Into Your Hands

Written by Rich Buquet
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Here is a recording of a wonderful song by Rich Buquet. Rich was pastor at a church we attended in Plano Texas. - Elton, May 14, 2005

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(Verse 1)
Into Your hands I surrender
All of my hopes all my dreams
All I ever long to be is in Your hands
All of my fears all my sorrows
Pleasures and joys this my theme
I commit all that I am into Your hands

The hands that took the nails upon that rugged tree
Are strong enough to shelter shield to carry me
The hands that took the nails upon that rugged tree
Are strong enough to shelter shield to carry me
Oh to carry me

(Verse 2)
Into Your hands I am trusting
Whatever the future may bring
Where You lead me I will rest within Your hands
All of my strengths all my weakness
As long as I've breath I will sing
I commit all that I am into Your hands

(Repeat Chorus)
The hands that took the nails upon that rugged tree
Are strong enough to shelter shield to carry me
The hands that took the nails upon that rugged tree
Are strong enough to shelter shield to carry me
Oh to carry me
Yes You carry me
To carry me

(Instrumental solo)

Into Your hands I commit all that I am
Into Your hands

(Repeat Verse 2)
Into Your hands I am trusting
Whatever the future may bring
Where You lead me I will rest within Your hands
All of my strengths all my weakness
As long as I've breath I will sing
I commit all that I am into Your hands
Yes I commit all that I am into Your hands
I commit all that I am into Your hands

Copyright © 2002 Together Forever Music / ASCAP

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2020-10-24Love this song, thanks for making it available
Raquel Ledesma2020-07-06En tus manos esta confiada mi vida...y me hace descansar en sus manos...
olaoye yomi2018-06-06Very nice song and its a song that awaken me to worship Jesus the son of God.
Renae forbes2016-01-01 into your hand i am trusting yes into your hand
Joe2015-11-14Nice worship song
joumana2015-11-11Blessed be your Holy Beautiful Name.

My Lord and my God I trust in you. Amen. Hallelluiajh!!!
renae Forbes2015-04-03When they see the nail hand 4
Febi Thomas2015-03-20It touched my soul... Thank u for this wonderful song.. I love my Jesus.. Thank you lord..
Pammu2015-02-02!!Song made me cry..........but i'm filled with joy...
renae forbes2015-01-23Into your hand I surrender
All of my hope and all my
All my heart
lisa2014-10-09Beautiful inspirational song. Lift your hands praise God for he is real. The guitar in this song is amazingly clear. my daddy played the guitar. i can see him playing this song in heaven with the glory of GOD. That where daddy is now. This song will humble the soul.
Burnie Samoszewski2014-09-15 I really needed to listen to this song. I never even heard it before but the Lord knew that this is exactly what I needed at this time..Thank you so much..
Susan2014-07-13Such a lovely song filled with the HOLY SPIRIT! I would like to request the piano score for this if possible.
Debbie2013-11-08It's been a few years since I first heard this song and it still touches my heart today.
love2013-03-07Very touching and it makes me cry
Bodmax2013-02-18hmm...nice and inspiring!
Sandra Cuaron2013-01-03This is wonderful song.Thank you so much it touch my heart.God Bless you.
Abel2012-12-09hermosa, maravillosa la gloria sdea para el Senor
MARIO CARUANA2012-11-28'Into your hands I surrender...'

Leaving ourselves into God's hands implies trusting in God's providential care.

God is a caring father and as a caring father God wholly knows our profound necessities of our heart and the deep thirst of our spirit to reach eternal happiness. As St. Augustine proclaims, we were created by God and it is only in God that we can really satisfy our thirst for happiness.

