The Wedding Song

(There Is Love)

Written by Noel Paul Stookey
Links to contributors: Noel Paul Stookey and the Public Domain Foundation, O'Neill Brothers

You may have heard this song before. It may be the most popular modern wedding song. I wrote to Noel Paul Stookey of the group Peter, Paul and Mary asking if I could make a midi of his famous song. He responded, and even provided suggestions. My midi arrangement is very similar to his original recording, except I added some wedding bells at the beginning. - Elton, May 29, 2001
You can also listen to a recording by the O'Neill brothers. - Elton, November 9, 2007



He is now to be among you
at the calling of your hearts
Rest assured this troubadour
is acting on His part.
The union of your spirits, here,
has caused Him to remain
for whenever two or more of you
are gathered in His name
there is Love, there is Love.

Well, a man shall leave his mother
and a woman leave her home
and they shall travel on to where
the two shall be as one.
As it was in the beginning
is now and til the end
Woman draws her life from man
and gives it back again.
And there is Love, there is Love.

Well then what's to be the reason
for becoming man and wife?
Is it love that brings you here
or love that brings you life?
And if loving is the answer,
then who's the giving for?
Do you believe in something
that you've never seen before?
Oh there is Love, there is Love.

(Short solo)

Oh the marriage of your spirits here
has caused Him to remain
for whenever two or more of you
are gathered in His name
there is Love, there is Love.

Copyright © 1971 Public Domain Foundation (used by permission)

