord God and in the name of Jesus you are the great Healer the Great I AM in Jesus mighty and precious name we are asking and believing for a miracle Lord Jesus, we believe by faith in Jesus Pecious and holy name name. Praise You Lord Jesus, We give You all the glory Father God in the might name of Jesus. Flood this family and Eric with Your mighty peace and love and grace and keep them ever so close to your bosom Father God. In Jesus name amen and amen! We love you all and are praying and interceding here....daily ....You are so on our hearts daily! We play the song and Eric and we lift you and all up in Jesus precious Sweet name!!!
much love in Jesus
Lorrie and Paul
2008-10-02Dear Eric and Family,

The Lord is forever loving and merciful!! We will pray to the Lord for your speedy recovery and please continue to believe in Him and the many miracles that have been taken place everyday!!

With love,
Kelly and Family
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2 October 2008
Becky2008-09-23May the Lord Bless you and your family. You all are in our prayers!
2008-09-23May God Bless you Eric during your treatment. I also teach CCD and my students and I will pray for you to have strength, courage and a sucessful treatment. I currently work beside a friend at work who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer for the 2nd time.
Joyell Dowell PA

2008-09-20Dear Eric,

After reading this you are now in my thoughts and prayers on a constant basis. I pray to God that you recover. Please do not feel alone. We are praying for you. Don't be scared. Trust in God.

Joe and family in Taiwan.
Donaldson, AR2008-09-17Dear Eric,
This was very sad. Im an High School kid and I was working on a report when my friend saw this page. I looked at it, read it and understood that God was there beside you the whole time. He was watching and blessing you. I hope you never have that trouble again.
Malvern, AR2008-09-17I think there are two reasons Eric made it through that. 1, he is tough. He believes in God and he loves him. 2, God knew that he had a family that loved him and knew there would be pain if he let something bad happen to Eric. God Bless Eric and his family!
Shirley Perry2008-09-12I pray your grandson will recover. It's so tragic when young people are stricken with this dread disease. My thoughts and prayers are with him. May God bless him and his family.
Peter Gringhuis2008-09-10Dear Eric and Family.

Whe pray every day for your recover, and think about you and your family a lot. Whe keep on praying, that God will give you many years, and much happyness.

Peter and Belinda Gringhuis
the Netherlands
2008-09-10Eric, I ran across your story while surfing the web. I am an elementary school librarian. I to pray for your healing, and for your spirts to be uplifted. God has HIS eye on you... and others who don't even know you, care.
Be encouraged... and hang in there!
-Shirley 9-10-08 California
Belinda Daniel, Chattanooga, Tennessee2008-09-07Dear Eric and Family,
I was looking for material to use to help teach our children's church lesson. My daughter who is 21 teaches the children each Sunday during the adult sermon. She is an example that God still heals. At the age of two she also had cancer. There were no records of another child surviving more than two years of her type cancer. We choose to use an experimental treatment through St. Jude Hospital. The treatment has left her hearing impaired, however, that does not keep her from learning to talk and sharing God's love with the children. She is now in college and often quotes "With God all things are possible." I hope her story will bring you encouragement.
John Shoop2008-09-03Eric and Family-
You and your family are in our prayers and have been listed in Prayer Books at our Church and my mother-in-law's church in Colorado. I work with Bill Wandell @JKH & Co. God Bless and Keep you and GIVE ALL of YOU the GRACE you so richly deserve to help through this most difficult test.
2008-09-03Eric, I Know we may be strangers on earth, but we are brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. Know that you are not alone. I pray that God may give you strength. Begin to speak healing words over yourself. Proclaim them and believe for them. I pray that the Lord may strengthen your faith to believe. For we know that Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.
Mandy/age 33/Edcouch-Elsa, Texas
Tina2008-08-29Hi Eric,

I am an old college friend of your dad's, and I knew you when you were very young. The last time I saw you was in 1978, if that tells you anything! BUT . . . I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have witnessed the Lord healing someone in a miraculous way, and I know He is able. However, I am reminded of the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Old Testatment. They told the king that they knew their God was able to deliver them, but even if He didn't, they wouldn't change any of their choices. If you live your life that way, you have nothing to fear . . . no matter what happens. Peace & healing to you . . .
2008-08-29Hi Eric,

