I Thank You Lord

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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I hope everyone is enjoying the music. God bless you all. Larry wrote the lyrics again. Check out his popular web site for more midi music. - Elton, February 10, 1998

Languages for this song:
Chinese, French, Spanish


(Oboe Introduction)

(Verse 1)
I thank you, Lord, for loving me
though I was stained with sin.
For you came and died upon a tree
that I may live again.
I thank you Lord for promising
a home in Heav'n above,
Where I'll see Your face and offer praise
For Your abiding love.

(Chorus 1)
You gave your life to ransom me,
To break sin's bond and set me free;
I'll never cease to sing Your praise
For all eternity.

(Verse 2)
I thank you, Lord, for giving me
The strength to live each day,
As I seek to live my life for You,
And walk the narrow Way.
Lord, when I fail, I know You're there:
You promise not to leave.
With Your guiding hand, once more I stand;
Your mercy I receive.

(Chorus 2)
Your love is all I'll ever need.
By grace alone my soul is free.
I'll praise you while on earth I live
And all eternity.

You gave your life to ransom me,
To break sin's bond and set me free;
I'll never cease to sing Your praise
For all eternity.
For all eternity!

Copyright © 1998 Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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Elijah2012-07-02Simply beautiful.
sandy2011-11-19jalieth needs a hearing test. The song is beautiful.
jalieth2010-05-06this is the worst song i have heard in my life
vanz gonzaga2010-04-16Im happy to red and hear the song its give us hope that god is always their for us.thank you for composer who love to inspire people thru thier music .good job
2009-10-13Comforting message, thanks for your talent
Rocky2009-02-03I thank you, Lord for this beautiful song this wonderful talent of the composer and this message it brings out. Thank you
Rod Douglas2008-11-16Truth, in love for us.
Finney Thomas2008-07-17It is indeed a beautiful song and I plan to have a quartet sing it. But I could not find an option to listen to the song.
Jose2008-04-18Beautiful song. I absolutely love it. Perhaps the only problem is that the key's too high for my voice, lol.
Flabour2008-02-24Thank you Jesus !
mohan2007-12-22thank you god jesus
2007-12-17Thank you so much.It is a beautiful song...I would like to have the piano score..
2007-11-28Thanks a lot! The song made me feel a bit sad and nostalgic. I really loved it!
2007-11-13This song is really nice. I like it. Good job!!!!
P.A.Taylor2007-10-15This is a great song. I've learned many of your songs and use them in my personal devotional, morning and throughout the day. This is one more I've included. I am greatly blessed when I used my voice to sing along with 3 of the instrumental CD's I've purchased. God bless you.
Lucienna2007-09-24Lovely pleasant tune.
Joyce Norris2007-09-04Thank you so much for this song ! It is beautiful. The lyric's are so true.
Mrs. B. O. Akintunde2007-08-19I really enjoyed the song. It focused my mind to know how to appreciate God and meditate about His goodness.

Thanks so much for this wonderful song.
2007-05-06beautiful. Praise the Lord
srinivasa Rao.Kanchumarthi2007-03-15Very Great this song is