'Anne Frank' word scramble
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  Anne Frank was born to a Jewish family living in Germany in 1929. The Jewish people suffered under the rule of Adolph Hitler. The family moved to the Netherlands. In 1940 the Germans invaded the Netherlands and began to arrest and persecute the Jews there. The Jews feared for their lives. The Franks had to go into hiding. The hiding place became known as the Secret Annex. The first thing they did was make curtains to prevent anyone from seeing in. Eight people shared the hiding place. There were four people who helped them during the two years and 30 days they were in hiding. The people in hiding had to be very quiet when the warehouse workers are at work downstairs. The Franks had brought school books for an extended stay and library books are brought to the group weekly. They spend a lot of time reading, studying, and working correspondence courses. Anne writes in her diary. She creates an imaginary friend "Kitty" with whom she shares her innermost thoughts in her writings. Sometimes she writes short stories. On August 4, 1944 the people in hiding were discovered. Someone betrayed them and they were captured. Anne's diaries were scattered all over the floor. Her friend collected them and Miep kept them. The eight people are taken to a transit camp. On September 2, 1944 their names appear on the list of people to be moved. They are put on freight cars and three days later they arrive at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Those who could not work would be killed in the gas chamber. Anne and her sister Margot are transferred to another camp, Bergen-Belsen. They both become ill there and die of thyphus in March of 1945. After Otto learned of the death of his daughters, Miep gave him the pages of the diary she had been saving. He had the book published in many languages.


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