Kingdom Hymn

Written by Tim Barber

Tim sent me this praise song to put on Songs of Praise. Be sure to hear the recording. - Elton, March 10, 1999


(Introduction with Fade In)

In the kingdom, tears will be forgotten
In the kingdom, pain will be no more
Then will our eyes behold the world's salvation
Then face to face we shall behold our Lord.

Black and white, and young and old together
Shining bright, redeemed from sin and shame
Joined in one Spirit; one in voice in purpose
One in our worship unto Jesus' Name.

There will flow the river of rejoicing
There will grow the fruit of love and peace
Then will the overcomers teach the nations
Then will the reign of Jesus never cease.

(Change key)

Peace will reign upon God's holy mountain
Lamb and lion lying down as friends
Then will creation know its true fulfillment,
And join in the dance of joy that never ends!
We'll join in the dance of joy that never ends!
We'll join in the dance of joy that never ends!

Copyright © 1995 Tim Barber, Papa's Music.
All Rights Reserved

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e.l. smith2013-09-14I could listen to this all day~~~ The words are wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Looking foward to that awesome day with JESUS!!
Goldie2009-07-16Very beautiful both words and tune.Keep blessed
2007-11-10Great lyrics. And tune!
2007-09-28Good song...good song. God bless