Your Amazing Love

Written by Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Elizabeth Tolson
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We want to try all permutations of songwriters. :-) Here is one by Elizabeth, Larry and myself. I wrote the melody then sent it to my friends Larry and Elizabeth. They came up with the beautiful new lyrics. Be sure to visit their web sites for more great music. Yes, we did borrow one line from the old song Amazing Grace. - Elton, October 10, 1998

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(Verse 1)
Lord, I'm amazed by Your wonderful love,
So freely poured out from deep in Your heart.
Reaching to me in my deepest need,
Healed by the grace which You impart.

(Chorus 1)
You loved the world, You love even me;
Jesus, You died on Calvary's tree.
You loved me so, that by Your death,
No more condemned, I find new birth!

(Verse 2)
I stand in awe of Your mercy and grace,
Which cancels my sin, creates me anew.
I give You now, Lord, the whole of my heart,
I know Your love will see me through.

(Chorus 2)
Amazing grace - how sweet the sound.
My wand'ring soul at last You have found.
I turn to You, and give my life
And by Your grace, I truly live!

(Verse 3)
You are the Bread that rekindles my strength
The Water of Life, reviving my soul.
In You I find such an infinite peace;
Your love has made my spirit whole.

(Chorus 3)
Eternal life through Jesus the Son -
Love conquers death and victory's won.
Abundant life You freely give.
Amazing love: by grace I live!

In awe of Your amazing love,
I live through Your amazing love,
Thank You for Your amazing love!

Copyright © 1998 by Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Elizabeth Tolson

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Charlotte2008-10-30That is a very beauitful song. Thank You.
Aaron Tobias2007-12-05I have been searching for a song for the longest time. I have the melody in my head but I just cant put the words together. I can across your site. I have been looking at the song lyrics for "Your Amazing Love" I think that the chorus 2 looks familiar. My question is do you have a place for someone to listen to that song?
Thanks for your time.
Lori Horon from Coos Bay Oregon2007-10-15this song is BEAUTIFUL! easy to learn and sing. Thank you for sharing!
kim2007-07-20great song