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Renae forbes2016-02-27There is love for man and wife
renae forbes2015-01-23Oh there is love
ena2013-07-20oh its fabulous . it really touched my heart . fabulous .really there is love.
RENAE2013-07-06this is true god made love
jonel2013-05-29Good day to everybody. Thank you very much sir Elton and the songs of praise for this song. It is added to my knowledge. i am a die hard fan of the PPM and i never thought this is a PPM original. anyway, i sang this song on a wedding day way back in the late 90s. i love the lyrics and the message of the song. once again thank you.Even my dad passed away, i still have the albums of PPM and it reminds me of him.
Gina2012-06-20Good Day! Pls. send me this song thanks.
HPWong2012-02-25A simple and beautiful song, so full of meaning and depth.
I also like this instrumental version !
Lois2012-02-12This lovely song was sung at my wedding, also--33 1/2 years ago! As everyone can see, it has been a favorite of many for a long time!
2012-01-12A beauitful song, I had it played at my wedding 26 1/2 years ago and it still brings tear to my eyes.
peter Ghouse2012-01-03You did justice to this beautiful song and added a touch of your "feel "to enhance the melody a bit without "killing it" Great Job.
Leslie Johnson2011-12-15The American Heart Association is putting together a playlist for Valentine's Day 2012. I've entered The Wedding Song and would appreciate any and all support it gets.
Jean2011-10-21Love this song. My granddaughter will have it played at her weding. Thanks for writing the words and instrumental.
KRS2011-09-29I have always and forever loved this song. The first time I believe I heard The Wedding Song was when I was about 11 or 12 years old and I was going through my parents albums, so this kindof tells how logn The Captain and I go back around 1980/81. Since that very first time of hearing it I knewwould be having this be my Wedding Song
Mendy2011-09-19Some of our college friends played guitars and sang this song at our Sept 1971 wedding. We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and a college age student from our church sang this song for us at our anniversary party. This song still brings tears to my eyes, even 40 years later. I just love the words so much.
Rachel Thibodeau2011-09-19By the way. It is to pass down through my children. Not looking to sell. I am also sorry about the spelling. My phone is very tricky. I just really love the story of this song.
Rachel Thibodeau2011-09-19Boy, have I got a great story to tell all of you. The day my mother married my step father they were given this beautiful framed picture of this song's lyrics in calligraphy with Noel Paul Stocky's autograph. She was so excited that her friends actually got him to sign this. She was such a big fan. A year later she met him in person. They were both working on a fundraiser called Karen's Clime. She brought the picture he had signed and said thank-you for this it means so much to me.. He was very sad and angry. He told her he has never signed an autograph for this song or made money from this song. It was written by the holly spirit. He told her he was writing it for a friend's wedding, fell asleep and when he woke up it was all written our in his writing when he woke up. No autographs were ever signed for that and all proceeds go to charity. He looked at her and told her "Pat, I don't know why but I feel like I need to sign this for you anyway. I know hold the only autograph of of this song.
Donald2011-08-20My wife, Kay, chose this song for our wedding in 1971. I am recording it and another selection for her for our 39th anniversary.
dave bowlin2011-03-20i first heard the wedding song in 1971 at red rocks amphitheater just west of denver...the crisp, clear sound of paul's 12-string and his magnificent voice was was my choice of music at my own wedding in 1978, along with several classical pieces, and i doubt if i will ever forget the words...peter, paul, and mary have been, since the early 60's, and remain to be, one of the great positive influences in my life...i shall never forget you...
2011-03-19My husband and I just celebrated our 27th Anniversary on the 17th. As we lit the Unity Candle we has a family member to play and sing this song. This is a beautiful song. God Is Good
Margaret Heekin2011-03-18I have just been asked to to sing this song at my cousins wedding. I pray that the words manefest in their life together and that my voice will do the meaning justice....(
A Blessed Mom.... Helen2011-02-28I've heard your song sung several times and have loved it. BUT just today had the most wonderful surprise. My son's fiancee asked me if I would like to listen to the song she wants sung at their wedding as well as the instrumental as background during their vows. When it started so did the tears. You see my wonderful husband went home to be w Jesus after 35 yrs. of marriage and hearing this song brought back so much love. I am so thrilled that my wonderful daughter-in-heart has chosen this very special song for her marriage covenant to my son.
Diana Reeves2011-01-27We used this dsong at our wedding Feb5, 2005, we're Senior Seniors, and I heard this song years ago and loved it since.
Grace2010-11-25I love this song years ago, I never forget how beautiful it is! It is still my favorite song!!!
2010-10-30We had a friend sing this song at our wedding just over 35 years ago. After 35 years, there is still love! We are blessed.
Chuck2010-10-1033 years ago at our wedding and I have sung it at a number of weddings since and I'm using the words in a wedding ceremony this morning 10/10/10 (:o) God Bless!
Kim2010-09-30We had this sung at our wedding 31 years ago. Our daughter had it sung at her wedding last year and our second daughter is having it sung at her wedding this year. A tribute to Paul Stookey on how his gift of music affected so many lives.
2010-08-09This song was sang at our wedding 25 years ago. Our son is getting married this coming weekend. He and his fiance' don't know it yet, but I (dad) is singing it to them during rehearsal luncheon. Wish me luck. It is such a beautiful, moving song.
2010-07-30Sang this song for my daughter's wedding, I performed a "FEW" years ago. Not only brought back memories, it brought back tears. Thank you
alvids2010-05-15simply beautiful!
Lovette2010-04-08Absolutely beautiful, in both lyrics and music. I always loved the Paul Stookey version, but this instrumental is also a winner.
Yvonne Gardner2010-03-31 This song was sung at our wedding 25 years ago on April 13,1985. We are having it sung again at our 25th wedding reception being put on buy our 3 grown sons and family and friends...
Annamaria Kangelaris2010-02-27I need you guys please help me I went though alot of pain now I want this guy DJ Lil Cee the radio station 92.3 now can you pray for him I will give you my cellphone number is 516 312-4641.
Candace2010-02-25This song was played at our wedding 35 years ago and I play it every year on our anniversary. Still love it now as much as back then!!
Joe2010-02-09This song was played at my wedding Twenty Five years ago. Still one of my favorites...
Trout Mask Replica2010-02-02I Must confess that I'm spoiled by the original Noel Stookey recording. That ringing, steel-stringed acoustic guitar, blending with his almost prayerful vocal delivery never fails to choke me up. If the song is ever used at my own wedding, no substitute will suffice!
2010-02-01This song was sung at our wedding 40 years ago!!
2009-11-12I heard this song at a wedding when I was in college. When I married several years later, I remembered the words & had it sang at our wedding. I listened to it everyday for months ahead of time & cried each time - the words have such depth & meaning. Now, 22 years later, our daughter is getting married in Dec, 2009 & plans on using this song in her wedding ceremony!
Stan Oleksik,Sr.2009-09-29My wife and I were married in 1977 and this song was sung by our best friend and brought such a response that everybody wanted to use it as their anniversary song
Roz Martin2009-09-18I loved this song the first time I heard it some 25 years ago and it still touches my heart everytime I hear it. God bless you.
Alan Edwards2009-09-11I added this verse for my daughters wedding comming up Sep 19, 2009