I hope your doctors will have( and take ) the time and inspiration to find a cause for your desease. Then let them be lucky, to choose the right therapy, so you can live your life.
We just saw us 1h during my visit of your mother. I'm a cousin of Billie from Germany.

may god help you on your way

all the best Wilfried
Brendan2008-08-28Hi Eric! I work with your Dad in Plano, TX. I am sorry to hear about your illness. I have enjoyed reading the guest book and journal. It is obvious that you are loved and that you are a tremendous inspiration to those around you. It also sounds like your family has a strong faith which is a blessing! Never forget that miracles happen every day - you deserve the very best care - we will be praying for you and for that miracle. Many blessing to you!
Christina2008-08-28I am so sorry to learn about your illness. Your picture attracted me as it reminded me of my son who is studying computer networking. I wanted to encourage you and your family as you cry out to God for your healing. God does hear and answer prayer. He will guide you in your treatment and He knows best. Listen quietly as He speaks. This may seem like a silly analogy, but we had a little goat doe have a bad time this year with her kidding. She became very ill and the vet gave us a poor prognosis. We prayed and acted in her behalf as the Lord directed and she is still alive and doing better day by day. The vet was amazed! The Father's eye is on the Sparrow and He watches over you. You are far more important to Him than Sparrows or Goats. Fear not!

God bless you through this time of trial.
Carla Jorge - Brazil.2008-08-28Eric,

You will be in my prayers, I can imagine how is beeing painfull this treatment, you have support from your family and friends, you are not alone . We are praying for you!

God Bless you,
Carla Jorge - Brazil.
Rhonda Smith2008-08-27Eric and Family,

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Draw your strength from the Lord and those close to you. They will help you through this time. I have always heard nothing but kind things about you and I know that you are very loved. My prayers will continue for you and your family and I will share this prayer request with others as I have some all ready. Prayers do get answered. May God be with you all,
Susan Hairston2008-08-26Eric, what a beautiful picture of you, and as other comments state it shows your sweet and kind nature. I lift you up in my prayers each and every day.
I Corthians 1:1
I give thanks to my God always on your account for the grace of God bestowed on you in Christ Jesus.
I love you and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
Susan Hairston

(work w/ Bill)
Carmen Latorre2008-08-26Eric, I'm praying for you and your family. Keep fighting you do not know what God has planned for you. Our hearts will be with you and we will be praying, the Bible said that is a very strong tool. We wish you all blessings, so get well soon.
2008-08-26Dear Eric,

My brother, Harry, gave us the news about your illness.
You are in our hearts and we are sending loving prayers to you and your family.

Aunt Dottie & Uncle Don
Candy2008-08-26Eric, I am a friend of Dora & Joe Lee, and I live in Midland. There is absolutely nothing impossible when it comes to God. Please go to SidRoth.org and there are numerous healings of all kinds ... go to their archives of television shows and you can watch online. We will be praying for you. We also have a friend that was diagnosed with liver cancer last year, and was told to go home and get his house in order. He declined all standard treatments and gave it to God, but also started juicing fresh vegetables & fruits daily. He is totalley healed and has been for months. Absolutely no evidence of any cancer.

God be with you,


Candy, Steve & Tiffany
sue york2008-08-25pat. its sue york. i am so sorry about your grandson. i believe in miracles. so lets lift him up to GOD go r that miracle. i think about you often. and we can catch up our regular e-mail. if anyone deserves this miracle, it is you and yours. i will never forget how kind you were to me. i will lift eric up for his healing, morning noon and night. may GOD give you strength. love you pat.
Sydney Baker2008-08-25Dear Eric,

You joined our family when you were just a small boy and my heart went out to you then. I have many pictures of us at holiday time and you were so cute. The sketch by Veronica reveals you to be the sensitive and intelligent man I know you to be. You have already been through so much in your life I know you have learned many valuable and hard fought lessons.

I encourage you to fight the good fight and keep your faith. I wish you to know that I am having my church pray for your healing, comfort and peace. I pray you come closer to my Lord Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, the True and Living God, and our only way to eternal life. You are a precious person.

