Long Before You Knew Me

Written by Steve Israel
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I often reflect upon the spiritual blessings that I have in Christ: Forgiveness, Salvation, and eternal life, to mention just a few. But of all the earthly blessings God has bestowed upon me, there is none greater than the gift of my wife, Barbara. When I first began to follow the Lord, one of my most ardent prayers was that God would give me a companion especially prepared for me. He answered my prayers! And as time goes on, I become increasingly more aware that God wants to answer our prayers concerning the deepest longings of our hearts, as long as doing so gives Him pleasure as well. Although "Long Before You Knew Me" could be considered a "love song" in the traditional sense, it is really much more than that. On a different, higher level, it speaks of the love that God has for each one of us: He loved us before we knew Him, and we love Him only by virtue of Him loving us first! And it is because of His love, He has a plan that is unfolding for each of us as we walk with Him daily. - Steve, October 9, 2003



I am so thankful
For what the Lord has done for me.
Oh, I am so very grateful,
And I will say it openly.
Many gifts and blessings
I've received in my life.
But one stands out among all others:
You are my wife.

When I was searching
And longing deep within my heart,
For someone to share my life with
Who would never, ever depart.
You were that someone
God chose for me.
Oh, I loved you before I knew you.
Long before you knew me.


You were that someone
God chose for me.
Oh, I loved you before I knew you.
Long before you knew me.
I loved you before I knew you.
Long before you knew me.

Copyright © 2003 Steve Israel

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Renae2017-04-03Thank God for this song I really love this year 2017 many gifts and blessings I have received in my live today
Renae forbes2016-02-12Yes i love u before i knew you long before i knew you so true is love song wedding song you were that someone god has chosen for me .
renae forbes2015-11-08I really love this song very much the word of this song say oh I love you before I know you long before I knew you and it sound like a wedding song so beautiful
maria2011-08-03I love the words of this song."Long before you knew me".so very true.
God is amazing and works wonders in our life.
2009-02-04oh i really love this song....
Merwyn Samson2007-12-20One among the few best songs I've ever knew. God bless the creator of this song. Has all the words that one would want and wish for in a song.
Grace2007-09-19the song is real and so blessed, i actually sent it right away to my fiancee right after hearing it the first time. Im thinking playing it to our wedding soon. God bless everyone!
Emma2007-03-20I love this song..it reminds me of my husband when I first saw him I knew God has chosen him for me...praise thee for he is real and God almighty.
2007-02-21very meaningful