Kerry stands before us with Ryan by her side,
They have pledged their love to one another till they died,
The vows that have been spoken before us one and all,
Prove the depth of love between them, they have heard his call
And there is love ... there is love

Any two names can be inserted to make the song very personal and specific to that event
2009-08-28This song was played on our wedding day 32 years ago. It brought tears to my eyes way back then, as it does to this very day. The words are so beautiful, & touch my heart deeply.
Dan2009-08-22I too have loved this song from the first moment I heard it back when Paul Stookey first sang the song. My daughter is getting married in September and I want this song to be played/sung or somehow be a part of the ceremony. It is truly the essence of a marriage.
2009-08-17This song is so beautiful that it should be a staple at every wedding ceremony. I personally made sure it was sung in our wedding cermoy. But I had a tape of it sung by Paul Stookey played in the church for only he has truly mastered this most beautiful song.
Paula Speight2009-08-15This was sang at my wedding it was the most beautiful song I've ever heard. People today take marraige as a joke. This song was very meaningful to me I could not stop crying during the wedding because of the beautiful words,
William2009-08-11I will like to have the music sheet of this song
Marg Pietersma2009-07-21My 2 sisters and i and the mother of the groom will be singing this song Friday July 31/09 in Halifax
I sang is once before over 30 years ago for a friend's wedding in Toronto, where I live.
kerigma2009-05-27I sing for a choir in Timor Leste I really want to sing this song one day. send me the partiture.
Happy2009-04-30This was supposed to be the song when my father gave me away at my wedding. Long story short: Ice storm, no power, we didn't. Well with the power of this song, it was not meant to be. Happily divorced after 8 years and it'll be there for me and my dad next time.
Paul McKeon2009-04-23Noel Paul Stookey has always been and always will be my favorite vocalist. He has what I consider the perfect voice in every way. Now, add to that perfect voice the most beautiful wedding song ever written and you have a song for the ages. God bless your beautiful heart and soul, Noel.
Michael Donnel2009-03-23My wife and I picked this song for our wedding in 1993. It still to this day remains our favorite of all wedding songs. I wonder how this would sound played on a nyloin string guitar? I think I will try it as a suprise for my wife.
MistyMarie2009-03-10SUCH a beautiful song! I'm a 46 yr old rock singer/guitarist in the Detroit area, but have done this song for so many friend's weddings over the last 30 yrs. Can't say enough good things about it! Is there any more perfect wedding song?
2009-03-01Do you know of an arrangement of this suitable for woodwind quartet - - possibly a string quartet arrangement? My daughter is getting married and has selected this as a special song. Thanks
Samuel2009-02-28I like it so much. I want to play this song in my freind wedding. Please sent to me a Sheet Music
God Bless
Juliet2009-02-08I had been married coming June 10yrs and this is the song i march to, a family friend song it for us and it was amazing. I also have the cd it is called the wedding songs.garcious gift a person can give you. GOD BLESS.
Eleanor2009-01-29This song was chosen for our wedding by a friend 15yrs ago and we have been happily married since. We had never heard it before and the words were sung at a resent wedding we went to. It really affect us hearing it again. I am 72yrs. & my husband is 66yrs. our second marriage & God has blessed us abundantly.
Esther Yee ylhhuey01_AT_yahoo_DOT_com2009-01-09LOVE it so much. This is the best wedding song I have ever heard. Would anyone email me the songs with singer singing the lyrics pls? i wish to learn it & play this song in my wedding this year end, 2009. THANK YOU SO MUCH. God bless.
2008-09-18For our wedding that did not happen, the song we choose before death made us part.
I will love you forever, Bill.
Margaret2008-09-09This is truly my favorite song of ALL time - I played it at my wedding 27 yrs ago - even though my husband passed away 7 yrs ago when I hear this song I cry with love.
I am "helping" with a wedding of my bestest friend - & his partner - & I went searching for this song. even though the lyrics aren't 100% perfect the sentiment & love certainly is!
Wanda2008-09-01My parents played this song at their wedding 27 years ago and in 2003 al of my aunts sung this as I walked down the isle. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. This was the best wedding gift that I recieved.
Sharon Goetzinger2008-08-18I love your song! A couple of years ago I emailed you and asked for if it was okay if I used your story from Guideposts for my sermon. This Sunday the 24th I have a couple that wants to re-affirm their wedding vows. I am going to play your your song that day for the couple. Would be more awesome if you would be there but I understand that you cannot. Thank you for this song! It is one that touches a persons heart in many ways! God Bless you!
2008-07-30My parents had this sung at their wedding in June 1976 and now I will be having it sung at my wedding in July 2009. It is an absolutely beautiful song and means a great deal to our families.
Ken & Shelley2008-07-24We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year(July 23rd, 1983). This song was sung at our wedding by my maid of honour and we will be playing it at our celebration this year. Beautiful song.
Jan From London2008-07-01I heard this song in America and fell in love with it. I was unable to find the music for it when i got married 20yrs ago, but during the last few years my husband found it and put it on a CD for me. it's a beautiful song which will always stay close to my heart.
2008-06-11You`ve changed it - I liked the other version better.
2008-06-05My husband and I had this song played at our wedding July 14th, 1973. Now, 35 years
later we are renewing our vows. The same priest is going to re-marry us and we are having this same song sung again! It is truly a magnificient song! Thank you!
sdeerfield2008-05-26I sang this song for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary in February 14, 1986. I substituted the words as:

