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Love Like No Other

By Bob Forbes

"Love Like No Other" is my 2nd Christian song composed that will be included in a Christian CD that I am composing to benefit our local Catholic church's building fund (St. Ann, Deming, NM.). The CD was released on 6/1/07. I play in a group for the 11:00AM Sunday Mass at St. Ann, and also for weddings and funerals. I hope the music brings a sense of peacefulness in the Holy Spirit to the listener - this is truly my reward. A huge thanks to Mr. Pascal Gregory for donating his time and expertise in producing this work. God Bless. - Bob Forbes, February 23, 2007

Bob Forbes

Recording by Bob Forbes

mp3 / wma

In my heart
In my soul
In my mind
To be whole
I need His love like no other.

Hear the word
Feel the strength
Take His hand
Follow Him
To His house like no other.

Together we will build a life in Him.
The Holy Spirit lives in us forever.
Open up His love.

All the pain
All the sorrow
Fades away
His love sets you free.

Turn to Him
And you'll find
Peace and Joy
Life complete
Eternal love like no other.

Together we will build a life in Him.
The Holy Spirit lives in us forever.
Open up His love.

Behold I send my messenger before you.
Who will prepare our way before you and I.
The voice of one crying in the wilderness
Make his paths all straight.
In my heart
In my soul
In my mind
To be whole
I need His love like no other.

Hear the word
Feel the strength
Take His hand
Follow Him
To His house like no other.

All the pain
All the sorrow
Fades away
Eternal love like no other.

Copyright © 2007 Bob Forbes

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Thank you Darryl - that is quite a compliment! God Bless you - Bob Forbes
Thank you Norah - happy to hear you used my song for your special day - God Bless, Bob Forbes
The most beautiful song I've ever heard
Such a beautiful song.
I found this in 2006 and had it played at our wedding.
Thank you for the beautiful words and tune.
Thank you Sam
- Bob
I absolutely love this song..well done..
Dat Girl Sam
Thank you
Man this is a very amazing song
Thank you for listening Lex
- Bob
Thank you. A very hopeful message
Thank you and God Bless you Rose Marie
- Bob
I truly enjoyed listening to this song, I liked the words, and music may God continue blessing you praising our Creator
Rose Marie (bpcbinfo_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Hi Sindy - so glad you and your children enjoy this song In Faith ~ Bob
it was a good song and my kids sing to this song every time i put it on
sindy (sillybilly540_AT_rocketmail_DOT_com)
Thank you Liz - it is difficult at times watching our young struggle. With prayers to our God, all things are possible, and they will learn with age.
God Bless ~ Bob
I was sad for my nephew who's growing up and I wish I could just protect him from everything, but I know God will always watch over him and his family. Thank you for this encouraging song.
Aunt Liz
So glad the song helped you Jade, may God bless you always ~ Bob
I love this song it was very nice it helped me when I needed a song to praise the lord instead of singing music of the world also because. Many of us like to sing but the lord gave me a song to sing and this was it.
jade (amandamontseratt_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Thank you for listening and commenting Zhilmil
In Faith ~ Bob
this is very beautiful song thank u to making this song
zhilmil (zhilmildas_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
this blessing song fills my soul with lots and lots of love. this song is my favorite so far.

Thank you Jhennex
~ Bob
What a beautiful song!
Jhennex (jhennex_pretty26_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Thank you Ashish, am very glad this and the other songs here at Songs Of Praise have made a change in your life.
Praise the Lord ~ Bob
Songs retun bu are realy osom gt has made a lot of chanae in my life
Prais the lord....
Ashish ekka (Samuel08ekka_AT_rediffmail_DOT_com)
Intense song for the soul.
Thank you Sharon and Jowie - God Bless
~ Bob
what a wonderful song, it helps alot of me.
jowie Community Profile Link jowie (pleasehonest04_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
i am crying i love you
sharon (88elm)
ilove you so much you make my day smile
sharon (88elm)
hi ilove you
sharon (88elm)
Thank you Colleen
~ Bob
Love it!
colleen cruz (colleencruz19_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Thank you for listening Glendy and Maritza - God Bless you both. ~ Bob
Thank you very much for sharing the wonderful words of your son. It is great! God bless you!
so beautiful... to hear this songs,,,,..especially that my husband just lost his job, but when i heard this song all the worries are gone..
Glendy Community Profile Link Glendy (Ladybloom80_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
God Bless you Donna - my best to you ~ Bob
Bob Community Profile Link Bob (xanatron_AT_msn_DOT_com)
Thank you and Praise God for the song. I have come back to my first love. His love is like no other. In this song I feel Jesus love flowing over me and I feel so sorry for robbing Jesus of his time and place in my heart.