Aunt Sydney
Mansfield, Texas
Tree (Teresa Vierus)
Roscoe, TX
2008-08-23Eric hang in there just know that a lot of people are praying for you and your family... keep your faith.
Gilbert Roque
Corpus Christi, Texas
2008-08-23Hi Frances.. I will pray for you all. He will be in my prayers and I will pray for you to gain strength and be strong for your family. I am so sorry to hear the tragic news, but I will pray for Eric as god will bless him with his grace. Please keep in touch. I miss you all.
Rev. Martha Fahncke
Temple City
2008-08-23Beloved ~ Our God is an awesome God. Place your whole spirit in His hands. Keep positive people and strong spiritual music around you. Know that you are loved. Amen
Barbara Jane Banks
2008-08-23I was looking for Sunday School material on Elija and the Prophets of Baal and tracked through to the prayer request. We serve a mighty God, you have family now in Portugal praying for you. With Jesus we cannot be a loser. God's Blessings,
Cheryl Bray
Garland, TX
You and your family are in my prayers as you go through your treatment. Remember God does work miracles and lean on Him when you get tired.
Kathy2008-08-23Dear Eric, I had just finished reading a daily devotional that spoke of the need for each of us to encourage one another. I then came across the prayer request for you on your Grandmothers website. I took that to mean that I was to write to encourage you to continue to "press on" and fight, knowing that you are not alone in your battle! You have many on your side through prayer, and as a child of God, He is there, by your side, always and ever present... through surgery, chemo, doubt, fear. As you continue on this journey, keep your eyes focused and fixed on God and His ability to do "exceedingly, abundantly, more that we can ask or think!"
Keeping you in my prayers,
Jeffrey York
Mesquite, Tx
2008-08-22Dear Pat, I don't know Eric, but I remember you as a teacher at Dallas Christian. My mother, Sue York used to work with you I remember sitting in your classroom while she helped you grade papers. I am so sorry to hear about your grandson. He and you and your family are in my prayers, and I know that God can perform miracles and I pray that Eric will get better. God bless you, and Eric.
Nathanie Smith2008-08-22I hope Eric gets better.
Frank Bueter2008-08-21Dear Pat, Even though I don't know Eric, I know that he is probably kind and gentle as you. We have him on the prayer list at the Cottonwood church of Christ and will lift up our prayers for him as you requested.
Mary Gwynne Barker
Garland, Texas
2008-08-21my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and that you will be able to return to your job that you love so much and also that you return to full health.
Linda Lawrence
Garland, Texas- in Dallas County
2008-08-21My heart goes out to you and your family. Your name is definitely in each of my prayers. Your grandmother loves you so very much, can tell it in her voice as she speaks of you. Eric, wish I could meet you. But, should you improve to the point of being able to visit her- I would absolutely love to meet you. Then I could give you that big cowboy hug that I am sending. My husband is so sorry to hear of your painful condition. From what I hear, you have a fantastic medical staff. That is certainly a plus!!! But, what is much more important - you have this strong, loving family. Even better, you have a loving, caring, and ever-present God who knows your pain. Whenever I hurt, it is said not to be compared with your pain- I think of the pain that Jesus went through as he suffered and died for us. When I think of the pain he suffered as he bore the sins of all mankind, tends to make other pain so insignificant. This is in NO way said to try and diminish your pain. I am so sorry that you are hurting and you are in the painful condition that you are in. You also have so many prayers being said in your behalf- THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN PRAYER! May that give you and your wonderful family comfort. Heard of so much beauty in South Carolina. You have all that wondrous beauty to see each day. Can't understand how some people question God's existence, all they have to do is look around them. Hope that you have a great view in your room. Whenever you look at that beauty, please remember how fortunate you are to be there to admire it. Glad that your surgery was successful!!! Hope that the treatments are benefitial also!!!! It would absolutely be marvelous if they worked well!!! You and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Your sweet grandmother gave me a web page- God's Exquisite Garden. I really enjoy preparing the lessons. When my mother was in the hospital with lung cancer, I read to her many times John 14:1-6. Those are such comforting verses!!! Also read to her Psalm 23, Revelation 2:10, and Psalm 46:1&2. How fortunate we are to know of the wonders of our Lord. He cared for the Israelites, He cares for the sparrows and the lilies- how much more will He care for us. Hoping and praying that all your treatments work well.
In His Service,