Love Found Me

Written by Susan Krauter
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This wonderful, moving song is inspired by the real adoption of a child from China. Visit Susie Krauter, the songwriter, and her husband Lance at Tru North Music for the rest of the story and other great songs. Be sure and also hear I Cry Out To You by Lance Krauter and sung by Susan. - Elton, May 13, 2006


Miles away across the sea someone dreams of me
Is this true? How can it be?
A family holds me in their heart?

I found love when no one seemed to care
I found love! I thought no one was listening
Oh love found me! And I'm down on my knees
Take me to my family.

A man came from across the sea
With a package wrapped just for me
A gift of love to help me know
The love for me that my family holds!

I found love when no one seemed to care
I found love! I thought no one was listening
Oh love found me! And I'm down on my knees
Take me to my family.

At night I lay in my bed and dream most splendid things
And the day will come soon when I'll be with you forever!!!

I found love when no one seemed to care
I found love! I thought no one was listening
Oh love found me! And I'm down on my knees
Take me to my family.

Tears of joy run down my face
I am waiting for the day
Take me to my family.

Copyright © 2003 Susan Krauter

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Sure FM2023-01-11The lyrics of the music sung by the artist are so emotionally charged and powerful that one cannot help but be transported to an entirely new realm. Each beat carries with it a deep and meaningful message that leaves the listener both inspired and motivated. The chorus is especially moving, with words that encourage us to strive for more, to become greater, to have the courage to pursue our dreams. The words of the verses provide a unique insight into the artist's own personal journey, a reflection of the challenges and successes of life.
Nerolyne2017-04-04omg l love these lyrics . PlEASE PLEASE, SEND this song via my email. and if it's possible the sound track if it's okay?thank You . Hope to hear from you guys!
2012-08-29In 2008 my wife and I adopted a little girl from China (LiQiu). When I play this song to her she smiles a big smile. She don't like to talk about those nights alone in the orphanage because she didn't think that anyone cared until the nannies told her that she had a new family comming to get her. Thanks for the access to this wonderful adoption song. 

