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  Annie Oakley was born to Quaker parents in Ohio. After the death of her father she had to go to a "poor farm". From there she was loaned out to work for a family, but they were very cruel to her. She was reunited with her mother when she was 15 years old. One of the favorite pastimes of that age was attending shooting matches. There she met and married Frank Butler. She and Frank started traveling together giving shows. . She sewed modest costumes for herself. Frank stepped aside and let Annie have top billing. They took a job with a circus. She was hired to perform in Buffalo Bill's "Wild West Show". What a show she put on for the crowd! She could shoot a playing card turned sideways no less, and split it in half. The Indian chief Sitting Bull wanted to adopt her as his daughter. He gave her the name Watanya Cecilia which means Little Sure Shot. The Wild West Show was taken to London and there she met Queen Victoria. Thomas Edison invited Annie and Frank to make a test movie with his new camera. In 1891 Annie was injured in a train wreck. Her spine was hurt, and she was no longer able to do all the things she could previously do. She left the show. A play was written for her and she starred in it. In 1903 a burlesque actress, trying to capitalize on Annie's name, claimed to be Annie Oakley. The woman was arrested and people thought Annie had done a lot of bad things. Annie had worked hard for years to have a good reputation, and this woman by impersonating her, was smearing her good name. She fought to have her name cleared. Annie Oakley died at age 66. Some think she may have died of lead poisoning due to the lead in the bullets she used for years.


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