It Is Well With My Soul

Written by Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss

Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss wrote this wonderful song over 100 years ago. Ed Rieck and friends at Everyday Saints sent this recording they made. - Elton, November 25, 2006


(First Verse)
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, You have taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

It is well (it is well)
With my soul (with my soul)
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

(Last Verse)
And Lord, haste my day when my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall appear,
Even so, it is well with my soul.

It is well (it is well)
With my soul (with my soul)
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Song is Public Domain

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2021-06-26This song have touch my life in so many ways
Lena Ayer Kittrell2015-11-17"It Is Well With My Soul" is such a touching song and this is a super version of that song. These voices suite the song so well. God bless you all.
I too am musician, and song writer, and really love music well done.
chakas Mary2015-08-13This song is my strength and guide,so comforting and appealing.
2014-08-14Beautifully sung!!! The words are so comforting. Share this song w a friend in need. 💕
pixelperfect2013-08-07i love it
2013-05-01This hymn is such a comfort. I was bedridden for a little while and these words gave me a wonderful reminder of God's love. I had pain and sadness, but It is Well With My Soul
2013-02-14In 2013 It is well with my blessed
Vic2012-08-26What a prophetic piece! It"s remindful of abundant grace and faithfulness of almighty God to transform situations! A wonderful piece indeed.
Tadiwa2012-08-26The bible says neva wil i liv u and neva wil i forsake u so it is realy is wel with me nomater the circumstances. Gret song
Chadie Marge2012-03-19This hymn never fail to move me. Thank you for the wonderful arrangement of this hymn. God may continue to inspire you to write music for His own glory and honor.
jabu2012-03-17today its a month since i lost my father.... but it is well with my soul
Eartha2012-02-02This song never fails to bring joy, peace, sadness, hope and faith in Christ in me. The pictures are amazing
2012-01-05he wrote it so well when all his kids had died he still said it is well
Dorathy2011-12-15It 's well wit my soul
Dor2011-12-09This song is great
Seven2011-11-27It took my listening to the wonderful words of this song, for me to realize,that in spite of my dire circumstances that indeed, "It IS well with my soul"
Ema2011-10-26Three months after my Autobike accident,still on a cast due to a leg fracture,i was all alone in my mum's room n the song dat came to my heart after losing hop in God is 'it is Well with my soul' I felt comforted n happy again cos God is not asleep. I will walk again without support dis month. I believe in God. If d writer of dis song still had hop n wrote dis song,i still ve hope n believe in God. Ema, it is really well with my soul.
Donna K2011-08-27One of the most beautiful, comforting hymns ever written and composed! Simply lovely in every way.
Timoteo2011-06-30Yes, it is well with my Soul.I thank God for those who translate God´s words into our lives. Oh what a message! It is all well with my soul, I mean my life.
freda2011-03-19Comfort my soul.
victoria hales2011-02-18Yes he he is well
C.N.2010-11-04I love this song with my whole heart. God bless u.
irwin2010-09-24No words to express
lino2010-09-19i love this song...
matthew2010-07-26Since day one,when I was born I've been sick. When I was 11 I've been sayin I'm ready to go see Moses, Noah and Abraham. Cause I know my Soul is well. No more night no more pain and tears
2010-06-09Please change the singer this is holy song and the singer has talents in other areas ( I hope )
If people knew the history of this song they would cry when it is sung.
Johnnyvieve2010-04-11truly a blessing from God!
Thawngsen2010-04-03This song is my favorite song, and I love it.
Ted Lawings2010-03-13I have lung cancer and I love God. This song is wonderful
holding on to jesus with a strong grip2010-03-01some how my child ended up ina foster home now living with JEHOAVAh witnesses... the end times are near please pray her name is hannah i live in california .. she lied. please dear god give us strength
Shirley2010-02-28This song has been a source of strength and encouragement during difficult times in my life. I ask your prayers as I face a very challenging time right now. Please pray for God's mercy and favor at this time. Thank you.
2010-02-23I am deeply disturbed by seeing the banner of while I am listening theese pure and holy songs!
Please accept my apology. I cannot find the ad, but I have entered a filter to stop it from displaying. - Elton
Felix2010-02-10When discouragement set in, th song lift my soul to remember the steadfastness of God for the whole wide world. What a song that will set abade the slightest down of Man. The song remind me of that beautiful place call home, where all who are passing through trial, persecution etc will be at the close of day. Like Job, it is well with his soul, like Abraham, it also well with his soul. Therefore, the greatest song of the century.
Douglas Mwendah2010-01-12An inspiring song. Full of courage and humility. God is in control of every situation no matter how terrifying it may appear and everything happens for a reaon.
2010-01-09this song was the only source that take me through so many trial in 2009. I learn to lean on God unchanging hands no matter what I am going through it is well with my soul.
Judi2009-12-21Thanks--this is one of my favorite songs. The back ground pictures added a lot to it. Bless you !!
maria2009-12-11its a perfect work done it really touched my heart
michael2009-11-13Truly inspiring
Elizabeth2009-10-28it is an encouraging song.
David Perkins2009-10-13Golda, well, I almost had the story right. Here is a link for better facts than mine.
2009-10-13Golda, the way I understand it, the man who wrote this song was in real estate in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century. He and his family were wealthy and friends with a famous preacher. The preacher had gone to England to preach and the family without the Father because he had business to attend to and would come over later, sailed over. But the ship was hit by a torpedoe and sank drowning all four of his daughters. His wife survived and telegramed her husband "It is well with my soul." Later he sailed over to join his wife and at the spot where his daughters had died he had the inspiration for the song "It is well with my Soul."
Beautiful story.
I'll try to find a link to corroberate my memory.

