Written by Rick Founds, Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Links to contributors: Rick Founds, Paul Gentry and Azimuth, Rhesa Siregar

Rick came up with the great lyrics. Rhesa wrote the music and made the wonderful midi file. Paul and I wrote the melody. Be sure and hear the great studio recording by Azimuth. - May 20, 2004.


(Verse 1)
As the eagle flies on the wings of morning
Like the sun that rises in the eastern sky
With a voice of praise and a heart that's overflowing
I worship You the living God Most High

You're my Lord and my salvation
You sustain me with Your light and life
With my voice I join creation
In the adoration of the living God Most High

(Verse 2)
Like the clearest stream on the highest mountain
Rejoicing as it winds it's way to the open shore
So within my soul flowing like a fountain
Are songs of love from my heart Lord to Yours

(Repeat Chorus)
You're my Lord and my salvation
You sustain me with Your light and life
With my voice I join creation
In the adoration of the living God Most High

I bow to Your will Lord
And with humble reverence
Worship You only
There's no greater thrill
Than to be in Your presence
And know that You love me
What a wonderful mystery

(Repeat Chorus)
You're my Lord and my salvation
You sustain me with Your light and life
With my voice I join creation
In the adoration of the living God Most High

You're my Lord and my salvation
You sustain me with Your light and life
With my voice I join creation
In the adoration of the living God Most High
In the adoration of the living God Most High

In the adoration of the living God Most High
In the adoration of the living God Most High
In the adoration of the living God Most High

Copyright © 2004 Rick Founds (ASCAP), Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry (BMI) and Elton Smith (ASCAP)