PRAISE THE LORD,Yes JESUS really loves like no other.his love is everlasting..thank you JESUS.
Thank you Henry and Albert

This is a Heart touching song. His love like no other. Greatst love of my Lord aiways will be with us.
Albert (albert_DOT_manohar2008_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
This song's very touch it really works in my life . May God strengthen me so that i could do His work well without double minded just as other . henryholy5atyahoodotcodotuk
Henry Community Profile Link Henry (henryholy5_AT_yahoo_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
Thank you everyone I sincerely appreciate your kind words.
In Faith ~
Bob Community Profile Link Bob (xanatron_AT_msn_DOT_com)
This is awe inspiring. What beauty that comes from the love of God His Love is like no other. (hlr1968_AT_live_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
this song is so touching i jesus..... amen
niya richardson (aliyahrichardson_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
the song is touching
niya richardson
I think that you cud shar it with evrey bute you now
this song is refreshing!
jo ann (liwanjoan_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
eve Community Profile Link eve (pinknannyx_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
hi i am so touched with this song.iam far with my family and only GOD whom i entrusted my self.singing praises and worship songs doubles d prayer.since d first time i heard this song,i keep on singin it.it seems singing this song took away my boredom,my stress,reminding me that i should not be worry coz GOD loves me,a LOVE LIKE NO OTHER that only HE can give...
MISS KAYE (flower_of_may14_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Thank you for your touching song. Life is absurd and meaningless unless we live in Jesus.
Vincent K. Community Profile Link Vincent K. (vklwaterman_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Greetings in the name of Jesus to all God's beloved,
I too love this song, the music, words and singer's voice are all filled with the glory & love of Jesus. I am an overcomer of domestic violence, being shot at, raped, beaten and severly mistreated most of my life. Yet, I was so blind in the victim mind-set, until Jesus showed me love and showed me who I am in Him--Jesus opened up my eyes. Jesus's Blood took away my fears, delivered me and gave me the strength to say no more abuse and change through His healing power paid for us at Calvary. Jesus gave me a new life serving Him and joy in Him, He blessed me to help others to heal; the way He has healed me. We are His workmanship. Ephesians 2:10. I love being married to Jesus, He is the best Husband in the world. He is our eternal Husband (Isaiah 54:5) and by His stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5.
The Lord blessed me with a little girl out of my abusive marriage. She was pronounced dead in my womb of 18 large fybroid tumors by Kaiser Hospital doctors. GOD said Not so! Jesus raised her from the dead, she is a miracle Jesus girl. She is 11 years old now, Jesus has healed her from witnessing domestic violence and she loves Jesus too. God can produce beauty out of chaos. We have forgiven, and continually allow God to work on our souls & worship Him in spirit and truth, to make us more like Him. My little girl loves to write songs, sing and worship Jesus--she is teaching her self the piano and guitar for now, with the help of God's Holy Spirit. If anyone has any support, information prayers and any help to support her [Eboneyse] in her desire to serve Jesus through songs and worship, please let me know. My name is Jacqueline and my daughter's name is Eboneyse Moriyah. Our phone number is 661 944-3375. Music like this song helps to heal the broken hearted and bind the innermost wounds per Psalm 147:3. WE LOVE YOU JESUS, thank you for saving our soul and our natural lives to love and serve you in the beauty of holiness. Signed Pastor Jacqueline Stewart, Servant & Resilient Overcomer in Christ Jesus!
Jacqueline Stewart (changedwoman_AT_roadrunner_DOT_com)
All the pain
All the sorrow
Fades away
His love sets you free$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ HOW VERY TRUE
Jennifer (jennifer_joshuap_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
wow..ganda nang nagawa muh kuya..
james (rj_zhobk_jamz_213_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Wow! Thank you so much for such a Spirit-filled song. I neede something to touch my heart and sould today and this one did just that!
Anointed, peaceful, uplifting. Thank you.
Dorleen Edway
Thank you for your wonderful compliments. I am happy that this song brings peace and comfort to listeners in Christ. In Faith,
Bob Forbes Community Profile Link Bob Forbes
Tonight I had much saddness, I searched for a song to bring me comfort. Love Like No other was beautiful. Thank you, Sincerely,
Cindy Quinn
that one who gives atrue love ( jesus christ) god bless your web
hany (hanyadieb_AT_msn_DOT_com)
A real presence of the spirit is felt when listening to this song. What a great way to praise the Lord.
Graham (gjandjill_AT_yahoo_DOT_com_DOT_uk)
my granddaughter is in the chorus at church and she does the sign language she loves this song and it is good for kids there age that believes in god
Glory to God! There is no love like our God's love and He is our bigger necessity. If we have Him and His love, we will have strength to carry on....
God bless
Rosa (learningtogether2_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Wonderful and empowering. God bless.
Tevita Finau (tfinau_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Indeed, there's no other love like that of JESUS... Halleluiah, I praise Him for His eternal love to me. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.
Bella (smiley_bee_joker_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I love this song.
God's amazing love is everything to me.
There is no other love like the love Jesus gives us.
Keep up the good work for the Lord
Jean (jean_DOT_padgett_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Great work!! I love the song... May the Lord shower each one of us with his LOVE!
ann (annanniah_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments - it truly enlightens me that this song has helped others spiritually. God Bless you all and may He always guide you -
In Faith,
Bob Forbes Community Profile Link Bob Forbes
This is a great song and so true to the meaning. I love God so much. My husband faced sickness and this will lift him up as it has me. Thanks you for such a touching song. God bless you and your work.
Oh this is very nice song for me,it's can make me strong with my heart,i feel very sad but when i listen it's can touch my heart,i can really know only God have true love for me..Thank you for very great song.GOD Bless You.