David Perkins
Fort Worth Texas USA
Golda2009-10-10This was sung at my brother's funeral.For a while I couldn't listen to it.I heard a little about the writer(that's how I started listening again) but I don't know the whole story.If anyone has an extract/excerpt,or even a site that I can read about this writer please forward it to me, Thank you
Dennis2009-08-25This is a most wonderful expression of thanks to God from a man under the pressures of this world
Verse 3 says
My sin - O the bliss of this glorious thought
My sin - not in part but the whole
is nailed to His cross and I bear it no more
Praise THE LORD Praise THE LORD O my soul
John2009-08-21There is another part of this hymn writer's history which must be brought up. When a third tragedy hit his family, many of his fellow church members' claimed that it must be God's judgment for some sin. Thus, he left with his family and a handful of friends and lived as a broken man in Israel.
peg2009-07-24oh how beautifully you have sung this one of my favorite songs. God Bless you
owl2009-07-17when i heard this song,i could not top crying,nowing that how much God love me.
Reaux2009-07-12Elton you did such a beautiful job with the flash on this song. Thanks for using your wonderful talent to bless others like this. I am so blessed.
faapisa fulutusi2009-06-29When i hear this song I feel sorry for Jesus because of my sins. At the night when i listenin to this song it is well with my soul its real he is the only that can help you.Thanks for the person who writes this song. By the way I am also live with someone who is not related to me but the the thing is it is well with my soul.
Steve Khongsngi2009-06-22This song is one of the most powerful and inspiring songs I ever heard. In time of troubles when I sing this song I could feel God's Hands in my soul and my life. Praise the Lord!
C. Feggins2009-06-17This song had truly been a blessing to me.I had a chance to worship with Pastor Danny Davis at Jordan Grove Baptist and his sermon was about the author of this song.The Pastor clearly explained the reason why the author wrote the song. It was a help to me because I losted my daughter in August,2008.I can relate to what the author was saying.I have let go and let God.It is well with my soul. Each day God gives me a clear understanding of His Will being done.
Loise2009-06-17I just can't explain how i feel whenever i heat this song. It has been a real blessing to yhe soul and uplifting.
Sharon Wood2009-05-05My Husband,Terry had a massive stroke right after church on Feb.1,2009. He lived till Feb. 17 ,2009 . This song comforted me through that time and especialy afterwards. It still does because I start to get a litle down and God always brings it to me in some way. Thank you
melbourne2009-04-03Ohhh,whenever i sing this song,it always leaves a tear in my eye and i remember my mama for from her did i hear it first...i love this song
Fenny2009-02-28very uplifting!Thank you.
Todd2009-02-17Thee amazing thing about this song is the circumstances in which it was written. Most people would question God and their faith after losing all 5 of their children to a tragic accident of a sinking ship. This man sat down and poured his heart to the lord on paper....What an amazing song......
Nosipho Hohannesburg2009-02-06This is an amzing song, I am reassured everytime I listen to it. Thank you.
Ann2009-02-04I just love this song.
Melanie2009-01-18Magnificient song
Mardz of Leon2009-01-11"Nanamian gid ko sini nga kanta," means,"I really like this song." It gives me strength and revives me spiritually in times when I'm down and discourage. Mardz of Leon, Iloilo, Philippines.
royce2009-01-05this song always bless my heart i enjoy it so much...
Ona in Nigeria2009-01-02The song is wonderful, and i always use the phrase it is well with my soul as my copyright. God bless the composer of the song and you that took your time to put it on the website.
