Grandma You Brought Sunshine To My Life!

Written by Elton Smith

Here is a song you can sing to your grandmother. Both of my grandmothers have passed on. Hopefully they can hear this from heaven. Grandma, what do you think? - Elton, March 26, 1999


(Banjo Introduction)

(Verse 1)
You were born in times more simple than now:
Horse and buggy, mule and plow.
Having nothing, having family and fun.
Every Sunday in the church you would sing,
To the Lord your praises bring.
Thanking Jesus for the rain and the sun.

(Chorus 1)
And as you grew you learned to pray.
You learned to walk in the narrow way.
You learned to sacrifice,
And give where there was wanting.
You met a man who shared your love.
You raised your children through God above.
One child gave life to me,
And that is why I'm singing you this song.

(Short Banjo Solo)

(Verse 2)
Later on now you are feeble and gray.
'Round your feet my children play.
You tell stories of a time long ago.
Precious moments we are able to share
Bring a happiness so rare.
There is one thing that I want you to know...

(Chorus 2)
Grandma you will always have my heart,
Though we say goodbye, we never will part.
We will meet again some day,
With joy, in the heavenly city.
I can see your love in my children's eyes,
I can hear your voice in their gentle cries.
You are living on through them,
And someday we will gather by your side.

Grandma you brought sunshine to my life!

Copyright © 1999 Elton Smith

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Leann2014-07-10This sounds like a really good song
faye barnes2008-07-06my children's grandma just died and we will be using some of these words at her funeral next week it's very touching
Shirley Blake2008-05-22This is beautiful. I see so much truth in this and I understand what you are saying - since we share the same grandmother. she was truly a remarkable woman who touched many lives. I still miss her and look forward to seeing her again in heaven.
You have a great talent.
dorothy de2007-12-05i'm a great great grandma and i love this song thanks
2007-11-16nice beat and very chearful
I like it
Kris2007-07-18Great song I realy love it. I am looking for a song to sing to my grandmother at her 90Th birthday. Souns good