...Well a man left his mother and a woman left her home. They have traveled on to where the two became one. As it was in the beginning is now and til the end. Woman drew her life from man and gave it back again. And there was love, there was love.

Well then what was the reason for becoming man and wife? Was it love that brought them here or love that brought them life? And if loving was the answer, then who's the giving for? Do you believe in something that you'd never seen before? Oh, there was love, there was love.
hugh & tina2008-05-03Hello,
when my wife & I got married on 7/23/88 she walked down the aisle to this song (there is love) it was then and still is our song today, every year on 7/23 we play it. this year it's going to be 20 beautiful years togather and with many more after this one. thank you for this wonderful song.
Ed2008-03-02My wife and i got married to this song and i truly believe that this is one of the reasons we are still married. Thanks
tweety2008-02-28i like the message of the song! how i wish to have a free CD of this.
Patricia Barrera2008-02-18I love the song "there is love" by Peter, Paul and Mary using the "guitar" version. It is beautiful... However, I cannot find an instrumental music for that song with the guitar. I have found instrumental music using the piano; but I love the way the guitar sounds. Any advice???
Felina F.2008-02-04One of the best if not the BEST! my daughter is getting married (in June 22nd, 2008) and of all the hundreds of wedding songs that we have found on line and on books, this is finally the SONG!
Janis W.2008-01-22April 5, 1975, this song "The Wedding Song" was sung at our wedding! Brings back alot of good memories!!!!!!
Gayle2008-01-22I learned it when I was in grade school (1972) as an eisteddfod solo for me, I took out 1st place. I now sing this song in our church whenever there is a wedding and the occasional confirmation. I recently sung it when my daughter got married. Over the time I had never forgotten the words or the tune. It is a wonderful piece of music.
Michael D. Achord2007-12-12I have been listening to Peter,Paul & Mary for a long time and the music never gets old. Praise God for the talent he has given to these great individuals and collectively as a group.
In the Masters Love,
Audrey Crossman Peck2007-12-03My husband and I had this played at our wedding in May 1973 and the Congrgational Church in Brandon, VT. We were 22 and 23. It always brings a tear of happiness to my eyes. I think it is among one of the most beautiful songs ever written for weddings. We have a copy of the words framed in our wedding. Such a testamnet to our lives. Truly magnificent. Thanks!!
Mr Tan2007-11-19Very good song.Thank you
Chris Wilhelm2007-11-14Whenever I hear the recording of Noel singing this song on the Carry It On video I am hypnotized, and I weep.
Mike2007-11-12We semi-eloped last month and at the last minute I was handed a list of songs for the service and I choose this one. I'm not particularly emotional but with my bride walking down the isle and this song playing it took a couple of minutes to compose myself before I could recite my vows. It is a moving song under any circumstance but in the moment of ultimate coming together it is very powerful.
2007-10-23I attended a Jewish wedding of a best friend's daughter on 10-20-2007. The bride's father sang this playing guitar along with two of the couple's college friends accompanying him on guitar and cello. This was the only song within the service itself and so very moving.
Diana2007-10-22I love this song. We had it sang at our wedding 30 years ago. We're hoping for another 30 together.
David2007-10-18When I was in jr. & sr. high school I was an "all-state tenor" 6 years in a row. So my little sister made me promise to sign at her wedding someday. She asked me to pick a song that would be nice. I sang this style in the "Paul Stookey" style. She was very touched by the whole experience and I love this song.
Michelle Orlando2007-10-17This song was played during the Mass at my wedding over 30 years ago. Today whenever I hear it I get teary eyed. It brings me to realize that the Lord has and is always with me and my husband in all the good times and trial of our marriage.
Judy Carney2007-10-08This Song

