Who Is Like You?

Written by Rick Founds
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Rick sent a copy of his new CD, entitled "Everybody Praise Him", and asked if I would like to include some tracks on this site. These are wonderful songs! Be sure and hear the recording by Rick and his praise team. - Elton, February 1, 2004


You've established
The ends of the earth,
And gathered the winds in Your hand,
The heavens were born at Your Word,
The angels obey Your command.
Who is like You?
Who is like You?

Holy and righteous,
Faithful and sovereign,
Lord, who is like You?

Copyright © 2003 Rick Founds (used by permission)

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Timothy2015-02-09I Love That Song That was Great I am Gonna Copy thing that One the Lyrics I Am gonna Be Amazed
Kim2011-08-27Great, great song..! Can you also record it using the Hebrew name of Elohim instead of Lord. I would like to link it on my website.
2010-10-17one of the catchiest, short songs i've heard. God be praised! Thank you for the music and inspiration!
Dave Gordon2007-04-07Absolutely one of the best I have every Heard. This song is everything Ive wanted to in my music ministry. It's so simple but gives everything