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As I Gaze At The Stars

By Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Christa Ann Kaighn

CCLI Number: 2528317

This all started with a short poem Christa Ann Kaighn sent by email. I wrote the music and some of the lyrics. Larry adapted Christa's lyrics and added more of his own. Check out Larry's popular web site for more great music. - Elton, July 30, 1998
Many thanks to Rhesa for a second midi of this song. - June 1, 1999
Added an enhanced SATB music score April 16, 2000
Added a video October 26, 2020

Larry Holder Music

Silvia Fleming

Rhesa Siregar

Recording by Silvia Fleming

mp3 / wma
Accompaniment Track

mp3 / wma


(Verse 1)
"How do I know?",
Is what they ask of me;
How can I be sure
Of a God I cannot see?
Then I look up at the stars,
The wonders He has made,
And I cry out for joy
At the beauty He's displayed.

And He loves me.
The Creator of all
Really loves me
So simple and small.
As I gaze at the stars
In the evening sky,
I'm amazed at all I see.
And to think that the One
Who made the stars above
Gave His only Son for me!

(Verse 2)
When I look into space
the wonder in the skies,
I see beauty and truth
and a love that never dies.
And when I look in a drop
of water very small
There are worlds within worlds.
His care is with them all.

And He loves me.
The Creator of all
Really loves me
So simple and small.
As I gaze at the stars
In the evening sky,
I'm amazed at all I see.
And to think that the One
Who made the stars above
Gave His only Son for me!

(The remainder is in Elton's midi, but not in Rhesa's)


As I gaze at the stars
In the evening sky,
I'm amazed at all I see.
And to think that the One
Who made the stars above
Gave His only Son for me!

Copyright © 1998 Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Christa Ann Kaighn

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One of my favorite song. Love it. Pure & simple. This Christmas reminds me of the STAR! The greatest gift of all. Jesus! Merry Blessed Christmas everyone!
Joe Pang (joe_DOT_pang_DOT_ch_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Hi! Thank you so much to this site. Really helps me a lot. I love this song so much. Can i ask of an accompaniment of this song just like of which in the accompaniment of the vocal one? Thank you so much. God Bless.
lorie (loriemanding_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
This is a really nice song. . Blessed be all who developed it.
"The creator of all really loves me, so simple and small"
Amani (amaniagack_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
As a young teenager I could not believe that God who made the sun and stars could love me. Thanks to my friends and their parents I finally realized He could. This song describes how I felt. Love it.I am now 75 and still love the Lord.
Ruth (rthb532_AT_q_DOT_com)
A truly beautiful song. And what message. I'd really love to do this song in church. Only the acc. mp3 is not like the background on the vocal mp3. Wish it was the same. I love the song anyway.
Ronnie Community Profile Link Ronnie (geaux5094_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
To think that the One who made the stars above, gave His only Son for me!
ค๓คภ๔ค Community Profile Link ค๓คภ๔ค
It's a lovely song - shame i can't save it on my apple computer.
Praise God for talents like yours that capture the beauty of His creation and the wonder of His great love through musical lyrics and melody!
The first words I heard...I loved this song! Great voice! Sometimes I wish I could sing like that. And truly the Creator of all loves us. How wonderful are these words!
Is there any other female singers other than Sylvia Fleming?
Eve Lawson (EvaLawson1_AT_live_DOT_ie)
Yes I know I've left 2 comments but I would like Christa Ann Kaign to send me an email of other tunes she sings because she is an amazing singer. xxx
Clare (ClareMartin1_AT_live_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
This song expresses exactly how I feel. What a wonderful song.
Gabriele Aikens (womanofgod54_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
God bless all of you. This song is so beautiful. I dont have an email yet but when I do it shall be installed.
Heather Brown
This is an amazing song. I love it very much and I am going to sing it for my summer concert. This is overwhelming. Thank you xoxox
I love this song. It not only brings back memories from last summer when my Mum had a baby, it also shows that there is always a happy ending. This is aspiring. x
Fiobee Doyle
Ever since me and Eva have been seperated I could never stop thinking of her. This song reminds me well of her. She never stops believing in Gods. Those memories I treasure will leave a happy ending in the future. xoxoxoxox
Clare Martin (ClareMartin1_AT_live_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
When I first heard this song, I thought it was a song that teaches us a god exists. My best freind Clare (living in Cork) was always afraid of death and wondering if there is no God until she heard this. I never get to see her, but we are so close in life. As long as I keep her in memory Im never going to lose her.
Eva Lawson (EvaLawson_AT_live_DOT_ie)
I have always believed in God. My freind Eva Lawson (who lives in Dublin) has told me that not seeing God is a sure sign he exists. This song is beautiful.
Clare Martin (ClareMartin1_AT_live_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
thank you for sharing this song my name is stella and it means star ------ I AM OVERWHELMED
I love this song and find myself singing it often. I feel like God is happy with me for acknowledging his beautful works through this song.
Just another Sarah (ssaxton33_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I love your song!Its so beautiful.My dad has the notes and Elesa is teaching me to play it on the recorder.(Elesa is dads new girlfriend)xxxxxx
Hope Williams (Amberhope98_AT_Hotmail_DOT_com)
My daughter, Hope, who lives in Ireland with her mother and two brothers found this song on the internet and told me how much she likes it. I now have the music and will learn to play it for her. It is a reminder that however far you are from those you love, the same God watches over us all.
Dave Williams (pyronaught2000_AT_yahoo_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
I want that song
Deloris (deloris_DOT_morrison_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
this is very much a blessing to me
cindy (lockecmae_AT_sbcglobal_DOT_net)
Both the song and the powerpoint presentation are wonderful. Thank you.
Cathy (cathytrax_AT_clearwire_DOT_net)
I love this song sooooo much, that when I was asked to sing in a concert in one of our Churches, people said it touched their hearts.

