Jesus Really Loves Me

Written by Steve Israel
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When my daughter was planning her wedding reception, she asked me what song I wanted for the "father/daughter" dance. I thought about it for a minute and then replied, "I'd wanna write one." She got this look in her eyes that seemed to say, "It's my wedding, no way!" But then her face flashed a little smile and she said, "Okay." So, here it is, fresh from the wedding this past weekend. Enjoy! - Steve Israel, May 29, 2006


(Verse 1)
You were singing little songs to Jesus
When you weren't even two years old
I still remember the night at a party
You pulled a string on a singing doll
As it started to sing, "Jesus Loves Me"
I almost fell out of my chair
When right on cue you sang it too
Thought I heard two little angels there
But this I know...

Jesus really loves me
For He gave me my little girl
Jesus really loves me
She's the sweetest gift in this world

(Verse 2)
On the day we welcomed your arrival
I was so overjoyed I cried
Now in the blink of an eye you are grown up
Where did time get its wings to fly?
As he placed the ring on your finger
I almost fell out of my chair
When right on cue you said, "I do"
Think I left my heart in pieces there
But this I know...

Jesus really loves me
For He gave me my little girl
Jesus really loves me
She's the sweetest gift in this world

Yes, I know my Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so its true
But so do her eyes whenever she smiles
And says, "Daddy, I love you."

Jesus really loves me
For He gave me my little girl
Jesus really loves me
She's the sweetest gift in this world

You were singing little songs to Jesus
When you weren't even two years old

Copyright © 2006 Steve Israel

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2018-07-13I would like to avail of your song. Instruct me how to. I need to be able to play it in my android. Thanks
Yvonne2017-11-21Beautiful. Wish my earthly dad felt this way about me. If he did, he never told me. Make sure you tell the people in your life what they mean to you. I am so Thankful that Jesus told me.
Daniel2015-09-13This song is made me think of my daughter.and I always think of Jesus.he really does love us all.
Daniel2015-09-13This song is made me think of my daughter.and I always think of Jesus.he really does love us all.
Daniel2015-09-13This song is made me think of my daughter.and I always think of Jesus.he really does love us all.
Daniel2015-09-13This song is made me think of my daughter.and I always think of Jesus.he really does love us all.
renae forbes2015-01-23Jesus really love me for
He gave my little girl
This song has a meaningful
erry2011-03-16i was crying while listening to this song of yours...i'll have it played on my wedding day while dancing with my dad. I am sure your daughter is thankful to Jesus as well for having a dad like you.
Jane2010-11-26Oh how I love this song and the man that wrote it. To me it's like saying those words to my little Angel I adopted 10 years ago.God bless you Steve
Joe2010-10-25Hi Steve, Is this a song about you and your daughter? I like it very much.
Michelle Dobbs2010-07-27This song is exqisite in every way. A sheer masterpiece both heart warming and honest. I deeply enjoyed it. Thank you Steve, beautiful job.
ting bh2010-06-26i used to sing this song,that time i can still open the website but now its already block,everytime i remember this song i sing in my own i dont know but heaven knows what i felt,i want to cry as in and thank God for giving andro to me.
Jane2010-05-29We adopted our great granddaughter when she was a baby, and she really fills our life with such joy. This beautiful song says it like the words were written just about her. I love it so very very much. love to you
grace2010-04-03hi im crying with feel of joy and i feel bless this morning.thanks for the song.
Breah Lawrence2009-07-18Hi my name is Breah I am 10 years old I love your singing it is awsome KEEP IT UP
Ron Jones (Arkansas)2009-07-13Loved this song! Best one (in my opinion on this site!) Like many others, it brought tears to my eyes and sounds so much like what feel in my heart for her. Please, keep producing!
flower mary joseph2009-06-23very beutiful song
alishia darnes2009-05-06i am alishia . i am 15 years old i was looking at songs of jesus and discovered this one it is beautiful. i love it. i even asked my dad to play it at my wedding.
Adam Johanesen, South Africa2009-02-16When I listen to this song I knew it the song I would want to sing when my daughter gets married in October of 2009, any backtrax for this?
Thank you for allowing God to inspire you
Diamond2008-12-17Really lovely. The lyrics were just too beautiful.
2008-11-26Touching! Great piece!
2008-11-25Touching! It brought tears to my eyes
2008-11-10Amazing song! You have such a gift, showing your love for our Savior and for your daughter. It brought tears to my eyes!
prathapkumar.c2008-10-06your song and music is merciful and
I too love jesus and u.
Julie2008-09-23It's very thoughtful. I really loved it .It is very serene. Thanks a lot for making my day.
Iris Nirmala Chattrjee2008-08-20Its great! I love music especially piano.It will be great if u could send me the sheet music of jesus loves u. It touched my heart & spirit its beautiful. I am living on his hope and love pray I have the strength to face the storms of life. I love christian songs so pls send me songs witht he shee music. Yr music is superb and great I just love it coz it touches the core of yr heart. A million thanks for beautiful music for Jesus.
Jean2008-08-16This song is so beautiful it remind me of the day that my daughter was born she was a gift from God.
She's grown up and a greast blessing to me and her Dad.
Suzette2008-07-30This made me cry soooo much.. How I love this an song. I wish I could strum this song on my guitar.

Suzette Sanchez
Ray and Debra Bailey2008-07-30I'm going to add this to myspace I love this song.
2008-06-30i really love this song. i think i will use it when i get married... hopefully
2008-06-22such a sweet song that reminds us of how precious the father-daughter relationship is.
2008-05-20What a beautiful song. I have two wonderful girls and have many friends with daughters. I have passed this song on to all of them. Thanks for sharing this song with the world.

