Mystery Of Your Love

Written by LaVada Torzewski and Paul Gentry
Links to contributors: Paul Gentry and Azimuth

I have known Paul Gentry for several years. Paul and his group, Azimuth, wrote this wonderful song. Rhesa Siregar and I created the midi file. - Elton, April 13, 2002



(Verse 1)
How could it be that
You were kneeling there alone,
Knowing Your time was near,
Nearing death by the hands of those You lived for.
False accusations meant to put You to the stand
Yet in Your silence You defended Your plan for me.

Mystery of Your love
Showing me how to give without measure
Longing to know You
To be a true reflection of Your love.

(Verse 2)
How could You yield Yourself
Let us nail You to a cross
I cannot comprehend
Taking all the burden of a sinful world.
And still you cleanse me and You heal my wounded soul
I owe my life to You my Lord and so much more.

(Repeat Chorus)
Mystery of Your love
Showing me how to give without measure
Longing to know You
To be a true reflection of Your love.
Your love.

(Piano solo and false ending)

Mystery of Your love
Showing me how to give without measure.
Mystery of Your love
Showing me how to forgive without measure.
Words can't express all the gratefulness I feel
And I thank you for the mystery of Your love.

Copyright © 2001 Azimuth Music

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Danyael Dacanay2013-01-28This is really great it helped me in feeling and realizing Gods love for me this website had helped me through 12 years old until now a 14 year old.:-
june2009-05-02This song is really great whether you listen to Azimuth or just the midi file. Hope that more youth can listen to the song and really know the finished work that our Lord Jesus did on the cross and experience the mystery of His Love.
Yvonne2009-02-01It is awesome when you find these of songs. The words have brought much closer to my Lord and Saviour. The music, I can't explain, music always set the atmosphere for me into enter the presence of the Lord. Please continue to worship and love the Lord with your songs, He loves it. Thank you.
Melanie2009-01-18Georgous song
chas2008-08-06Jesus demonstrated his Love outwardly - dying on a Cross while we were yet in our sins. Should not we uncover the love he has put in our hearts toward those about us? Let's not hold it in...demonstrate it.
2008-02-03listening to the songs on your site have been a blessing. my prayer is that God continues to inspire you to do his work. we need such website .
Peter2008-02-01We are so blessed with your song, we always set it to repeat like forever...

My wife Edith is currently helping with the church choir, and would very much appreciate if you can allow us to praise the Lord with your song, by giving us a copy of the chords....

Once again, we sincerely thank you for sharing such a powerful song to all of us.

God Bless,
Peter & Edith
Elvi2008-01-23What an incredible song! Thank you, Lord for your love and determinations to dying for my/our sins and opening us the gates of Heaven. Forever Glory and Praise to you Trinity.
renae forbes2007-06-14wow!