I Want To Be Like Jesus

Written by Elton Smith and Gilberto Barreto
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Here is a simple song for children. I wrote the music and different lyrics for my children. Then Gilberto and I rewrote the lyrics to be more meaningful and uplifting. - Elton


La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,
La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,
La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,

I want to be like Jesus
and live each day for Him.
I want to be like Jesus
and keep my heart from sin.

So lovingly he watches me
and teaches me what I should be.
So joyfully I give my heart
and live each day for Him.

(Raise key and repeat verse)

(Raise key again and repeat verse)

And live each day for Him.
And live each day for Him.

Copyright © 1997 Elton Smith and Gilberto Barreto

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Al2013-08-28Please reupload the song. I can not listen to it! Thank very much!
SUMIT GHOSH2008-06-06The melody is so nice,I love it, I mean I really love it.Thank you for the song.-- Sumit
2008-01-04the melody is so nice, its good for fellowship and children.
Cathy2007-11-27I Love it. I mean I realy love it! Simple, Sweat, Loving. . . Message is perfect. Melody is catchy.
Janny B2007-06-12Thank you for the song. Our children's ministry in solomon islands are singing the song and the kids just love it. thanks for uploading it. its easy for us to spread the joy of Christ with other kids.
God bless......
Nelah M. Miado2007-05-15I like the song for my kids. Thank for uploading it and can be downloaded free because I'm financially poor. I don't have any money to buy for an original one from the market for my kids to use. God bless...