Catherine Mary2009-01-01No matter what this song still says it best " it is well with my soul " I thought losing one son was bad and then I hear about Mr. Spafford and his wife losing five children and it makes me so thankfull for the children God left me with, two sons and a daughter. May 2009 be blessed and well to everyones soul !
sammy k2008-12-09Last sunday when my pastor introduced his surmon by singing this song, i felt like my world had rolled a fresh again coz of the things, trials and tribulations have gone through in ma life. he read spafords biography
and the state he was in when he first wrote this song and i realised that even in the darkest moments of ma life its well with my soul because of christ. dear brethren, every time you are going through some stuff just remember that there are others going thru worse things than you. and the bible says, our tribulations are just for a moment and after that God will bring us to a place of rest. it is well with your soul.
2008-11-27This is my Mom's favourite song.
Robert Rainwater2008-11-25My pastor loves this song. When the praise and worship team sings this song at church, it sounds great. I'm sure Heaven enjoys it also.
Hance Lintang2008-10-26Saya sangat di berkati lewat pujian ini...
2008-10-19I too heard this song on Army Wives and had forgotten it was the one song a dear friend sang at my 20-year-old son's funeral 18 years ago. I'm now ready to sing it, because, finally, it is well with my soul!
2008-10-18I love this song. Great song!!!! This song always touches me. Can't sing this song enough!! Love it!
Charlotte2008-10-14I heard this song on Army wives and realized that I had not heard it in far too many years. It does in deed answer to the heart.
Gail2008-10-08This song has been sung in my church for many, many years and we continue to sing it to this day. With all that I am going through it is good to know that God is still on the throne and He is forever uplifting me in so many ways. "IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!"
Edith2008-10-08Wow!!! I grew up in church hearing this song over and over again. It is one of my favorites. I love hearing it and singing it.
It is truly well with my soul. Praise the Lord!!!
Mwaipopo2008-10-02Hello,iam from Tanzania, this song is really good because it is always well in my soul with Jesus.I like it and may God bless you all.
Lu House2008-09-19This was my darling brother's FAVORITE song. He went to Heaven in 2001 ~ I thank God that I can still can hear his favorite song. Thank You !!!
Rose2008-09-16This hymn is so beautiful. It really brings home the message that it is not worldly pleasures that bring peace, but instead the peace of Christ and the love of God to be found in family and true friendship and in a close relationship with God himself!! :)
What joy to hear these words and this uplifting tune!!!! Young Christians need to sing this song to remind themselves of its meaning, and to stay true to Jesus in this awful world!!!
Chris2008-07-26Cindy-2003 was a horrible year for me as well. Isn't Jesus good to meet us where we are and set us on a solid place? Praise His holy name!
Valencia Leon2008-07-14I went to a funeral somebody was singing that song everyone was overflow with the holy spirit:<IT IS ALWAYS VERY WELL WITH OUR SOUL>
Major Lorne Hiscock,Pastor2008-06-21Wow! Need I say more. Great job gives a wonderful blessing to anyone who might listen. God bless you.
giovanni2008-06-13life is veritable..know its beginning and determined of its end. i love the song so reminds me of how powerful and all - knowing GOD we is a game itself. it somehow connotes my feelings that whatver fate we wish to come true..wherever destiny bring us.. 'it is really well with my soul'.

