The Love Of God

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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Larry and I wrote this song with a country style. Hope you like it. - Elton, March 9, 1999


(String Introduction)

(Verse 1)
The love of God, it cannot fail.
The will of God, it shall prevail.
The Word of God forever stands.
Yes, I am safe within His hands.

I have no fear of death or hell:
I know my Lord, He knows me well.
His Spirit seals my heart and soul;
He'll see me safely to the goal.

(Verse 2 - with fiddle accompanyment)
I call Him Lord, He calls me son.
The chains of sin are all undone.
Now free to live, and free to serve;
Such love is more than I deserve.

The Master of the wind and sea,
Proclaiming life and liberty.
Providing peace in place of fear,
I cried to Him, and found Him near.

(Verse 3)
This world, I'm only passing through
Till Jesus comes and makes things new.
Till then, I live to praise His name.
All else is loss, for heaven's gain.

Today by faith, one day by sight,
I see the Lord, my soul's delight.
The One who came and freely gave,
My heart to win, my soul to save.
Yes, Jesus came and freely gave,
My heart to win, my soul to save.

Copyright © 1999 by Larry Holder and Elton Smith

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Miechel2017-04-30The song is incrediably beautiful i Love it
Ted2009-08-23This song has wonderful words and very easy to sing. I love it.
Johan2009-06-25This song is a winner
m.george2008-12-08I liked this tune very much.But unfortunately this is not made an mp3.Can you help make it mp3 for download?Thank you
donirhey noval2008-10-30i like it! continue to praise our lord!
Rejoice2008-10-08wow you guys are really good and i hope you continue to progress in being children of God.
Deborah Johnston2008-05-03I just taught this to a Ugandan preacher and sent the music home with him...your music travels all over the world...God bless you
EdiBell2007-04-07I found you all again. My son is now 8 yrs. old now, and in January of 2000, he sat on my lap and would kick his feet in time to the music of this song.We just played it for him after all this time, and I just happen to still have the words and showed them to him and he is planning on learning it on the piano and singing it in church. Please keep up up the great work. I have missed you guys, and am glad to be able to listen to you again.
Aldo Kraas2007-02-03This song is very good
I love the beat to it
Linda2004-05-02Thank you so much for this song. It is MY song! Of course, there are others which you have written that are MINE, also. I had been sick for months and finally went to the doctor. I was told I had a brain aneurysm and that if it ruptured I would die. I had to have brain surgery. I was 57 years old, this past June, when I had surgery. I was very sick and in a coma for several days. I knew very little for some time afterwards. I did not know my name, where I was, or if I was married, or had children. I was so scared! I could not remember much, but I remembered God loved me. I did not know myself, but I knew God. The other amazing thing is that I remembered several of your songs. When I was so afraid, wondering what was wrong, and not understanding anything, I understood that Jesus loved me! I had little chance of living over the craniotomy, but I am alive today! Thanks to Jesus. Thanks to you, I had something very special. I believe that God used your music to bring me comfort. I belong to a Survivor's Group and we are selling shirts to raise money for research, so please ignore that, but if you would like to look at what I went thru, please look at the bottom of the page, I did not put any pictures of me with tubes in every place, with my head bandaged, of me on life support, or anything like that. I was in critical care 5 days, then went to ICU. I was very, very sick. I am alive today due to the love of Jesus. Your music helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I am so glad that I visited your site over the last couple of years and that I had downloaded some of my favorite songs. It brought me peace. Thank You!
Marilyn2007-02-02The music is incrediably beautiful.