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yogithaphilomina2012-07-12this song gives me peace happines evreything i love this song god bless suzan krauter
yogithaphilomina .k2012-07-12i love thissssssssss song so muchhhhhhhhhh
Gina2012-06-20Pls. send me this song, thanks.
Nandera Nduwimana2012-04-24wauuuuuu a very nice song it was real blessed me
ivonne2012-04-01 please oh please this is a song that i would love to get married to. and i ask as kindly to please send me a copy of this to my email account please he will love it and i know that it will remind him who his guiding light is thank you so much
marvellous2012-01-21Cool, I love it
yogithajoannaphilomina2012-01-06i loved it whenever i sing this song
yogithajoannaphilomina2012-01-06the song is awesomeit touched my heart whenever i sing song i get peace joy
2012-01-03Five years ago friends found a beautiful little girl in China. She arrived, I believe, when she was nine months old. She is very thankful for her loving family, especially her mommy and daddy.
michele2011-11-21you should post it in youtube so everyone can listene and more come to vote...anyway i love it...always about God love will cheers me up...
2011-10-10What a beautiful song & prayer. It helped me. Thank you!
karl2011-09-20Trurly I FOUND LOVE, JOY & PEACE. Excellent song
Aunt Sandy2011-08-27Susan, song was beautiful. Keep up the wonderful work. Hugs,
nathaniel2011-06-06a great which i hav ever listened
Ma. Cornelia2011-06-05its a very nice song....
2011-04-23best song
2011-04-23a best song i have ever haerd
abraham2011-04-10this is wow i mean this is awesome
Joe2011-03-25This song is special to me. I know of a boy who was adopted from a couple at our church, with handicaps, and all kind of problems, but it didn't matter to them. They loved this boy so much. That's all there was to it.
ryandyl2011-03-23please put a download logo to download the song..
erry ann2011-03-15 wish i have my own family soon...
Vhie2011-02-22Very touching song, it reminds me of somebody.
faiz sof2011-02-19Actually it is so cute!
edith requintina2011-01-16Very soulful music!
Tracy Collett2010-12-04This is so beautiful...May you continue to be blessed as you works bless others..
axxean2010-10-10very nice song
2010-10-05thanks for the song.................
very touching......LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL.....
faith2010-07-25i love it so much..this is exactly what happened to me..i can relate to this song sooo much!keep it up!
Agbai Priscilla2010-04-20I LOVE YOU
Darlene Paulson2010-04-19I love your beautiful music..May God bless you in your ministery..
Nancy2010-03-13This is one of the most beatiful song that i heard in a long time .It touched me deeply.GOD BLESS YOU
Nigyn2010-01-27i used to play this song every morning and it really lighten my heart.. despite of all God will sent someone else to bridge the love he has for us.. Love Found me in God's mysterious ways..Always share your love to everyone else.. God Bless Us All..
2009-12-19very touchingI love this song and listen to this song whenever Iget the chance
unnamed2009-11-22very heart touching i love it keep up the good work
Larry E. Brugh2009-11-18WOW!!!! I have tears of joy running down my cheeks
Thank you for this song WOW!!! L.E.B.
Marilyn loria2009-11-14i love this song, very very much...GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS wrote this song.....
2009-10-31great song it touched my heart
Mathew, Christina, Claire and Issel2009-10-06Its a beautiful song, and may God give you the grace to do more like this... It really touches the soul....
victoria2009-09-22lovely susan i think it was amazing and it really came into my heartthat was a very nice song and i think the whole world should hear it
Bisi2009-09-18i love d melody.
Janet C2009-07-22
this song is so sad....but its message is clear to me
n its true, we all try to find love
Mayra2009-07-20Is the most beautiful love song
P J Joseph2009-07-04Beautiful indeed. I shall try my best to learn it by heart and tell my relatives and friends babies to learn it by heart and sing before audience. God bless the singer and composer of the song LOVE FOUND ME
christine2009-06-28I love this song . It is very touch my heart .
bella2009-06-25thank you susan its great i love this song. good song keep up the good work
Steve Khongsngi2009-06-22With millions of children are starving isn't wonderful to hear children saying "I found love" that's exactly what you and I have to give to these little ones. God bless this song and those who listen to it often.
Elton Smith2009-05-25Thank you Susan, this is a beautiful song.
2009-05-09powerful song keep up the good work
:) = smiley face
2009-05-06great song. very touching song keep up the good work. awesome song maybe you could put another touching song on.
sophie2009-05-01i love this song and it is so good god bless ameria and every body
2009-05-01love this song god bless this singer and love god
J.Jeba Simon Prakash2009-04-30WoW Super I Love These Music & Song Some Guitar Sounds will Be touch my heart I love Jesus
Sabina2009-04-04This song must have touched so many hearts,specially those who have left their familes and gone miles away to earn their bread.I just love this song and play it all day long.
Melissa2009-03-17This song is so amazing i would like to sing this song for church. I am a seventh day adventist and this song is so heart touching , thank you susan krauter for singing the song.
Natalia Loznianu2009-02-10i came to US and found love, i had noone to care about i have Jesus...THis song is the story of my life....
2009-01-22the song a very nice message.we can relate this song to our own situation because all of us who became christian are truly adopted sons and daugthers of God.if we see ourselves the way this is we can always appreciate God in evryday of our lives, we can serve Him genuinely as CHRISTIANS.
Shannon Sorensen2009-01-20great song. I am a foster parent of 2little boys and hope to adopt soon. This song was very inspirational to me.
mary helen clark2008-12-31hey SUSAN. I LOVE SONG MY BOYFRIEND LIKE IT ME
tiffany8406162008-12-30so nice voice, like it!
Angelina Lewis2008-12-13Excellent song. I cry when listern to. There's so many children all over the world hope to find a good family to spend life with. God bless us. Thanks God.
David Yang2008-12-04I love this song because the lyrics said that you cannot depends of yourself if you want help, you have to pray then god will help you.
2008-11-25Wow! That sent tears of joy runing down my face. I think God is very pleased with your work. Keep it up!
chibuzor wigwe2008-11-15i will share this song with my king,am sure he will visits d writer.God bless u.
Sunita Adapakula2008-11-11Lovely song really moved me because I am in the situaation to enjoy this song.
Jennifer2008-10-27I enjoyed the song i also pray that love should catch up with me before the year runs out.
2008-10-24this is a very touching song. oh by the way, do you have an accompaniment version of the song "How beautiful" by Twila Paris? i'm trying to find a free downloadable file for that one. plz,plz,plz help me. thanks
Chinwe2008-09-30God bless you for this song.It has lifted my spurit and made my day.
Flo fr Singapore2008-09-23Beautiful song. I'm in the midst of preparing for a reconciliation with my family this Christmas and I will sing this song. I love it! Praise God!
Doris S.2008-09-21Beautiful, no other words to explain
lowly servant for Christ2008-09-16very powerful, it touches the whole me!
thank you and God bless.
GRACE2008-09-07I really love the lyrics of this songs,its inspiring,Its good for the ears.God bless the singer
2008-08-22Nice Song to heard while living in this world of trouble!Got calming effects on mi!I hope it will help those who are troubled will hear this song too!God bless!
nancy bito-on2008-08-21The song pierced my heart!! Very timely because my 16 yr. old daughter just left for europe to study, will be living with a foster family. I really pray & hope she can find a family with such engulfing love while she is away from us. I feel so touched with the super nice song..
Rene Mampuya2008-08-17I liked this song the first time I listened to it, 2 years ago. At the time I was living very far from my whole family but now I have been reunited with my wife and we are looking forward to have lovely kids with voices like those in the background of the song. Today yet I still love this song and play it time to time. God bless all of you.
Jean2008-08-16This song touched my heart.
What a gift from God with such beautiful voices.
God Bless all of you.
bkamau2008-08-14Yes it is really good song plus the voices are amazing . God bless.
2008-08-02Very moving, love the children's voices in the chorus. this lady sings with so much feeling, its beautiful.
God bless, Ginie.
Debra Shiveley Welch2008-07-29I am in tears. This is so poignant and the use of children's voices in the background is brilliant.