My trust is in You Lord.

in Dubai,

judy2008-06-03hello-my name is judy c. i live in tennessee-i was raised up in church-all my life-i had the best christian parents-as my father was our preacher-the song-it is well with my soul-is one of my many favorite gospel songs-but after i heard the story-about this song-to me it has so much more meaning-thanks so much. judy ~
Jacob2008-05-27This song will be more touching if we understand why the author wrote it. It's an wonderful expression of complete trust in the Lord when everything does not go in the way we plan, such as we lose our beloved ones. Yet, this song will be most touching if we know the end of the author's life; he ends up his life not in the way this song has been blessing many people. He dies in desperation. As for me, it teaches us that the source of strength is not in the song itself, but in the Lord, in His eternal strong arms.
Grace2008-05-10The song always lifted up my spirit everytime I listen to it.
Paul & Charlotte Powers
Founders-His Way Mi
2008-05-01My Father in Law Passed away Valentine's Day this year. (2008). I played guitar and accomplied my wife Charlotte singing this song at the funeral service. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. As I listened to your version of it wave after wave of the Holy Ghost came upon me. WOW! WOW! WOW! Its incredible! I downloaded it because we have a ministry website at and I think this song would be wonderful on my wife's page, Charlotte's Corner-where she ministers to hurting women. Thank you for such a blessing! God Bless You All!
In Christ,
Michel Di Martino2008-04-27I discovered this site recently and I was enjoyng to hear your songs, but when I heard 'IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL' words are not enough to express you the yoy that I felt. Tears were coming down and my spirit was one with Jesus and with your spirit. Thank-you my brothers and sisters for giving freely. May God continue to bless you abundantly
Please, please, please go on... Your brother Michel Di Martino -Morez- France
27 april 2008
Jackie Kydd2008-04-24St Vincent and the Grenadines

Thank you for such a beautiful song. It is one of my favourites, it never fail to help me to reconnect...and sang in so meaningful and spiritual a way.

I especially like the flash-- the picture scenes so ably represented the words and added to the whole experience. Giving praise to God.
Priscilla Smith2008-04-22Iam lokking forward to my faith being site and the clouds being rolled back as Jesus appears.I was driving last week around town and thinking about a problem and the Lord gave me a verse-it just popped in to my memory-Faith is the substance of things hoped for ,the evidence of things not seen. God helps us see the answer(Visualize or gives hope) to our prayers even though visibly we don't see the evidence yet, because the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to believe.
2008-04-17At the eve of my 10th Wedding anniversary and with a miracle baby after eigth years I can truly say it is Well with my Soul. The Lord has blessed us immensely.

Natasha Selvam
Dom Terrone2008-04-10I am disturbed by the music played in our evangelical churches today. Words repeated without true meaning – over and over – with a beat that is worldly, in my thinking. I am told make a joyful noise to the Lord – no matter what, I am sorry I don’t believe many of these new age songs are God glorifying.

The shame is that there are such great songs like; It is Well with My Soul – and many others. I may be old fashion, I say thank God I am.

This song has lifted me up so many many times – I thank God for it. It also shows us through one man’s tragedy God can use it to bless so many others.

You have a very nice web-site which I will visit often.
Graham Johnson2008-03-18I love this hymn,But this arrangment really moved me. It was quite a while before i stopped filling up. God Bless You
Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie2008-03-06This song is glorious!!! Please visit our website "Living Hope In Jesus" ( There are eternal treasures from The LORD Jesus waiting for you there! Truly, ONLY because of The LORD Jesus, it is well with our souls. Your site is awesome!!!
evangelist David Light2008-02-19how can it be well with my soul when i want to commit suicide?
When sorrows like sea billows roll
It is hell,It is hell, with my soul
In response to the posting, from life of birth to the marriage of my children to death of my loved ones whom I miss them all extremely.

Suicide is nothing but a lie sent from the father of lies. I know best for the dark tunnel of suicide having gone into that tunnel too many times to share in this small space. Yes, holding hands with the demonic spirits,they like magic give you a false hope.

It is a perverted tunnel which you are convinced that it will be finale, finished- the pain is over.

Speaking from experience, not the disciplines taught at Moody Bible Institute or Pacific Garden Mission, the professors taught theory. The Holy Spirit taught truth-that truth will set you free.

The Solution in everything give thanks! Jude 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
17 Pray without ceasing.
18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
19 Quench not the Spirit.
Yet if you are not born-again you cannot give thanks for you have no hope that all things are working for a perfect purpose in HIS will. If you are born of His Spirit give thanks, Even when I broke my toe a few Sundays ago, I praised God in the pain, I thanked Him when it got infected. Through that experience God allowed me to minister to so many. I suffered for the body of Christ to edify, strengthen,and give hope with solutions that work in the Word of God.

