I Am Sure

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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I attended a Vinyard music program in Plano recently and heard Eddie Espinoza sing. At one point he played 2 chords over and over (G and a permutation of Cmaj7). I thought he was a little crazy, but the next day I wrote this music around this sound (with much elaboration). A few days later I wrote some of the lyrics. Larry wrote the rest of the lyrics. Visit Larry's popular web site for more great music. - Elton, May 19, 1998

This marks the 20th song that Elton and I have co-written and published since last September. I especially like the theme of this song, the peace and eternal security we find in the Lord. In the year 1972, I found this peace; may it be yours as well. - Larry, May 19, 1998


(8 Measure Introduction)

There's a peaceful, calm assurance in my soul;
It is founded on the One I've come to know.
Jesus stands above the storm and calms the sea.
Jesus takes away the fear, and I am free.

Standing firm on His promises,
I'll always be secure.
Giving hope in my hopelessness,
He opens up the door.

There is no one who can love me
the way He chose to love me.
I am sure.

He is standing right beside me
to always love and guide me.
I am sure.

When I am facing a temptation
And it's more than I can bear
With His strong hands
He will steer me through the storm,

To a glorious destination,
To a calm and peaceful shore
Where the saints will gather 'round me,
Where His peace and love surround me,
I am sure!
I am sure!

Copyright © 1998 Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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