The more we get closer to God, the more we get closer to ourselves and to other people. Believing and trusting in God is a necessity that helps us to look at the world around us and within us and reflect on the dignity of the human being within the context of the entire creation as designated by God.
Susman2012-07-17good,it's a beauty to worship HIM.that's all.
tysheana weatherspoon2012-05-14that was the most beutiful song i ever heard it made me cry.
Anne Jayaraj2012-04-26A beautiful & meaning hymn....touches the heart!
Joseph2012-04-22A beautiful song. It touches your heart and lingers in your ears......
God bless Rich Buquet and his team. May they keep touching hearts always..
belinda2012-04-06lord unto yout hands,,, i surrender to you all...
maricon2012-03-31Glory to YOU my LORD!!! when i
heard this song,I feel more safe dnd better knowing that I have a LORD who can protect me.GOD BLESS US ALL
kayla2012-03-08 those are tears of joy because that was an awsom song i will now show all to hear ....
jeff2012-03-06i love this song!!***** GOD truly blesses those who love HIM,it is evident you do ma HE continue to bless yiu!
Leo Mathew2012-03-02Great ....Keep up the good works
God bless you
mejhor2011-12-07its a very wonderful song excellent. praise God
Lisa2011-11-26Quite a moving song based on a emotional meaning.
neethu sara jiji2011-11-18a very nice melodious and meaningful
Annie2011-10-10Really a nice song
Kelly2011-10-04Hello: I just wanted you to know just how beautiful and meaningful this song is. I saw my best friend for the last time today and this song just reaffirms that she is now more in His hands then she ever was. Knowing this makes it easier to let her go. Thank you
Cathy2011-09-29<3 diz song!!!
KimchiLvr2011-09-05So soothing! A spiritual breath of heavenly fresh air! Great voices! Great praise for our Heavenly Father! He must definitely feel proud!
Alicja2011-08-29This song is beautiful! :) God, I surrender into Your hands!!
Catherine2011-08-10My dad and I would love to sing this song in church. If there was a way to purchase the accompaniment track we definitely would!
lenybelle2011-07-22I'm super super bless with this song,can't count how many times I play it..Yes Lord to You I surrender all!and I choose this in a special number during our Sunday service.
wilfredo jr2011-07-12amzing song!i love this so inspires me to leave to god what i have left to live
wilfredo jr2011-07-12ilove the song so much,it touches me so much.i just listen to this song if i have burdens inside me nd truly i surreender to him whatever i have left for i only have few years left to live bec of some illness.i feel no worry to die early bec i have him inside me..thank you god for giving me few years ti live..
Ann Marie2011-05-31This song has touched my heart and soul and has brought tears of joy!SING PRAISES TO ALMIGHTY GOD! AMEN!
norine2011-05-23love this song give me streght to carry on
Mary2011-03-16I am really bless by this song .
Will2010-11-24Into Your Hands is my theme song. When I am in my distress and sadness I find strenght by singing and listening to this song. That's how I feel God is near and will never live me and forsake me as He promis.
jhen2010-11-08i very much thankful for all the songs of praise.. it made me feel so happy inspite of all my trials in life..
2010-11-05it's one of favorites.. i really lke the message of this song.
Lauren2010-10-13into your hands is a song that makes you feel good about being apart of God's family. It brings joy to you.
VIJU PRAKASH2010-10-03INTO YOUR HANDS is so melodious to listen,you really feel like to sing along with the song,my sons like this very much even my younger one who is just 4 1/2yrs tries to sing this in his broken english.Elder one(11yrs) likes this very much he hums when he listen to this.I have even told my brother,father and my relatives about this.
John Clement2010-10-01Its beautiful its touches the heartbeat of ones soul we forget our creator is above watching guiding helping us in the storms of life beautiful great inspiring for giving and showing jesus cares for evry person on this planet.when i hear this song, i feel that i'm in a middle of an adoration, May Almighty Shower His Highly Choicest Blessings on YOU!.. ....
Frank Potempa2010-09-26I liked it. Very soothing good instrumentation a good song for a small group of young and mature.