So you want to committ sucide to those reading. Great Praise God, now you are at the end of your rope. NOW, give God Thanks, let God prove HIMSELF. He wont lie. It is impossible to lie with God. He has the solution that is the best for you. Trust HIM , give thanks,God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Then all will say Jesus did it all, an impossible work of Grace, He has done it in me, my friend, everyone gave up on me-EXCEPT JESUS. Let Him love you tonight. Run to HIS arms, embrace HIM, let His Heart melt your heart,let HIM give you a new alive spirit by the indwelling of the HOLY Ghost. Jesus Loves you. I love you also, for I know the lonely darkness you are in,for it was my home many times. But now the Throne of God is my salvation, I sing with the angels now. I rejoice. And when the Demonic comes to invite me to the past, I say, " is well it is well my soul, singing this song.."

By the way I have been listening to this song for over an hour repeating, repeating, that is how much this song means to me. God Bless them, the singers and artist singing in an attitude of prayer. (tears, my shirt is wet in rejoicing that He saved me, rescued me, deliverance in His blood, by the Holy Ghost.
Alexander Y. Isaac2008-02-14This song really touches my heart every time I hear. Today when I hear the song sang by Rieck and his friends, tears roll in my eyes they sang well and the video is good. I live in Pakistan and serve Lord here and the words in this song really meaning full to me.
2008-02-01I know this lovely song with two additional verses.
Jean Davis2008-01-31This song is so uplifting and I love it!
Cindy2008-01-30During 2003 I lost my brother, grandmother, mom and dad within ten months. This song has ministered to me so much and especially knowing the background. I can truly say, "It is well with my soul." I can not imagine what others do without the Lord.
lynda2008-01-19This song touches so deep inside I feel so close to our Lord. Thank you for singing it with so much life and meaning.
Philips2008-01-18This is one of the most powerful songs I ever knew. It supplies such an indescribable and unquantifiable energy to the weak, hope to the hopeless and confidence in the face of uncertainty. Whatever the situation is, with God all things are possible. It is well with my soul-come what may!
Annie S.2008-01-10We've been playing this in my high school band. It's beautiful with or without words.
Olukayode2008-01-09This is a song I love to sing everytime. Its beautiful rendition at this site is a welcome relief for me especially at work and other occasions when faced with difficult task. May the promoters of this site continue to be strengthened and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Well done for the good work you are doing.
Kulinga2008-01-06the Lord is faithful.. I want to thank you all for this song has inspired me that all is well when we depend on the Lord.. bless u my brothers
Donna - Single Mom of Three2007-12-31Love the song and glad I Found the site. I pray the person who is contemplating suicide is looking tonight.....I attempted suicide as a christian and as soon as I had recovered, God laid iy upon my heart that I had no right to take what HE has given me and that I owe Him my best. He reminded me that I can believe He will always be with me, even when it is hard to continue. That was several years ago and now I still have trials to overcome and with God's help, I am still overcoming. You can too. God bless you always.
2007-12-30This is my favorite song; Every time I hear it, I cry; To the person who wrote on 12/30 Please don't take your life; The state of your soul is not a feeling; It is a state of fact if you have chosen to let God have you.
2007-12-30how can it be well with my soul when i want to commit suicide?
When sorrows like sea billows roll
It is hell,It is hell, with my soul
ANYMONOUS - i worte to the song 'do you know2007-12-29Beutiful, touching, and a wonderful Church song. It actually should be played in Church! Although the other song 'Do you Know its Christmas?' is my favorite!
JF Negrini2007-12-24we've lost a daughter 4 yrs ago, just after birth, in Banglades. this song has been chosen for the service and was just,... appropriate. It comforted our souls and highlighted that it could be fine with our souls even when we felt so sad. A real blessing
Koroseta Maiava2007-12-22This song never ceases to lift my heart in worship to the Rock of my salvation.
Thank you for singing it to me again.
2007-12-18I love this song. Thanks to this website I have its lyrics now. And I can learn it better.

Thank you!
Jay Jones2007-12-18Great job.

