I Love You Jesus!

Written by Gilberto Barreto
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This beautiful waltz was written by Gilberto back in 1996. The piano score was created by John Tolson in Scotland. You can hear Gilberto singing this song and playing the guitar using the RealAudio link below. - Elton, August 16, 1998


I love you Jesus!
You were born for me.
I love you Jesus!
You died for me.
My sins you bore on the cross.
And your wonderful grace reaches me.

I love you Jesus!
You were born for me.
I love you Jesus!
You died for me.
I give you my heart and my praise.
In your arms I will not be afraid.

I love you Jesus!
You were born for me.
I love you Jesus!
You died for me.
I'm anxiously waiting for your return.
What a glorious day it will be.

(Repeat entire song)

Copyright © 1996 Gilberto Barreto

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Carol2015-02-18Wonderful words, beautiful music.
I love it!
2013-10-04Sooooo Wonderful, I wish I could buy it in England
Dennis2009-07-18I absolutely love it!
June Strasser2009-06-28This is my favorite song. It says it all in a simple way. I listen to it everyday sometimes twice a day but definatley before I retire for the evening.
Nina2008-10-30God bless you. You are doing a wonderful work of Jesus Christ our Lord ans saviour.
Lu House2008-09-19This song is sooooooooooooo PRECIOUS !
2008-08-09This is a wonderful song! I love Jesus too! Thank You! Our God is So Beautiful!
Cinzia2008-08-08This song is really wonderful! God bless you!
vine2008-08-05Music can really touch the heart of men. May God continually bless the Christian music ministry for the furtherance of the gospel. GOD BLESS YOU gifted musicians and singers for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Stacie Spielman2008-07-30Whoops! I spoke too soon. I found the midi after sending a message asking if it was available.

I'll be putting it on the Christian page of my website at articlesandbooks.com. Thank you so much for making it available.

Stacie Spielman
Stacie Spielman2008-07-30This song brught tears to my eyes. I would love to have the midi to put on the Christian page of my website. Is there any way I could get it?
Pat.2008-04-06Hi - Strange that one of the visitors should mention how much she loves this song...I heard the instrumtal for the first time yesterday as well, & fell in love w/it....now that I'm looking at the lyrics it is absolutely a beautiful song. Thought it's the kind of song that would easily cause one to step out in 'faith' and fulfill God's purposes for life...truly amazing!..Have a blessed day!.
Alicia Yaliweisei2007-07-25Oh my gosh, this is an awesome song. It really touched my heart where it has never been touched before. When I die, I want this to be at my viewing. May God Bless you!!