'Albert Einstein' word scramble
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  Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. He learned to play the violin when he was young. When he was very young he was slow in development. He didn't speak until he was two years old. His teachers thought he would never be successful at anything. His Uncle Jakob was a strong influence in his life. He gave Albert math books about algebra and geometry. He made learning fun for the boy and also provided a model for teaching that Albert would later use. Once a week his parents invited a poor medical student, Max Talmey to eat with them. Max brought science books to share with Albert, and they became good friends. His family moved to Munich, Germany where in elementary school he was the only Jew in a Catholic school. He was bored in high school. Einstein convinced the school to give him a certificate in math so he could get into college. They complied because they wanted to get rid of him. After a year in Italy he went to Zurich, Switzerland to study at the Polytechnic Institute. He failed the entrance examination and had to spend a year at another college before returning to Zurich. Up to this point his life had been rather unremarkable. After college he took a job at the Swiss Patent Office examining patents for people's inventions. The year 1905 was an exceptional year for Einstein. In that year he published three outstanding papers. Einstein spent hours experimenting with electromagnets. In 1933 when Einstein was visiting in the United States, the Germans stole his property and took away his German citizenship. He spent the rest of his life in America. After a few years he became a U.S. citizen. At the end of his life Einstein was a lonely man. His wife Elsa had died and his health began to fail He died at the age of 76.


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