I'll Turn To You

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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This is a little different from the other songs I have done with Larry. It is more mellow and is intended as a solo. Larry wrote the lyrics after I created the midi. There is a choral version of this song. - Elton November 3, 1997

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There is peace within my spirit
By the wisdom of Your Way,
For Your grace is everlasting,
Giving strength to live each day.
Though the clouds arise, and starless skies
bring fear into this heart of mine,
I'll always turn to You,
May I always turn to You...

Lord, Your Word's a Light unto my path,
A Lamp unto my feet.
You have brought me to Your throne of grace,
And in You I am complete.
Though at times I sail the stormy sea,
And the answers are not clear to me,
I'll always turn to You,
May I always turn to You,
I pray.

(Recorder Solo)

Now I greet the dawn as daylight comes;
With joy inside this soul of mine,
I turn my heart to You,
For Your love is shown anew

Copyright © 1997 Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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Pastor Sam P. Lagos2009-03-28Do you have a voice songs for one to sing along with you in this site. Please if you have, how do I get there?
Mary Chandana2008-05-13This song is amazing it is really godly!
cherish2008-03-10thanks for sharing this wonderful song, God bless you more...
Jackie2007-06-11Very meaningful, inspiring and uplifting song! Thanks! Blessings to you!
charles2007-05-24Beautiful voice, beautiful words, beautiful song. Thank you.