Joan2010-09-13It sounds beautiful but too muddled up with the round coming lose the words...hard to understand.
laura2010-09-10what a blessing and joy this song is to me!
robin2010-09-04I really do like this song. Very pretty
Rebecca2010-06-05God bless you. Indeed this is a spiritual song
felix2010-05-31the music is strong spiritual,and emotional,great work for the church of god, thanks, and god spiritual blessings is upon you , amen.
sherin2010-05-25A beautiful song. This is what a true christian needs to do.
Ellen2010-05-13This song is amazing and beautiful.
2010-05-08Reviving song. I like it
Isele2010-04-13Hi this song is inspiring and wanderful
Antonio2010-04-07listening to the song i really feel i'm in his hands
thanks for all the hands who gave this wonderful song a life in the net... touching the lives of many..
grace2010-04-04hi im grace i like the song very much i feel am bless.thanks for the song.
John Barretto2010-03-22Hi, this song is very very beautifully sung. Would like to know if the midi is available so that I could sing and give praise to the Lord.
freesia2010-03-16i feel very pleasant when i listen to this song
chris2010-03-13thanks for God, he is so merciful that he gave you such a blessing song. God bless you. i live in kenya and i do request you to send a soft copy of your other songs so that i may lean then and teach others.
Bro. Ogie2010-03-08hi! Do you have the midi file of this song, because i want to study this song and share to my Marriage Encouter Community. Rhansk and God Bless Us,
MaryAnn2010-02-08This is a beautiful worship song and should be sung by every christian body that truly loves JESUS
Tim2010-02-04This song touches the very fabric of my soul placed there by the Holy Spirit! I am certain Jesus loves it too!
vijay2010-01-09so good
Michael2009-12-28I enjoyed the song and the parise intent very much. May the Lord continue to inspire you and your friends to help others enjoy worhsip.
letchumy2009-12-22awesome song..God you are my success without you im nothing..really im in HIS hand..wonderful song..praise the LOrd
Judi2009-12-21Awesome words & pictures without the music TOO LOUD to hear the words--which is my common complaint about chiristian music these days!! Thanks for your dedication to our Savior Jesus
2009-12-15 i love it so much
loke lily2009-11-22our Lord is a lamp of our life , when u fall, he'll hold on your hand................ GOD BLESS
MALCOLM2009-11-07Beautifully relaxing music
Jim2009-11-07Very beautiful song...Into Your Hands.
Is the accompaniment CD availble to purchase?
Shony2009-10-16Amazingly beautiful and touching song. I praise my savior Jesus Christ, for granting wonderful lines to dear brother to write this song. The Chorus "The hands that took the nails upon that rugged tree; Are strong enough to shelter shield and carry me" cannot complete singing without tears of joy. Yes those hands will take us home all the way. May Christ enable brother to write more songs that can change lives.
ramil2009-10-12This song was discovered by me accidentally for i was searching a diffrent song of the same title. and guess what it's like that i found a valuable treasure, rightly fitted to sing after the message for Oct 29 2009 in our church that i'll be the vessel by the Lord. Praise Him and God bless you for making this song that full of trust and worship to our Good & wonderful Lord Jesus.
Donna2009-10-10Absolutely beautiful
2009-10-03is the church still open. Can not find any worship times on website
Maria Camp2009-10-01Thank you for sharing this song. Psalm 31 was the inspiration for the name of Into Your Hands, a charitable organization that I started to help orphans in Uganda. This song will continue to inspire me when I feel I don't have the energy and strength to do my very best for the most vulnerable. Thank you.
2009-09-20 love this song so much.
Mike Oliver2009-09-18Love the song. I would like to know if the midi file is available so I can teach my choir the song.
binoy thomas2009-09-07The song ,"in to your hands",touched my heart and soul.
Angelito2009-09-04what a song of worship. i am blessed. can anybody help me to download this songs. thanks a lot God bless
ronie2009-08-11That was gift from God we have to use it to glorify and to bless Him. And then God will bless us.Praise God nice song..I am bless..