North Carolina
Beverley2008-05-11I thank God that he loves me and gave me two beautiful daugther and son and the reason is it such a blessing when Jesus really us.He gave us Hope and enternal life in christ Jesus our Saviour.
Andria2008-05-11Oh yes this song was great! I wish you would sing a similar song for me and my daughter. I always felt "Jesus loves me" when I see her - she is a living gift from Him. The only saddest part is that her father did not love her or take care of her as I do. So please do compose a song for a mother and daughter.

Praise His name

2008-05-09This song inspired me alot ..i got tears when i heard it as i missed my life one shes with my mom in other country.but u know what..? made me happy... when the words says "JESUS LOVES ME" yes he is love me as i know someday somehow me and my daughter will be together again in Gods will in the right time.I LOVE JESUS FOR GIVING ME MY LIL GIRL I LIKE THAT SONG VERY MUCH...
Thanks alot,
che2008-04-03I love this song..I am so touched.God Bless
KATHY2008-03-26What a beautiful and appropriate song for our eldest daughter's wedding. The lyrics are so beautiful, I really enjoyed listening to it. Our daughter will be getting married soon and I was overjoyed with this song. God continue to bless you.

2008-03-01I love this song so much!!!
2008-01-04bless the song and touch me so much,because my daughters praise the lord by singing at the church, and they are 2 and 6 years old...
Debb2008-01-02I love this song. My little girl is grown up now but she is the sweetest gift in the world as well as her 2 brothers. Jesus really loves me... He gave me 3 beautiful children. I truly am blessed! I can't listen to this song without tears. Thank you and God Bless...
Trudy Sherwood2007-12-23What a lovely song. How ture this song is for me as my little girl really is a gift from god as I was told I could not have children and well I did. I thank god every day for my little girl.
Thankgod for them..
Shadrack Ulomi2007-11-13I normally shed tears when I think of the Greatest LOVE someone can offer to his friends,He died on the cross for our sins, I have two daughters and two boys all in good health,not that I have much to give them,but Jesus feeds them, yes he loves them, It is true Jesus love me,he love us all, God bless you,
M.PRABHAKAR2007-09-25after hearing this song really really really JESUS LOVES ME
Sarah2007-09-05I love you dad!
Terry Musco2007-06-03Yes what a priviledge to know that we serve an awesome God. 2000 years ago on Mt. Calvary, Jesus Christ showed us how much He loves us--by dying on the cross. As I listen to this wonderful, beautiful song, I am singing out loud and praising Jesus because HE LOVES ME....What a very beautiful song.
John 3:16 and 14:1-7
Meas Vannak2007-05-31Of course, Jesus really loves me . His loves is very wonderful to me and others
I were in the care of his love before I geting a birth . Thank you so much for this songs
princess2007-05-13beatiful song
jan and marion bloemendal2007-05-12This song is a work of GOD love to our children it brings thankfulness to the LORD for what HE has done
Shirley2007-05-08This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. Even though it sounds like its from a Dad, it touches the heart of this grandma. I have a daughter and a grand-daughter and this brings tears to my eyes. I am so blessed and God has surely blessed you with this song.
2007-05-07What a beautiful song! God is a awesome God and I believe He had a little something to do with this one. You have used your gift well. Thank you, it was a blessing listening to it. Arlene from NC
Eghy2007-05-04I Have 2 lovely kids, daughter and son. When I read steve story about the song I feel so Happy and I hope one day in the future I will do the same things. Thanks steve. Jesus Love Us
Jakki Thompson2007-04-17I only have 2 lovely boys. But I'm the Captain of a Girls' Brigade Company in Northern Ireland. For our display I wanted to do a powerpoint on what the girls' had been doing over the year. This powerful song suited the pictures so well, watching the powerpoint where the parents and you knew by looking at them what they were feeling.
A wonderful powerful song and every time I listen to it, I get goose bumps.
Solomon Mondlane2007-04-05Dear Elton, What a Song! I have two daughters. One is 6 and and the other 14 months. The one who is 14 months was born when my wife was HIV positive. God is good. I and my daughters are HIV negative. Though we are seperated with my wife but I love my children very much. This song takes me aback and I always cry as it plays for I remember what God has done for me.
JM2007-04-04I also do not have a little girl or any children (and I am almost too old to have any) but this is a very sweet song and makes me think I how my life would be like had I had a sweet child. It's very thoughtful and endearing!
Minni Pamela Janet2007-03-30I don have a child but whenever I hear this song i experience some type of happiness as though i am having a girl child. I like to hear this song often.
thank u so much for making me feel great
I now understand Jesus really loves me and oneday he will give me a little girl and that day your song will be true in my life.
Augie2007-03-28My girls are all grown up; but this is a great father's day gift from me to them. Thank you.
Gary Potratz2007-03-11The most powerful words a person can ever hear: Jesus Loves me.
Wei Lee2007-03-06I'm so moved by this song that I tear every time when I hear it. It reminds me that my only daughter is realy a gift from our beloved God. But I didn't treat her very well when she is her childhood, not gave her much love care. Now she left from home to other state for college schooling,then I feel I lost her and miss her very often. This beautiful song always calls back my feelings about her.
May God Bless Our Children
George Paulraj2007-02-15Very good song. Nice voice. Praise be to god.
Nancy B. Coit2007-02-11Sarah is truly a beautiful girl both inside and out!! I met Sarah and her dad, Steve, at a school open house prior to Sarah joining my sixth grade class. It was so obvious then and they had a very special relationship. It's even hard for me to believe she's all grow up now!!! It's been a joy to know Steve, Sarah, as well as her mom , Barbara and brother Nate.
Steve, you were right .... I needed a bunch of tissues!!! Send my best wishes for happiness to Sarah for me ... Nancy