Our God Reigns

(Isaiah 52:7; 53; Luke 24:5-6, 39)

Written by Lenny Smith
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You may have heard this song before. It was written by my friend Lenny Smith. Lenny sent me a package with several new songs, and this one. It's always been one of my favorites. - Elton June 26, 1999

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(Verse 1)
How lovely on the mountains
are the feet of him
Who bring good news, good news:
Announcing peace,
Proclaiming news of happiness.
Our God reigns, our God reigns!

Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!

(Verse 2)
He had no stately form, He had no majesty
That we should be drawn to Him.
He was despised and we took no account of Him,
Yet now He reigns with the Most High.

Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!

(Verse 3)
It was our sin and guilt
That bruised and wounded Him.
It was our sin that brought Him down.
When we like sheep had gone astray
Our Shepherd came
And on His shoulders bore our shame.

Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!

(Verse 4)
Meek as a lamb that's led out to the slaughterhouse,
Dumb as a sheep before its shearer,
His life ran down upon the ground like pouring rain
That we might be born again.

Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!

(Verse 5)
Out of the tomb He came with grace and majesty;
He is alive, He is alive.
God loves us so, see here His hands, His feet, His side.
Yes, we know He is alive.

Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!

Copyright © 1974, 1978 by L.E. Smith, Jr., New Jerusalem Music

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Yemi2022-12-11Thanks Lenny for this song that has been an inspiration for at least 20years.
Pray to shake your hands someday, either on this side or when we shall sing together at the throne of God.from Nigeria 11.12.2022
Ron2022-05-08This song has encouraged me over the years THANKS for sharing
Franklin2020-05-18I am familiar with only the chorus of this song long ago but Providence brought the full version to me today. What a wonderful celebration of Jesus Christ our Lord. Yes, He reigns!
2017-02-21We sing this all the time.
2017-02-21I love to worship with this song.
Renae forbes2016-04-23Yes our god reigns
renae forbes2015-10-19I love this song because it say that our god reign
2014-07-15Amazing song of worship and mind blowing spirit when sung from the heart
Lolly2012-06-13I heard this hymn at the funeral of Tommy Burns the footballer. I loved the tune and the words do something to me, wonderful
2012-04-17Great! I agree with the sentiments of the one who left the last comment I read. Until I went online I did not know there were more than 2 verses to this great song. I had heard those verses sung by the late Bob Cain. Thank you Lord! Thank you Lenny Smith.
Julia Bowen2012-02-17Plz can u make ur site more mobile friendly, i do not own a computer as i am a disabled person and live on very little money. I av been trying for over two hours to download musioc from ur site and it is proving difficult to 'catch' ur lists as they fly past failling to stop so i can view them. All i want is some music on my phone and i am not allowed that either!
dexter2011-01-01it stirs my heart
Joe Medrek2010-08-07Lenny, I love this song, but most churches that I have heard it sung in do not include the verses to the song.... only my God reigns! I think that does your song an injustice. The words to this song are simply powerful and fantastic.
2010-04-02AWESOME! I am very thankful for this song as we prepare for RESURRECTION SUNDAY 2010!
yanlet2009-11-21it is really God reigns. praise be the name of the Lord
dexter mckenzie2009-10-31I love this hymn/song
How true it is Our God reigns/Praise God
Carolyn T. K.2009-10-25I downloaded this gorgeous song from Songs of Praise when it was first introduced as an instrumental. Like several other inspirational songs from this web site, I often play it in the evening just before retiring for bed. It's one of my favorite among the newer Christian songs of today.
Thank you for sharing such beautiful and peaceful music to all of us in cyberspace.
God Bless!
Sweet Caroline
2009-09-08COOL ! ! more words than I've seen before. I like this version, pretty well. It's kind os a country version. Nice. Praise Him! ! !
Gail Detweiler Loubet2009-07-15Wow! I knew the song was from "way back" in the 70's! And Lenny Smith's name came right back to me.
Rick Grizzly Flats2009-03-15Wow!!
jim in canada2009-02-17beautiful absolutely beautiful
olabisiojo2008-08-23Listening to this song again after a few years warms my heart to true reverence, of the ONE who came to give all, as undeserving as we are. God bless LSmith for giving himself for God to give us this song. Amen
Winnie Wainaina2008-04-24This song reminds me that even if problems and difficult situations surround me I am not alone. MY GOD REIGNS. HE IS SUPREME,MIGHTY,ABLE & THESE SITUATIONS ARE NOTHING TO HIM. HE CAN THWART THEM AT A BLINK OF AN EYE BECAUSE HE REIGNS!!!!!!

Winnie Wainaina
sandy2008-03-21This should be under Easter Songs. JMHO. I am singing it this Easter. OUR GOD REIGNS!!!
Nchindo Mbukusa2008-01-25I love singing though with a bad voice. that does not matter. I enjoy listening to gospel music. this is one of those that keep reminding me that God is God. There is no substitute for Him.
carol;2008-01-06i enjoyed because it speaks to the spirit man confirmation/ declaration of OUR LIVING GOD!!!
Cathy2007-11-27This song never gets old. It is alive. It is anointed. So glad you gave an opportunity to hear and sing it again. Thank you.
Philips2007-09-15This is one of the favourite songs. It expresses in music powerful message on whose our faith stands. Our God reigns, He is alive and lives forever. He is greater than the greatest, and higher than the highest. He has no equal, and His majesty is awesome.

I am very proud to belong to HIM.