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2023-08-06I like this song very much and play it frequently on my keyboard.
Michael2017-03-19LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST Thee GOD of abraham isaac jacob is thee RIGHTEOUS way Amen
Obrirhe freedom2017-01-24Wt u mak hapen 4 others heaven mak hapen 4 u as u hv time 4 him he wil hv
Gary Potratz2016-09-15I hate some songs that repeat a lot but not this one. You can't say it enough! Thanks for such a powerful song.
2016-04-08Thank you , Lord and Savior. You alone deserve all praise, glory, and honor. I sing this song to you Lord.
Renae forbes2016-01-01For your my lights and my life
Pavithra2015-05-12I love this song very much....i love u jesus
renae forbes2015-01-23In the adoration Lord must high
emmanuel2014-01-14its a master piece i love it
Leslie2013-10-28i love the's totally inspiring!!
Keep the good work.. God bless your ministry
Charles2013-02-18I just listened to the version recorded by Azimuth. What a wonderful rendition of this beautiful song.
catherine2012-12-03i love its so blessing and feels like worship i love it
kyle joy nicole2012-06-05
Margaret2012-05-05Thank you so much for this great music of praise!
CeL2012-04-08super duper ;like this song ^^
God Bless u alL
.. i wilL use this soNg to
our church
Sharon2012-04-03Wow, thanks for the great song and may God bless u.
maricon2012-03-31I really like this,,
very inspiring
Clark2012-03-21 Nice Song Thanks for a good song God Bless You
Chadie Marge2012-03-20God be ever praise.I am so much blessed by the message; and coupled with the melody, this song compose with God in mind to glorify Him.
vijay2012-02-18It appears good song. God bless you.
Rena2012-01-12Absolutely beautiful and uplifting. All positive words.......making it one of my all time favorites. The focus is right and it is a wonderful song of praise!
Leah2011-09-18Praise God for this soul inspiring song!!!!
ezekwem wisdom2011-09-14very inspirational
2011-08-17very meaningful song
Evelyn Baena2011-08-15I like it very much
2011-07-26very nice Song
airica2011-06-26ilove this song very much. it makes happy
Gerald2011-06-25美好的歌曲.Thank you
josephandrews2011-06-16He is my saviour...all in all my life,
Athena vhance2011-04-13I LOVE this song... very very very very very very much....
vhance From philippines
Geethu, India2011-02-02this is simply awesome.. great song..
Linda S.2010-12-31I love this song! Wow!
krelek2010-12-01um..... i think this song is great.....
cherriemae santos2010-11-10wow!!!!!! amazing...God Bless u
Catherine2010-11-04Why is that cristian songs sound better in english (russian and german church songs are too though)and not in French ?!
I ll play this one with my guitar,of that I m sure.
2010-10-12It would be helpful if the piano score also included the lyrics.
Ruth2010-07-31Great inspiration!Lyrics was from deep within the spirit of adoration.
kate2010-07-25I love this song....I hope that you will continue to write beautiful songs for God that will inspire people.
stephanie Faye2010-07-15I love it so muchh...
susie2010-04-19Hi, this is a wonderful song, such strength in your beautiful vocals, really glorifies the Lord, thank you so much for sharing this song.
P Samuel2010-04-05Hi our God has given you a wonderful voice use it for his glory. Great song and Great voice. praise.
Patrick2010-03-11Very Beautiful song.I like it. keep the work of our Lord Jesus. God bless all of the moment I am working in the Maldives. I can't say in words how it waking me evry day when I am alone.Thanks
Dr.Bil; Bangalore, India2010-02-06hi to the entire team,
just wanted to let u know that i learnt this song from my eight year old daughter...well she was taught in their school and they (School choir) sang it for a graduation is a beautiful piece of music.God bless
Chinenye Peace N.2010-01-18This song has ministered to my spirit and brought out the deepest yearning of my heart to express great worship to my king. More grace to you guys, my church must listen to this!!!
edna2010-01-17very nice song, keep up the good work, it was very nice that i found this site for praising god.the songs is very devotional
nylanna282010-01-04Praise Jesus for this song.. i feel so much blessed after hearing and watching this song.. To all the songwriters, composers in this site, may u continue to be a blessing to others. And may your purpose be guided by our loving God most high!! God Bless everyone :)
robbin2009-12-21By this song really we can adore our Beloved God praise to God for this song. I am very far away from God But I feeled very closer He is
victoria2009-11-20Thank you so much for the gift shared. God is to be praised for such wonderful works that glorifies his Name. It is a very inspiring song. I am a true Catholic and an adorer so I was attracted to the title, not knowing there's more than the title to see.
2009-09-23a very overwhelming song
Ilah/Omar Cornejo
Mariveles, Bataan
2009-07-15A Beautiful song. Great for Adoration and praise. Thank you.
Peter Gakuya2009-06-28The Song is Lovely. Praise the Lord for this Talent.
I played it over and over again,
2009-06-05beautiful music
Chalz2009-05-22Wonderful song...
2009-04-17GOd bless you dear.Amen
Mariya2009-04-08WOW!!! I love this song! Very beautiful,very! Keep up the good work and God bless you!
hiruy2009-03-28this is a song which exalts the is fantastic song.i'm blessed.thank you
George Kutty2009-03-20Very good
Al Jackson (Sound System)2009-03-07Great song, I Love the work you are doing.God Bless all of you. Thank you for your songs, I use them before and after Church Service.
Arup Das2009-02-25Lovely, Awesome. All the praise and glory to the Almighty God.
Christi Eapen (india)2009-02-15May the good GOD strengthen you with more talent for the making of inspiring songs.
Danson2009-02-14Good works! keep it up. may God bless you all. Thank you for making it available for everyone to enjoy.
Thanks to Lord God.
George2009-02-12May The Lord continue toinspire and blessyou guys
2009-02-08Just wonderful.Thanks be to God.I just love it.
Kenrick Ohid2009-02-01bless the holy name of jesus. God bless you for this wonderful site
regina2009-01-26my God bless u elton for this wonderful site...woow!
2009-01-17This song is really nice,i really enjoyed listening to it!!!!
Tony2009-01-08Excellent. Thanks for making it available to us here in Pakistan.
Abedneju2009-01-02God Bless you.
2008-12-26waoh that's beautiful indeed
art2008-12-10I'm so bless there's christian music that touch our heart reach us out even we're here in saudi arabia.
ALEX JEFRI2008-10-04wow! pleasing and amazing
Boxley2008-09-30Wow, this song so expresses my own testimony! I was just greatly blessed by listening and watching the beautiful pictures.
Kathy2008-09-21heart rendering! Beautiful.
2008-09-03Alleluia! Praise to God!
This song is really amazing, it not only touch my heart but it did feel with holy spirit with the almighty father..
God Bless..
2008-06-29A very good effort to praise the almighty , the divine power . very soothing song feels as if really we in the holy presence of our God Jesus Christ . I am a true catholic and surely recommend this hymn to be included in our prayers.
emmanuel2008-06-07God bless you brother in Christ
Carol2008-05-28I feel excited whenever I play and meditate upon the verses of this song.
May the Almighty God continue to empower you for his good works.
Alice C. Harris2008-05-26Simply beautiful! I love the creation of God. It speaks valumes and the songs about His creation you sing comes fm. your heart to Him. I have finally found songs of praise to our God that i can use when i am praising Him in my quiet time. There are christian songs and their are praise songs yours have the seal (anointing) of God's approvel. Thanky you soooo much!!!!
May the Lord keep blessing your minestry as you are a blessing to others with your gift.
steven rao2008-05-25I belive that day is going be a great day for me, the song as inspired me alot. praise the lord onece again.
Denise Jones2008-04-20AWESOME Draws me Worship and adore the Lord Most high. Thankyou
Denise Jones2008-04-20I Absolutely Love this song. I think this song is So beautiful it deaws me into Worship. How Great is the God whom we adore. The words just touch my heart the melody is just so warm and rich.It brings a new awareness of the Awesomness of God as we see His creation in all its Glory how can we NOT Give him all the Adoration and Glory due to His Mighty Powerful Name.
BRO.ANTONY2008-04-20wow wonderful, its great, makes you feel you ARE CLOSER TO GOD.

