Splendor and Majesty

(Based on I Chronicles 16:24-27)

Written by Ralph Merrifield and Lenny Smith
Links to contributors: Ralph Merrifield, Lenny Smith

Lenny sent me a tape containing this collaboration between himself and Ralph. I really liked the song and they graciously allowed me add it to this site. Be sure and visit Ralph and Lenny's web sites.
Maybe I should change the name of this site to 'New Everybody's Music' ;-) - Elton July 11, 1997

After this song was out here for several months, Ralph contacted me and asked if there could be a softer, more worshipful version of this midi created. This was easy to do, since the chords and melody were already stored in my computer. You can also hear his special version by clicking on the second midi below. - Elton November 15, 1997


(Short introduction)

Splendor and majesty are before you.
Strength and joy are in your dwelling place.
Mercy and kindness full of forgiveness.
Great are you Lord, honored and worthy of praise.

Splendor and majesty
Honor and glory
Holy are you, O Lord
Lamb of God.
Your love exceeds our fondest dreams.
Your power conquers everything.
Grace and truth flow from your throne
Awesome God, awesome God.

(Repeat song)

Copyright © 1996 New Jerusalem Music

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