Is our Wedding Song, at present time I am trying to learn to sing, and I am taking voice lessons, I want to be able to sing this song at Christmas for my husband, he has no idea I am taking voice lessons. We
have very little money so this is my Christmas present to him. My friend who is a singer is also a voice teacher and has offered to help me. I love this song.
2007-10-05I'm embarrassed to say that I've never heard this song before. I just saw it on a wedding program I am assisting with the logistics of, and looked it up on the web. Obviously I found your sight and sang the song over and over again for more than an hour. It's so beautiful, that the next time I'm asked to sing in a wedding, this will be my first choice.
2007-09-26This is a beautiful song, it was sung by one of my dearest and oldest friends at my wedding reception 25 years ago this month. So, it is very special to my heart!
I hope if you use this song at your wedding/reception it will bring back the same dear memories it does for me.

Lady Meme 09/26/2007
Sherry Maple Dallas2007-09-07My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year and this song was sung at our wedding on June 5th, 1982. It is beautiful and I hope one of our three daughters will have it at their wedding.
2007-09-05This song is beautiful! I was married on September 2/07 and my dad sang this song to me and my husband right before we said our vows. It was beautiful! Careful because you will get emotional....
Ellen2007-09-01This song means so much to me and on Sept 15, my birthday, I will marry a wonderful man and I plan to sing this song to him. I know it will bring tears to my eyes but I know he will know that I love him enough to give this wedding song to him as a special gift...
Vicki2007-08-31My husband and I had this song sung at our wedding in 1979. Our daughter just got married in on June 30, 2007 and had the song sung at her wedding. It is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it!
Dan Gordon2007-08-17I am a friend of Noels from Blue Hill. Here he is just a good neighbor and darn nice person. We do not even remember he is famous. Wedding song is a tip of noels good christian iceburg. God Bless Noel and his family.
Jan2007-08-08This is probably one the best wedding song's I've ever heard -- every time I'm at a wedding and they sing this, tears well up in my eyes. It's absolutely lovely!!!
2007-08-06My husband and I used this at our wedding in 1976. He died three years ago and now my daughter is getting married and is considering using the song at her wedding. I hope she does. It would make such a memory and mean so much to me. I love the song.
uncwhiz2007-08-01This song was sung and signed (for his parents and many relatives who are deaf) at our wedding in 1972. It is so nice to see that people are still using this song in their weddings! What a wonderful testament to the song's "staying power." We will celebrate our 35th anniversary in December and this song still brings tears to my eyes!
Shannon2007-07-26A friend of ours sang this song at our wedding 32 years ago. Her husband played the guitar for her. He learned to play the guitar so he could play this song. A tremendous gift.
Dwayne G.2007-07-21Once again I have been asked to sing this wonderful song on the occasion of two lovers uniting. The words are so meaningful and I love to sind them. When I offer this song to the Bride & Groom, I do so with my Love and hopes for a long and happy life together.
Marilyn Carretta2007-07-18This song will always be my most sentimental because it was released approximately 3/4 weeks before our wedding 35 years ago in 1972.
Elizabeth Lawson2007-07-08My mother died when I was 7 and she was a singer. She had recorded this song before she died along with many others. So on my wedding day this was the song I walked down the aisle to with my mothers recorded version and my grandmother her mother singing harmony it was a very emotional moment!!!
2007-06-15Our priest sang this song on the altar to my husband and I during our wedding ceremony on December 30, 2006. A complete surprise and an unbelievable memory! Amy, NJ
2007-06-13My fiance and I are getting married on May 3, 2008. We will have this song sung by a cousin and a close friend of the family at the service. It just touched us both so deeply.
Tom and Diane2007-06-12In 45 minutes, we will celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary. In 1994 we dedicated our lives to The Lord! How Awesome and Wonderful He is. This song was played at our Wedding (the first song we danced to as Husband and Wife). Since 1994 it holds much more significance for us. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.
Susan2007-06-12This was our wedding song almost 29 years ago, in 1978. It still brings happy tears to my eyes. Thank you, Paul, for writing it and bringing so much love and joy to so many.
