Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine

(Based on Song of Solomon 1:1-4)

Written by Susan Tolle-Knight
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I met Susan at a worship conference in July, 2000. She stopped by the table Steve Israel and I were running. When she said she was a songwriter, we handed her a guitar and she played this song. Susan has a wonderful voice. - Elton, September 4, 2000

Languages for this song:
Dutch/Flemish, Spanish



Your love is sweeter than wine.
Your name is fragrant perfume.
How I love to be in Your presence.
How I love to sit close to You.
For You have made my heart glad
And I rejoice in You.
Your love is sweeter than wine,
And I love You.

Draw me away (I will run to You),
Draw me away (I will stay with You),
Draw me away (I will sing to You),
Draw me away (I will worship You)
Oh Lord.

Your love is sweeter than wine.
Your name is fragrant perfume.
How I love to be in Your presence.
How I love to sit close to You.
For You have made my heart glad
And I rejoice in You.
Your love is sweeter than wine,
Your love is sweeter than wine,
Your love is sweeter than wine,
And I love You.

Copyright © 2000 Susan Tolle-Knight

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anicia b. tomaneng2012-09-20
clar2011-09-17can i ask a notes for this song?
suki2010-04-23beatifully sung truly a gift of GOD
Christina2010-04-02Love this song! And also the spanish version is beautiful.
Raquel2010-03-15Beautiful song especially for a moment of praise in prayer with the Lord. Thank you Lord for the day that you have giving me your Love is uncomparable to any love here on earth your love is the best and the finest their is especially for me...I love you Lord and I adore you only..
sureshchandra christian2010-03-08Dear friends, this song really energize me to live today
Elaine2009-11-01Truly touched my heart. So beautiful!
Edison Miranda2009-10-13Truly O, God..Your Love is Sweeter than wine. I Love You my LORD & my GOD
2009-03-19You have a beautiful voice. Very cool song. Praise on, sista!
Dorleen Edway2009-02-13Ah, Susan, you sing like an angel. When I play this heart-touching song the air gets softer and I smell the fragrance of roses. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful heart of worship.
Melanie2009-01-18Beautiful words
Melanie2009-01-18Love this songs it's an aspiration to my soul!!!
2008-05-06Beautiful and moving song. Thank you.
cristina2008-02-16Thank you for the joy and peace these words put in my heart today
J.Georgeraj2008-02-02I am really moved to hear this song and my heart really rejoices to sing this song again and again. God bless youe dear.
Margaret, Australia2008-01-30I just love this song so much and the words are true in what they say. The Flash Movie is great with it. I play it a lot.
Lina Tangonan2008-01-05This songs blessed me so much.Do you know that i was singing this song repeatedly? It's inspire me very much to sing to the Lord through this song.thanks God to the composer.
Danna2008-01-03Your song, voice & flash video really helped me to leave "the world situations" behind and truly "be drawn away into His presence!" I'd love to use this in a worship/prayer group in my church! Thank you for your inspiration!
John2007-10-25Thank you so much for using your talent for God. Jesus is sweeter than wine. He is so wonderful and loving and kind. Please pray 4 his love for me I need this love so deep in my life @ this time in the middle of his work
Ms. Glowy2007-10-22This song is the most awesome, I listen to it over and over, it is the first song that I wake up to and listen to on the way to work and home again, its the last song I listen to when I go to sleep.
Kimberly2007-10-17This is such a beautiful song. It is very apparent that it came from your heart.
Leo Jacinto2007-09-24Praise God for this song! it makes the Lord's spirit truly alive in me. It is really both heart warming and inspiring...I thank God for Susan's talent.
Francis John T (Jimmychen)2007-07-29Dear friend in Christ Jesus, Really wonderful, melodious and mellifluous. I shall try to learn it by heart and tell my friends. God bless you Susan and all others behind this song.
Pastor Rick Milligan2007-06-30I am a singer of many years. This song is annointed. When God touches me (and He does so often) I weep. I did so during the listening to this beautiful worshipful song.
Pastor to prisons,
jacinth2007-05-29this song is really sweet to hear and makes heart delighted
2007-05-08This song is so beautiful I just kept playing it until I learnt it by heart. This really came from the heart of someone who is really in love with Jesus. Keep writing and singing for Jesus
ann reeves, wellington, mo.2007-02-27most beautiful song i ever heard.
Erin Allred2007-02-24My Susan,
tears came to my eyes when I heard this. I remember the first time you sang this. Wow, it is still amazing.
thanks for sharing,
millicenttoussaint2007-02-19I know that GODS love is sweeter than wine, I think his is the HIGHEST I know. I love HIM so much. I have given Him my whole life and I will as long as I live.
P J Joseph2007-02-05Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,
We are really thrilled to visit the website At first I heard the song"YOUR LOVE IS SWEETER THAN WINE" I gave this song to many already I shall tell many others also if it is the will of God. One of my close relative is going to marry one susan Theresa (India) I have asked my relatve to tell his would be wife about this song and asked him to learn it by heart. It is so beautiful Make more beautiful songs. God bless you all.