As an adoptive mother, I can only attest to the beauty and profound experience of adoption. My son is my heart.

This song embodies the miracle of adoption.
Jamjam2008-07-21im so much bless with this song when i first heard it at my co-young people in our church...that time,the celebration of our mothers day special will be i suggest this to be our song for our mothers...
Shima2008-07-21Susan you are wonderful. God'll use you mightily.
2008-07-03This song is a very beautiful and very inspiring! This is my 2nd favrite song now!
Emily Sanaro2008-07-01A beautiful and awesome song by Susan, which really touched the heart and raise a spirit for Lord Christ
ching q. herrera2008-06-02this is my first time to hear this song. it's so touching, it gives more encouragement to me. thank God i've found this song of inspiration.
Karen2008-05-03My daughter and husband are waiting to hear from China about going to get their little boy to join with their two little girls already adopted from China. This song is very appropriate and makes me picture him over there waiting for them. Beautiful!! May God Bless Susan Krauter.
2008-04-30this song is so sad and touching and it made me think about other people and how hard or difficult there situations are. it made me feel so lucky to be loved
2008-04-23This is a very special song of hope to those who have no one
Subash Degolliyadde2008-04-21This song is really special and has touched my heart. It also reminds me Jesus Christ only one can love us. I would like to have a copy of this to play in my church.