Marylou Bishop2007-06-11This song was sung at our wedding over 28yrs ago by my voice instructor. Since then I performed this same song at many weddings over the years. My daughter is getting married in 2wks and she asked me to perform this beautiful song at her wedding, what an honor.This song holds many wonderful memories for me, but this tops the cake. Marylou, Georgia 2007-06-11
Bryan2007-06-05Awesome song! I had this song dedicated over the radio to my now "fiance" yesterday asking her (Stephanie) to marry me.
To answer your questions. She said; "YES".
Pogo and Susie, Colorado2007-06-05Almost 35 years ago my wife and I had this song sung at our wedding 7/28/72. We always enjoyed listening to and singing with Peter, Paul and Mary. Well, now our daughter is getting married this friday and she also wants "The Wedding Song" sung at her wedding. This song is not bound by just one generation. We pray it will never be forgotten.
Carla2007-06-02I first heard this song 30 yrs ago at my cousin's wedding. I was 15 then, and I didn't know the name of it nor who sung it, but I never forgot it. In my later years, with the net, I was able to find out and again, was totally mesmerized from the first few notes. What is really magic about it is, that when guests hear it, they are affected the same way, and the whole room goes quiet as it's playing. It is the most beautiful and uplifting song.
Jennifer2007-06-02I sang this song at my best friend's wedding 7 years ago. Love the song & am glad to have come across it while looking for music for my own wedding. :)
Sherman2007-05-30It's nice that so many otherwise irreligious people have this beautiful piece sung as part of their wedding ceremony. It does give acknowledgement to Christ, by inference if not explicitly. The only negative is that merely calling Him a "troubadour" doesn't give justice to all He has done as our Lord and Savior.
2007-05-23My husband and I had this played at our wedding almost 26 years ago. It is perhaps the most beautiful song ever produced and still has special meanig to us.
RSS2007-05-23Have been asked to sing this song (for the first time, actually) at a good friends wedding this July. Very much looking forward to offering it as gift to the couple.
Shari Theis2007-05-16My parents had this song sung at their wedding in 1973, my mom has sinced passed away....I am now getting married and having this song played at my wedding in September....she will be with me through this song...........I cry everytime I hear this is so moving!!!
2007-05-15I sang this song at a friends wedding 27 years ago accompanied by an organist. I am very honored to say that I will sing this song again on June 8th for my daughter's wedding. This time I will be accompanied by a guitarist. I love this beautiful song, it's message and melody.
Penny2007-05-03I enjoyed Peter, Paul, and Mary in college and the Wedding Song by Noel Paul Stookey is one of my favorites from that time. Even when I hear it today, it makes each wedding I attend seem so spiritual and full of love. We are going to use it for the Unity Candle ceremony at my daughter's wedding in June.
Maria2007-05-02I love the original that is sung by Paul Stookey on acoustic guitar. I do not like the instrumental that is played on piano. Paul does it the best.It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
2007-05-01Was sung at my husband's and my wedding almost 33 years ago. Now our son and his fiancee' are getting married in July, and will have it sung. What a beautiful memory it will be for us and for them in their future lives together.
Jodi2007-05-01I was married 26 years ago on May 2nd and this song was sung at my wedding by a dear friend who is still a Missionary in Japan. It still touches me when I hear it, and has so many sweet memories attached to it.
2007-04-27I was married to this song and will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary this May. It still brings tears to my eyes, Thank you for this beautiful song,
Taps2007-04-27I like this wedding song for life
Bonnie J.2007-04-22This song was sang at my wedding in 1982. I was holding on to my Daddy before walking down the isle, and my soon to be handsone husband was where he could hear it, and I cried, it touched my soul and heart. My husband passed away last year 7-10-06. This song brings happy memories, with a few tears. Before he got sick, I made a tape of ALL OUR favorite songs, and by FAR this was the best. He loved this song. Thank you for the memories!!
Marilyn DeBrum2007-04-20I have been looking and looking for this song to download for my Sister's 35 wedding anniversary. And, it is. Absolute Beautiful! This song was sang at her wedding. Thanks