juliet2008-04-19wow its lovely is just lke heavenly song.i love to listen to it every second how GOD is WOUNDER
Ruth2008-03-12I really love to listen to this song. Builds up my faith. The Lord is my strength and my song ............
May the Lord bless you
Gerald Green2008-03-01Is it possible to get a copy of the Adoration flash movie? If so , please tell me how.
Thank you,
Kathy2008-02-21I often have a heart full of praise, love and thanksgiving that my words cannot adequately to express. Today was one of those days and this song says it all. Thank you!
hannah2008-02-14thank JESUS for this wonderful song..praise ye the Lord..
melbin2008-02-10nice song i love it!!!
Barbara2008-01-10THIS IS AWESOME!! I've tried making things like this in Flash, with no success, but I'll let you do it :) Thanks for sharing this inspiring video!
Timothy Ricks2007-11-17I like the song. I play the guitar and I love the lead sheet it's cool when I play it. I am 12 and love the songs you make.
2007-10-26Remain Bless may Our Lord Jesus Christ inspire you mor and more

Ann2007-09-25Thank You. It was great and has a wonderful message to the Lord. Ann
john R wilkinson2007-09-16I have been playing this song over and over and really fell in love with the lyrics.
2007-09-14its a great song...
Cindy Gilmore2007-08-27Our Deaf church service were awesome with flash movie "Adoration" thru a projector. It is so beautiful viusal and inspirational song! And it is perfect for Deaf people to enjoy the flash movie, Thank you!
2007-08-13A wonderful praise to God. Thank You!
Pam Wyant2007-08-01This song gives me chills evertime I hear it. I can feel God's spirit running through me. One of my students said it brought her to tears, good tears. Thank you.
sinead2007-06-23this song is my fabourite, i sang it with my choir at school it is so inspiring!
carolyne2007-06-19this song is so inspiring and also it reminds me that we were created to worship the lord most high. Wow! i like it i feel like singing everytime.
Anthony Khanh LInh2007-06-19Thanks for your song. God bless you.
Loralie2007-04-16This song was sent to me via email by a cousin. It blesses my soul everytime I here it. I am going to learn it and sing it in my church. Thank God for giving you this song!!!
Sharon2007-04-04This is truly a beautiful song! Well done! And to God be the glory! May He richly bless you in your work for Him!
2007-04-01i really want to hear the song
Rebecca carpenter2007-03-20Elton, I really like "Adoration." It is an excellent song and I really enjoy the music and vocals! Nice flash movie too.
P J Joseph2007-03-14Dear Friends in Jesus,
ADORATION makes us very very happy. I am going to learn it by heart and sing it at suitable occasion.Sincerely do I thank God almighty and you brothers and sisters behind this melodious and mellifluous song. Yes a little melody can cure a great malady. May God bless you all.
Bella2007-02-26This song has really touched me, I play it every morning before I start work. Both lyrics and melody are really beautiful. Please keep up the good work...
Elaiyel2007-02-25"Adoration" has a beautiful melody and inspiring lyrics which could only be enhanced by a chorus singing it in harmonies. May God continue to bless and inspiring the composers and lyricists involved in this piece of music.
Joyce2007-02-23Its such a wonderful song. It brightens my day every morning I play this song. God bless you as you minister His word through these songs.
Ophelia2007-02-21Great Musicians of God. I leave you the impression of God's work of art in your hands. God bless.
jean nherisson2007-02-18i love jesus
Dominic2007-02-12Its a lovely song whic makes one feel like the doors of heaven are nearer.Praise be To God. Amen
mmabuese2007-02-12the song adoration lift up my spirit each time I listen to it. it bring me closer to God. it is a wonderful song to start off a day.
Craig2007-02-11Your song Adoration is fantastic I am suprised I have not heard it on Christian radio it has the quality to win a Dove award! This song is just Great.
Lea (Helsinki, Finland)2007-02-02Wow, what a wonderful song this is: great lyrics, beautiful melody and a glorious recording by Azimuth. I´m so blessed and encouraged by this song right now. I thank God for all of you, Elton and friends :)