Aida2009-07-17What an inspiring song! It refreshes my heart and soul! God bless your gift even more!
Aida2009-07-17I am touched by this song, it refreshes my heart and soul! God bless!
Cecil2009-07-15I have been blessed by this very fine song. The music and orchestration are just heavenly. Thanks for all that you have done to minister to all of us, but especially to those who listen very closely to the message in the song.
Danny Plews2009-07-15FIRST CLASS
David J Walters2009-07-12Beautiful song, wonderful words. Should be sang in every church.
anonymous2009-07-10this s0ng is my default song in friendster. I really l0ve it!!
jessie2009-06-07it's a wonderful and very inspiring!
Mary Lopez2009-06-04A wonderful song tht heals any wound...
claudia aliotta2009-05-20wONDERFUL SONG.THANKS FOR CREATED IT
Richard2009-05-07Great song God Bless
2009-04-10god bless you .
Alexis2009-03-26this song is on point!
anonymous2009-03-24a beautiful song!!!!.........completely into His hands i surrender.....
witha2009-01-31I love this song. A very comforting song. Thanks Songs of Praise.
Jacquelin Rosado2009-01-20I am a writer/director for skits, dramas, poems, etc. And my logo is a hand with the mark of crucifixion. I've been looking for a song that would capture exactly what my logo meant. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your title and lyrics, exactly what I wanted as a meaning. Could I have your permission to use your song for opening nights? Please advice. God Bless!!!
Melanie2009-01-18Strong adoration song for my Lord!! Beautiful
2009-01-05Last year I had a horrible wound in my heart and I listened to your songs, especially this one for 5 hours straight. I laid my heavy burden down and the wound began to heal. Now it is almost totally gone and I remember this song many, many times. I did like the other background better, though. It was so beautiful.
iris2009-01-01Its beautiful its touches the heartbeat of ones soul we forget our creator is above watching guiding helping us in the storms of life beautiful great inspiring for giving and showing jesus cares for evry person on this planet. a million thanks
kit2008-12-26hello! im maricris from Philippines..i really love this song..and you know this is the one of my really touch the hurts of a Christian like me..i really want to thank you for doing a good song..and i really appreciate this..anywayz we sing this song in our church and many touch the hearts through its song.. im 17 now..hope you do a more songs and deliver a good message from a beautiful harmony of music.. tnx..and God Bless!
noli2008-12-09thanks for this song,a song of praising the SAVIOUR KING the true life is in HIS hands
Ashish.2008-12-09This is really heart touching song...
julie2008-11-29for me it is my pleasure to joined this program.
aimee2008-11-16how is this song? and pls give me 7 song of praise because I need it.
Tanishia Gunasekara2008-10-26I have this song on my music file and want to thank u for posting the lyrics on the net so i can praise God everyday. i start with this song. it means so much and just wanna say i love this song. and i sing it for my Jesus!
God bless you!
P J Joseph Kumily2008-10-23Thanks a lot for this very wonderful song.Let all those be blessed who listen and propagate this song
shelley2008-10-12really this song is touching thanx 4 this beautiful song to inspire to love god more
Robbie2008-10-11This song is really "An amazing song". God bless the person who made this song. Shower your blessing O Lord, upon those who listen to this song and for those who share it with others.
I thank God for letting me know through my friend that this website did exist.
Thankyou Jesus…
My today and tomorrow is yours.
Lisa Atkerson2008-08-12I love this song and have introduced it to our worship team. We will be doing this as a special. How can we buy the video on DVD so we can use it to back up our team. We don't have internet on the computers in the sactuary. so we can't downloand the flash. Thanks Lisa
Judith Fabian2008-08-12The Lyrics of the Song is very meaningful, I am considering it to be sung in my daughter`s Debut/Dedication. It is indeed a Song for someone looking up to God for guidance. Praise God who is the Author of Music!!!
Rev. Vince Krauss2008-07-20Thank you for this uplifting song. As a pastor, I sometimes need a boost and I sure got one listening to this. My congregation is going to hear this too!

