I Am The Resurrection

Solo by Jesus

Written by Elton Smith and Dan Zigler
Links to contributors: Dan Zigler, Steve Israel

This song was written specifically for a scene in our Easter musical Resurrection Song. It is sung by Jesus to His followers following His resurrection. Dan did a wonderful job on the midi and the music score. - Elton, January 15, 2000

Languages for this song:
Portuguese, Spanish


(Verse 1)
I rose up in the morning
To glory bright.
The chains of death are broken
I am alive!
Reach out your hand and touch me
For I am real.
I come to give you comfort
And I can save you:

For I am the Resurrection,
The Resurrection and the Life.
I have returned to you.
Yes, I am the Resurrection,
That reaches through the darkest night.
Go tell the world the news.

(Verse 2)
Fear not this mortal body
This earthly grave.
I know the very nature
Of all that's made.
I go to meet my Father
And to prepare
A home for you in heaven,
Please come and join me:

(Repeat Chorus)
For I am the Resurrection,
The Resurrection and the Life.
I have returned to you.
Yes, I am the Resurrection,
That reaches through the darkest night.
Go tell the world the news.

Yes, I am the Resurrection.
Yes, I am the Resurrection.
Oh, I am the Resurrection.
The Resurrection and the Life,
The Resurrection and the Life.

Copyright © 2000 by Elton Smith and Dan Zigler

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2011-04-10Praise God for this amazing song!!
Deloris2011-02-28This is a wonder song! I can't sing, but somehow, I put words with the music. This will compliment the Resurrection skit for my church Easter skit/program.
Angel2010-04-24I LOVE this song! It is so fresh and simple, yet special.
Roma2010-02-01Beautiful song!! Superb!
marjorie womack2009-04-15beautiful--inspiring--thank you
Sherri2009-04-05I fell in love with this the first time I heard it.
It is so soothing and restful. I am producing a sunrise service for our church and I will be using this as the offertory. So beautiful. Thank you so much.
2009-03-31simply wonderful and so fitting for the season.
Chantelle2009-03-12Absolutly beautiful! The Lord is comimg soon!
2008-03-25Wonderful. Thank you. God reward you.
Bobby Smith2008-03-20This song is truely a masterpiece of music describing God's most difficult task. Seeing Jesus tortured and murdered is more that I could begin to contemplate.

Elton, God truely is working through you to make wonderful music. I love "I Am The Resurection"
maria goretti2008-02-27may Jesus and mother Mary bless you all
Dee Blackwell2008-02-18The words are wonderful and refreshing... filled my soul with anticipation. It is beautiful artwork!
Mary M2007-04-06I gave this song to another person to sing at our church on Sunday. We had Maundy Thursday tonight and the wife of the singer commented they loved this song. Keep up the good work. I have always loved to listen to songs of praises. This one just seems like Jesus is near us even now.
panhia2007-03-30love how it sound cause it makes me feel like my burden is lift and i'm not so depress any more about things and i want to teach my youth how to sing this song for easter cause i want them to feel passionate when they sing this song
2007-02-17This is a beautiful song. As I was listening to the song, I could picture Jesus during his resurrection. The melody is easy to learn.
2007-02-17This song has a beautiful melody and is easy to learn. As I was listening to it,I could just picture Jesus during His resurrection.
Karen2007-02-13Such a beautiful song! I am going to use this song in my children's choir during Easter. Tune is very easy to learn. May teach it to my praise team also. Thank you for letting God use you in this manner.