It is well is a 6 verse song
Most renditions do 2 or 4
I sometimes wonder how the "favorites" get chosen?
Cathy2007-11-27More than I could have hoped. A winner!!
2007-11-09precious and absolutely touching by the mercy of God.....I truly treasure this of the very very best!
D.L. Perkins2007-10-12I'm at a crossroad in my life. This song was my dearly beloved uncle's favorite song. I was searching the web this morning after my morning devotional reading and hear this song. I have found my answer. This song was a blessing to me this morning. Joy comes in the morning.
Bing M. (Filipino )2007-10-05I was in China last Sept.2007 and after reading how and what happened when Philip Bliss and his wife died in a train accident, there I knew that this was one of the songs Philip Bliss wrote and composed. I really blessed with this song in my heart as this is one of my favorite songs.
Jane Ou2007-10-03This song is so beautiful I can't resist but keep listening to it. Thank you for putting this song on the website.
W. S. Lasiqueg2007-10-03This song really inspired me and makes me think that pain and suffering cause me to learn to fight them not with my own strength but with God's strength through faith and prayer.
G. Young2007-10-03After reading the story behind the song I am now moved even more everytime the song is played. I am moved to tears everytime I hear the song played. I thank God for people like you who shared this moving story and shared your song.
M.PRABHAKAR2007-10-01a very good song for my soul
Joyce2007-09-29This song is beautiful, just love it and yes it is well with my soul.
C. Diane2007-09-20Wow that song really inspired me and makes me think of getting close to God! Its a very beautiful song as I am deaf but thank you for the script that makes me wanna sing over and over.The words are very clear. I am so thankful that God has brought me back to life and filled me with his mighty HOLY GHOST. I cant live without my loving God. I am gonna sing that song when I get on my computer.
Maryoly2007-09-20THE SONG IN BEAUTIFUL
joyce nyarko2007-09-17100 years ago, great men of God waitered on God and wrote powerful songs, today we are been blessed because someone waitered on God to write this great song,
2007-09-17This song has always touched my inner being to the point that I am brought to tears of joy. It makes me search deep within my being to confirm with and to my God, "It Is Well With My Soal"
Thanks for singing the song with such feeling and confidence.
john wilkinson2007-09-14This is one of my favorite song it give me the trills
innocent adiele2007-09-08It is well... come what may.
susan lane2007-09-04That Was AMAZING!!!!

What a blessing to me that was!!