Melissa K. Hand2007-04-17This is one of the most beautiful wedding songs ever written. My brother-in-law (a professional singer) sang it at my and my husband's wedding over six years ago. We wanted a contemporary song with a Scriptural/Biblical reference that reflected the fact that God was among us that day and was blessing the union...this song was perfect. There was not a dry eye in the sanctuary. I go back and listen to it from time to time and it takes me back to my wedding day and I cry every time I hear it. When anyone asks me to recommend a great contemporary wedding song, I always tell them about The Wedding Song (There Is Love.) Thanks for this beautiful song that I'm passing down to my children and grandchildren.
Hanna2007-04-16This is the 1st time i hear this beautiful and smoothing song. God is wonderful to have created us in his likeness and to each given different talents. This is certainly one of the most beautiful "God inspired" love song i ever heard. Praise God.
EHS (S'pore)
Marissa2007-04-15my mother use to play this song on the piano before she went to Tiwaiin a year ago :(
Sherry2007-04-14My husband and I were married in June of 1991. The pastor who married us had his wife sing this song for us. It was so beautiful. We were so touched by this beautiful gift.
2007-04-09its romantic and warms the heart of the listener
2007-04-02I knew I would have this song sung at my wedding, and it was. I absolutely LOVE this song. My husband passed away 8 months ago, and this song was sung 25 years ago, with us both snubbing. I still love listening to it. Truly a POWERFUL song!! Loads of memories packed in this song. Thank you, Bonnie
Stella Brisson2007-03-30I just love this song and music.It goes deep down in my heart and gives me great peace!! and makes me think kind thoughts also!!! Just the idea of having all the people in church sing it for your wedding, oh I wish I would have thought of that!!!
THE ANGEL2007-03-26just wanna shout out to the fellow people getting married using this song AMEN
2007-03-21I have been asked to sing this song in a spring outdoor wedding. The bride's parents and both grandparents had the traditional version sung at their church weddings. This arrangment just seems to fit the environment of the wedding and my voice. Where or How can I get a CD of this Peter, Paul and Mary soundtrack and sheet music. I loved it.
Sierra2007-03-17I love this song because I love God. I go to church every Sunday to learn more about God. And I think that other people should learn more about God.
2007-03-16My cousins and I have started a wedding tradition. We have all had my Uncle Wally sing this song at our weddings. We love the way he sings this song with his acoustic guitar.
Michelle2007-03-15This is the song a close friend played at out wedding 25 1/2 years ago, I loved it then and it means more to me now
Debbie Washington2007-03-11This is a beautiful song.
Cara Harp2007-03-08I really loved this song - both lyrics and melody and I shall certainly advise people to use this at their weddings
Beth Sittnick2007-03-04This was my parents wedding song. They were and still are huge fans of Peter, Paul and Mary. Just a couple months ago I joined my parents to watch their concert in Utica New York. As I am planning my wedding I am looking for a song to walk down to and once I heard the instrumental version you have made I was hooked. It will be part of my wedding and will make the day so sentimental and special. Thank you!
2007-03-0120 Years ago in August, this song was played for our wedding. I stumbled across it the other day by accident. I am sure the lord above was wanting to remind me about my committment through good times and bad and how precious it is.
2007-03-01My son and new daughter-in-law had this song played at their wedding. I just love it. We video taped the wedding so I listen to it quite often. It's so beautiful.
Jen2007-02-25My husband and I had our Aunt sing this song as she played her harp at our wedding and it was just beautiful!! I love this song to this day and we will have been married 15 years in May!
Paul Smith-Savannah, Ga2007-02-19This song was played at my wedding on May 24,1997. This year is my wife's and my 10year anniversary. Everytime I hear this song, I cry tears of joy. The best part is that if people read the Bible more, they would notice that the song is scriptural. God Bless You!
Nicole2007-02-06I have always loved this song and I wish I would have thought to use it in my own wedding. Thanks for your web site and God Bless.
2007-02-01i click onto this song when i want to feel good. although the ending would be better if the last three or so notes were left out, somehow they don`t sound like they fit.
2007-02-01This music to this song is so beautiful and the words are so meaningful. The Wedding Song was sung at the wedding of me and my husband on June 5, 1982. And I love all the recordings of it. Thank you for the wonderful web site of songs and music.
Jean Manders, Indian Head, MD