Thanks for sharing it with all of us. It has true meaning and the music and melody is exceptional. The singer has a terrific voice, her voice blends well with the music.
New Brunswick
Suzanne (pianoluv_AT_nbnet_DOT_nb_DOT_ca)
As I listened to this song It reminds me how much God Loves us unconditionally. God Bless
Thelma D.
Its ok...its just ok
Seahnic (stormgently_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
So touching lyrics, though my english is poor,i got blessed from it. Thanks. God bless you and your service.i try one to share:
Lord, i love you,
Cause you loved me first!
What a love from You!
I wondered?
That ,You ---the creator of all univese
Who holds up every stars now
and counts every steps i went.
You, it is You, Oh,My Dearest Lord,
you came down to the earth ,
went up to the cross,
buried in a tomb,
resurrected from death,
and ascend to Heaven,
just for me,
just to show Your love to me!
Oh, my Lord Jesus,
How loveable You are to me!
i worship You,
i bow down before You,
i offer all my life to You!
i love You!my Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours brother in China
JohnLou (johnlou35_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This song is amazing, both lyrics and melody. Thank you very much Elton, Larry,Christa and of course Silvia, you all are simpy great. Keep up the good work! We have been using some of your work in church with the choir, we started less than a year ago and already we are doing wonders praising God in song. God's blessing be with you all....
Wow, I thoroughly love the song, BUT on the power point presentation do you think the fade in should come from the other direction because it makes it really hard to sing along when the words start on the right hand side. Just a thought. When my 80 year old mother gets the internet after Easter I shall be sending this to her because we have just had a really bad trott with my younger sister dying of breast cancer, then my father getting Ca of the bowel - supposidly all removed, and my mother with Ca of the lung (both sides) never smoked a day in her life. Anyway to cut a long story short Mum thought she was going to lose her faith because of my sister and I think this will really help her.
Cheers Catherine
Catherine (cdernedd_AT_bigpond_DOT_net_DOT_au)
Excellent for worship.... thank you for uplifting me in a time of need. Your free gift honors the Lord with rejoicing by His people. Thank you very much for your dedication and sacrifice.
Barry R. Stowers (Barry342_AT_gmail_DOT_com)

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