May God bless you

judith2008-04-17very wonderful song,i love it so this everyday.keep singing for Him.God Bless.
Judy Guess2008-04-15This song is really special and tells just how we feel about each other.My grandson Howard Walden loves this song as well as his sister Julianna Walden they are 5 and 3.
This song really brings joy to our hearts. God Bless You!!!
Judy Guess
2008-04-11Beautiful and uplifting. Thank You.
prodigal daughter2008-04-08thanks 4 ds delighted hymn of praise, I found love too for Him
2008-04-05thank you for this beautiful hymn helped me deal with the terrible absence that is currently engulfing my life .
patricia2008-03-22what a beautiful,beautiful song thankyou so much,what a blessing,Praise the Lord
agneslisa2008-02-28I feel my heart liberated and happy
2008-02-28This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. The lyrics, Susan's voice and the children singing reach into that place in your heart that need healing. Thank you.
alvie2008-02-25o my..what a wonderful song..i really found love in this song..awesome..may God bless all of us..
rachel2008-02-25thankyou so much i cried when i listened to it its so true!!:)i love it i want to go there some day to!!:)
susan2008-02-11i like this song a lot.lovely song.god bless u
daniel2008-02-10it is so lovely.
sandhya and babu sherly, bea2008-02-07tears came down on my face by listening to this song my wife and i were listening to this and we too want to go there to be with our family
susan2008-01-26thank you for that wonderful song .. it touches a heart as well to a mind... that was lost.. thank you.
Annette Harbajan2008-01-10We thank The Lord that He has given dedicated people in our midst.Thank you for this beautiful and inspirational song, it has touched my heart.
2008-01-04Bless us so much, can you give us copy of chords, so that can we sing at the choir..thanks
Angel2007-12-29Very Nice it touched my heart.
Dovlyn2007-12-24This special little song allows me to find myself. The Universe so big. I was lost. Thank you! :) Love and Blessings to all
BB2007-11-25What a Beautiful song!
It touched my heart deeply.
Great Job! =)
candy and kya blu2007-11-12Is there anyway to buy a copy of this song... i really want to use it on my sons video montage...we are adopting him from Guatemala right now...Hugs...AWESOME SONG
frans2007-10-13I can relate to the song from my life experience. I thought no one loves me, but now I know That Jesus Loves me. John3:16
2007-10-12What a beautiful song. My niece adopted a girl from China. She would love to hear this song. thanks again.
George Engelage
ermarija2007-10-06very good song.touching all hearts
Christiana2007-09-05I cried when I heared this song. It is such a meaningful song and I now know the meaning of a family. God bless all who listen to this song!
Samantha Taylor2007-09-04This song is very touching, I am a 21 year old girl who was adopted at a very young age, this song makes me think how lucky I am to have a family
Esther2007-08-29Oh my gosh, this song touched my soul...i kept playing and playing it a number of times. I'm a single parent , lost my husband a few years ago, my children live alone and i work in a different country as a teacher, while my kids live in india, i'm working here so that i can support them, thru their education and basic needs...i'm jus waiting for the day to be a family again..i've been a way from them 7 long years.
quennie2007-08-18Heavenly Father will like it too.THANKS
Joe D'cunha2007-07-26this is really a touching song
God Bless You
Kay2007-07-24I am a 17year old girl who was adopted. Even though I was born in england this song makes me feel good everytime I listen to it.
sujit swain2007-07-21If i reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If i hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If i go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If i capture ur heart , will u love me ??
Starla2007-06-04I love this song. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it and think of my daughter, age 12, waiting for me in China.
2007-05-26Very peaceful song that was great to listen to,since I have a daughter in China for the past year, who plans to return home soon.
Dora2007-05-23I really love this song!! It so beautiful and very sweet! I have shared the song with some friends. It is a great song to listen to and to sing to.
Robin2007-04-21Having an adopted daughter from China and sometimes taking that for granted, It brings me back to realize just how lucky I am to have her and be able to give her the love that was denied to her from birth.
P. A2007-04-20that is a very sweet song.. I liked it very much
Johney2007-04-18I like this song, its good. It is very encouraging. It makes me feel his luv for me. Excellent job!
Thank you
Kathy2007-04-10This song really touched my heart!
Tricia2007-04-09I think the song is great and i love to sing after it .
2007-04-05This is a really emotional song and has alot of meaning to me so I listen to it all the time tank you
2007-04-03very thughtfull meanings
Augie2007-03-28Just want to say thank you; thank you Songs of Praise Song website. I found this site by error; no intentions, and I made it a permanent site on my computer. Thanks again. This is a wonderful song.
2007-03-02I have searched for a song that I can use to create a video about the little boy we are adopting from China. Most songs are either for bio parents or girls. This song is so perfect!! Thank you Thank you