2008-06-21Thank you
Penny2008-06-11I love this song!!!
Lyn2008-05-02Thank you so much! I was surfing the web for some new age music I had heard and somehow I was routed to songs of praise website...The Lord knows my heart.
maria_noronha13@yahoo.com2008-04-19Beautiful job Sir. The television world is full of non cathjolic stuff. People like me long to hear and see some christian programmes on TV and internet. GOD bless you and your team for this job.
Louise2008-04-11A very comforting song !
K.GEORGE KURIEN2008-04-02very plesent to lezen when we are alone
george kurien criterion travels chengannur, kerala. india.689121
please contact me those who are in difficult to face any problum.
2008-03-27very nice song.
2008-03-21Thank you I used this for my Easter Card to my family & church family. I know they to will recieve the same blessed blessing I recieved.

& this blessing was so spirt filled from our Father. God Bless each of you & may you feel the feelings I am trying to capture into words. God bless you all & the web folks who helpped.

Pensacola Fl
Debbie H2008-03-21Thank you so much, this song brought me much comfort.
2008-03-20This is one of the most beautiful songs and video I have ever seen .. I love the voice in which whom sings the song . And the video just fits it so beautifully, Wish I knew where to find more . They are so very special.. Julie
2008-03-20This is very inspirational. It is a very beautiful song with a beautiful video with a beautiful voice.. Very strong and powerful message this sends.. Love it , Love it .. God Bless All . Julie . Wish there were alot more , more people need to hear things like this to become inspired .Thanks again Julie
Julie2008-03-20This was a beautiful video with a beautiful voice with a beautiful song.. So inspirational more people need to hear songs like these not even if they are in hard times . It just sends a very powerful message.. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT !!! Should make alot more .. Thank you Julie
Francis2008-03-16thank u so much for such a beautiful song.i praise GOD for giving us this song.i always strengthens me i am weak and discouraged.
To GOD alone be all the GLORY
CY Choo2008-03-15Wonderful! Inspiring! Awesome! I am blessed by listening to this song. Praise Him and His servents who composed, play and sing this song. Thank you!
Beffi (:2008-03-11ITS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy2008-03-05Wom! How this song ministered to me today and so beautifully described where I am right now-- seeking totally surrender from the one who gave his all for me. My heart weep in total surrender
Danny Thompson2008-03-03Awesome....what a blessing to hear the song. God is good ....all the time! This is perfect for the Easter Season as a reminder of all that God continues to do for us!
Diana2008-02-25This is a beautiful song...It gives me so much of peace...:) Praise the Lord!
Akmal2008-02-24I love this song!
luciana costa2008-02-20.I love this song, god bless you ,you me in good hands
Mrs. Kinch2008-02-12I work at the choir at mass in St. Anthony of Padua in the woodlands, tx. After I had heard this song, I decided to sing it at the church. After that day, everybody decided we definitly need to sing this at ecah Sunday mass! BEUTAIFUL SONG!!!
Lorelie2008-02-01i was depressed this time and i don't know what to do when i just started listening this song ..,as i continually listening Jesus showed to me whatever happened in my life he would never leave me.into your hands i am trusting, whatever the future may bring, where you lead me i will rest within your hands......HALLELUJAH TO THE KING...THANK YOU JESUS
renu2008-01-29Continue your awesome work of God. Before I start my work day every day, I listen to this song and it puts everything in perspective for me. Thank you and may God bless you
2008-01-13I found this such a loverly spiritual song of praise and trust in the SAVIOUR. May the LORD bless you and encourage you in HIS service,
an elder in a local fellowship.
Heinz Brenner2008-01-13Hello together, great worship, great song, thanks god for those songwriters
2008-01-03This is so appropiate for me right now! I was struggling with self-esteem and love issues and Jesus always saves me. I find solace in the fact that he holds me in His hands!
sharon reyes2007-12-26enlightening....truly we are secured in the hands of God....GOD BLESS YOU ALL...keep on serving the LORD...
2007-12-24God spoke to me by this song, I was in need it is just incredible. Praise God for this worship
Mariette D.2007-12-18I love the lyrics and the music. This is a very conforting song! May God continue to inspire you more!!!
vijay rapaka2007-11-22a very good song , its really making me so emotional
2007-11-07This song is Truly AWESOME. Can't listen to it enough. This song is very uplifting to the soul and the spirit.
Darius2007-10-18i am a Deliverance Minister and I love this song. It touch my heart so much!
2007-10-14The hands that took the nails upon that rugged tree are strong enough to shelter shield to carry me...
Its really touch my heart !! Thanks God for this beautiful song. Yuni Gabriel NZ
mp2007-10-13This such a beautiful heart felt prayer for me in times of challenge. Thank you so very much. God bless you for being available to Him and then sharing this with us.
Soulmate heaven 2007 Barcelona2007-10-07"INTO YOUR HANDS I am trusting,whatever the future may bring.Where you lead me I will rest within your hands.All of my strenghts,all my weakness as I've breath I will sing,I commit all that I am INTO YOUR HANDS".What a nice composition!Thanks really for sharing your gifts!!!GOD BLESS YOU.........
2007-10-06Simply beautiful
Almera C. Tagalicud2007-09-24Hello thanks so much for this very inspirational songs.Its really touch my heart everytime I heard & listen to this songs.May the Lord inspire you more in doing more songs for the glory of His name & to reach many soul!!!
