The Whole World Turns In The Palm Of His Hand

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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It's time for something a little different. I wrote the music for this one, and Larry and I worked together on the lyrics. Believe or not, a fellow sent me email a few months ago asking for something in this style. - Elton, February 17, 1998

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(Short Introduction)

God bestows wondrous gifts
In the heart of every man.
In His image made,
By His pardon saved,
In the fullness of His plan.
With a free will to roam,
We choose heaven as our home.
He is waiting there
with our home prepared
As we journey to His throne.

And the whole world turns
In the palm of His hand.
There is beauty in creation,
There is wonder in His plan.
As we walk this earth,
Mountain splendor, oceans grand
All remind us of our Maker.
By His Word we understand
That the One to whom we call
Is Creator of all!

(Solo by wild eyed piano player)

(Repeat chorus)

Copyright © 1998 Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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Howard2011-02-21We used this song at church last Sunday with the midifile. We invited all the kids up, about 25 of them and gave them each a percussion instrument. The choir sang the song and the kids played their instruments. It was great, with and the kids having fun lots of good comments from the "oldies". Thank you.
Nancye2011-01-22What a joyful song! Love the music! Can't wait for an opportunity to sing it at church - at least 2 times!!
Ken2010-11-20Sound theology, good tune, and it always makes me smile as soon as that introduction starts.