My Heart Beats At Your Command

Written by Lenny Smith
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Here's another song by Lenny. The midi was sequenced by Remy St-Hilaire. Listen to Lenny's recording using the mp3/wma links below. Be sure and visit Lenny's site, New Jerusalem Music. - Elton, February 27, 2000



My heart beats at Your command.
Ev'ry breath I take You say I can.
My heart beats at Your command.
Ev'rywhere I go, there I am.
There I am.
Ev'ry breath I take,
Ev'ry move I make,
Ev'ry word I say is subject to You...
You... You... You...

(Please see music score for explanation)

(Repeat Song)

(Fade Out)

Copyright © 1996 New Jerusalem Music

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Joe2017-08-09Hi Lenny,
Can we get together?
Remember when we worked on Resurrection Song play?
Renae2017-03-27My heart beat at your command lord beautiful song love this song very much.