Alana2007-09-22Thanks for this song. Our small church is just beginning and most of us are older. Trying to learn how to use the modern technology to bring great music to our members is challenging but I'll figure it out! If there's anyone out there that would like to teach me how....let me know
D.G.-Hfx, N.S Canada2007-08-27WOW ! What else can I say that hasn't already been said in previous comments. God's Blessing was with you when you wrote this music and lyrics,, And now God's continue blessing is upon us each time we sing or listen to this wonderful song of praise and adoration. Praise be to God!
Joyce2007-08-27This is so appropiate for me right now! I was struggling with self-esteem and love issues and Jesus always saves me. I find solace in the fact that he holds me in His hands!
Paula2007-08-10This song is awesome. It spoke to my heart the first time I heard it. Now I have to learn it at sing at my church. Thanks for your ministry!
cecile l2007-08-03What can i say. Powerful, the spirit fell the second the song started. Bless you for this song. I will buy this one.
Rome E.2007-08-02wow! what great masterpiece, i wanna create some mime dance on this song, and will make my young people present this to a crusade, its very inspiring, it ignites my soul, my love to God, found myself crying.
Ron Pflaumer2007-07-22This song is so worshipful. It embodies so much truth about our relationship with the Lord and how He knows best for us. He is truly wonderful.
cheon2007-07-14Great! this song makes me be within Lord's hands wherever I may be.
Vicki Victorie2007-07-12excellent beautiful praise to the Lord! This will become a classic that many will find hope and healing from the Lord through. God bless you in your work.
2007-07-03This song really touch my heart. CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE for church use?
2007-07-03This song really touch my spirit.
2007-06-30Great song. It says alot with few words.
June2007-06-28Hi, It is a song from heaven. It is really what I needed now. I felt secured and loved all over again by the Creator again. Thanks for writing this song.
Michael Green2007-06-19Absolutely good. Thank you and God bless. A pleased member of the public.
joan mullis2007-06-08Awesome, this song is such a blessing. It brings you right into the very presence of God.
PRATHAP2007-05-08I love this song... Thanx for giving this song..
Dan2007-04-28Wow, I was just trying to find the lyrics to a couple of songs we're doing in church tomorrow. Came across this song and it just touched me inside. Thank you so much!
Paul Newnum2007-04-26You folks have a great treasure laid up for you in heaven. You have given so much to so many people. I have song many of your songs in my church and will continue to sing the Lord's praise through music. You make it so much more enjoyable to sing the Lord's praise for what He has done for each of us. Again thank you for sharing you gifts and talents with the rest of us. May the Lord continue to bless you ministry.
Betty Melvin2007-04-15This is a beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.
I love this song. Thank you very much for what you do.
John Sundar Abraham2007-04-08Dear Saints in Christ,
Thank you so much for this great song. It has come as such a tremendous blessing to me and to my family at a time when we are going through some hardships since my Mum collapsed at church on the 25th of March. She has since improved very much in her health. This song had made a difference in our lives and has become our 'theme song' this Easter season. Thank you for giving so freely. You are such a blessing.
With sincere Love & Prayers,
John, Jennifer, Jethro & Joanna
PS: I am also interested in having this power-point presentation of 'Into Your Hands' without the audio backing so that I can use it at the Bible Society and in church. Now I hope that is not asking for too much?!!....Thanks in advance and a BLESSED RESURRECTION 2007 to all of you.
2007-04-08I love it! Its has make me feel like I'm in heaven already. Its really touch me!I'm about to give this song to my chuch so that we can praise the Lord through it too. Thanks for this lovely web site.
Luv B.S. Jasmine
Dave Gordon2007-04-07I am sitting here at 10:45pm on the Saturday before easter Sunday and I have played this song for the first time. It spoke to me after hearing the first verse. I thank you Rich
2007-04-01I have sat here for 5 hours listening to all your songs and finally I feel a great wound in my heart beginning to heal. I have heard the Lord saying to me to lay my heavy burden down and I have.
Amel2007-03-30I LOVE this song. It REALLY touched me deep and refreshened my spirit. ))) Thanks for sharing it!!! GBU!
Gary Potratz2007-03-24This song is so great. Thanks for making it available to help us all deal with the stress of life.
Juliet2007-03-16This very song really touched my life, i surrender all my sorrows and pains to him after listening to this song, now i am relieved. Not only that, i have taken my time to learn to sing the song, to minister to others who are also facing life challenges letting them to know the solution to their problems. God bless You all Amen.
maria2007-03-14beautiful song....may Almighty God bless you all
Ann2007-03-09I buried my only sister on Tuesday. I needed to surrender my sorrow to Him. Thank God for your site and this song. Only He can take away the pain of loss and give us hope to see our loved ones again. Praise God!
P J Joseph2007-02-05Into Your Hands ......makes us very very happy. We thank almighty God for inspiring you to make wonderful songs more and more. We are from Kerala State of India. I have already told many people about the website I am thinking to give very big publicity. May almighty God bless you all.Thanks