Thank you so much!!
joyce nyarko2007-09-03I pray that this song will always be a song in my soul to praise the most high God.
Joel2007-08-31After loosing my father three years ago and my best friend in January, I listen to this song and think that my loss is nothing compared to Horatio, who lost four daughters and a son. I think of Mary, who raised Jesus and then had the terrible experience of seeing her son slaughtered. I think of Mary, and my loss seems small in comparasion. Bless the mother of the Lamb. For she had to endure unthinkable sorrow.
2007-08-29GOOD SONG
Wanza2007-08-28Every time I sing this song, tears flows my chicks and it reminds me the of my dear Saviour on that cross and gives me hope of knowing it is well with my soul. God bless you.
Christl Mutter2007-08-20Beautifully done ! Everytime this song begins I start to cry.It makes me realize how merciful my God is , what all He did for me
so that everything could be Well With My Soul.
Julie2007-08-20She has a beautiful voice! Thanks, Elton, for putting this up for us to enjoy.
2007-08-10It is wonderful!
It's well with my soul because Jesus is my Lord.
It's inspiring.
Caleche Bongo2007-07-24This song helped strengthen my faith in the Unseen, faith in the promises of God and i saw my plans realise before me. I played the song over and over again everyday and as many times as i played it, i cried. I can say boldly now that "it is well" whatever my(your) lot
Julie2007-07-24Yes it is well with my soul. Each time i feel down and lost, i listen to this song and it reminds me everything is going to be alright. God is alive.
2007-07-24An awesome version.
- a friend of God from Latvia
Ewan Frater2007-07-22I sang this song if Eyemouth Fishermans choir (1st tenor section) and it makes me
cry every time I hear it or sing it,
it is very special to me.
2007-07-21This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
Sandi Camp2007-07-21This song leaves me overflowing with awareness of the Holy Spirit. The music and singing here are simply beautiful.
OLUWDARE, Abiodun Oluwafemi2007-07-19This is my first time on the site. Your songs are enliven and stirred my spirit to praise my Lord the more.I wish I could be allowed to teach some of the songs to our children in the church. God bless you and inspiration to write more in Jesus name. Amen.
Desrene Dacres2007-07-19Beautiful Melody. A wonderful upgrade version.
Bolanle Komolafe2007-07-19This song has really ministered to me so much. Anytime it seems as if all hope is lost i always sing this song that it is well with my soul and it brings hope back to my soul
Raj2007-07-18It gives me hope and encouragement. Glory be to God for the people who composed it.
Gugile Banda2007-07-11I have sung this song since I was young in my local church in Malawi, Africa but it was only a few Sundays ago when I heard the story about Horatio that led to him to write this song that I started understanding the words and gave me faith that we really do not need to question God
2007-06-29this song is one of my favourite. My niece died not long ago and when this song was sand at his memorial service, it really touched my heart. When we were robbed of everything last week, i sang this song and it reallymade me forget all our worries. Horaratio was really inspired by God to make this song.
2007-06-25song has a great meaning and great strenght to help if not to great marion jan
Gospel JANE2007-06-11AMEN, God really use this person to speak to my soul.I really appreciate God for this wonderful song.It uplifts my spirit, soul and body each time i listen to it.God bless you.
Jason H.R.2007-05-28When I sang this himn at the adventist church in Limon Costa Rica, fir the first time, my sould was uplift & I felt that the Spirit of God enable my voice to go higher & higher on each note of the song, For God is mighty & power to make a sinfull soul, be well!!! praise be the Lord!!!
Dorine2007-05-22The song uplifts me up when am low.
F.O. Mahery III2007-05-16This song has tremendous strength particularly when you know the story behind its origin. It ranks as one of the best ever.
fehinty2007-05-10a friend who was sick, heard me play this song and she was very move and was in tears speaking to the Lord
Laurie2007-05-07I love this song. The choir sang it at a friend's funeral. The words are so beautiful.
2007-05-06I have never had anything touch me the way this little flash did, So beautiful God Bless you!!!!!
Nancy C.2007-05-05Love this arrangement of the song. Absolutely beautiful.
Nico2007-04-26Great Anointed song. May the Lord God bless you real good
gita2007-04-24yes this song make life so beutiful
Erik S2007-04-13A beautifull reminding of Gods love,care, and grace to us. Or as I would have told in my own language (Norwegian). Dette var en nydelig sang som minner meg på at "Uansett hva som kommer, er jeg trygg, og allt er bra med min sjel".
joy butler2007-04-05everything this song is sung or the music is played it uplift my spirit.
Sibi - Hilo, Hawai'i2007-03-26I first heard this song beautifully sung by my Dear Sister in Christ, Marie. The words and melody are so beautiful and humbling. God Bless Marie for loving this music and sharing it with our worship team.
Ingrid2007-03-24This is a wonderful song. The flash is beautiful. If you know the story behind the song it will minister to your heart even more than it already does. Thank you for the flash.
Susie Tedesco2007-03-21Did you know that this song was the inspiration of Horatio Spaffordas he passed, by ship, over the site where the Titanic had gone down with his wife and daughters? Can you imagine the anguish he had? He was delayed in his departure and was to meet with them at a later date in the US. The combination of heartbroken anguish and God's Amazing Peace still touches us!!!
Epeli Buarua2007-03-20I really love this song, absolutely Amazing! Keep spreading the gospel through music and may God bless this website.
Natalie Davies2007-03-16I love this song - it is a new take on an old favourite of mine. Beautifully done guys!
Mamaiel2007-03-08Syallom... I love this song and annoited me. God Bless you...keep preaching the Word of God with song and music.
Lungi Siqebengu2007-03-05It is simply beautiful. I heard the Chorus at a friends Mom funeral, past Saturday. And totally I got the whole meaning.... the words. Thank you for putting it together !!!!!!!
Rosie2007-02-25Absolutely Amazing! You have done a beautiful job with a beautiful and powerful song!
Naomi Mohanraj2007-02-23Gorgeous!!!!I simply love it.True to myself this is awesome!!
Finney Thomas2007-02-22Beautiful, simply beautiful. It really touched my soul!!
2007-02-21It is a Great Gospel Hymn, but this "endeavour" ruins it
Bonnie Jones2007-02-13This is totally beautiful!!!!!!!!
I Love it and the others are very nice too. Thank you so much!
Anne Moldenhauer2007-02-11It's very uplifting to my soul. I love it very much. Thank you. God bless you.
Dorine Bassey2007-02-11This song is so beautiful. God Bless.
2007-02-10This is just beautiful.
2007-02-05I think the band rocks