Veeraya (prisraya_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I really like the words to this song, and would like to teach it in our congregation if possible. But I need the music in print. Can you supply a copy? I would be very appreciative!
Linnea Elrod (Linnea_DOT_Elrod_AT_wfhc_DOT_org)
The song really eases my pain. Now i have an assurance from GOD....
SUE (susandcastro)
A very beautiful song, that really touches your heart, and just gives you a very wonderful feeling inside. Very touching.
This song is so up lifting I can,t her it enough I just love it 'thank you for that most up lifting song'
beautiful songs, well sung. there truly is 'love like no other' only from our father. Praise the Lord!
This is a very peaceful song and helps to ease the soul in this troubled world today.
Thanks for sharing.
Ruth Ann
beautiful words. God bless you
It's a beautiful song, and a beautiful voice that touches my heart,and makes me cry, and at the same time brings a peacefulness. bless you.
Ilove this song it touches my heart.May God continue to inspire you through Christ our Lord Amen.
Anastasia (chiforhi_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Beautiful song. Life has been a stuggle lately and this helped raise spirit. God Bless and Keep up the good work. God is so good
marlene (mdl52_AT_insightbb_DOT_com)
awesome inspiration. This is definately a togetherness song. God bless you and your ministry.
jimmie (raye3716_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net)
The words are beautiful. God bless you.
This is a very touching song it goes straight to my heart. I am having a very rough time at the present and it was wonderful to listen to and sing a long with it. Thank You for a beautiful song.
Suzanne Zawacki (groupie1_AT_verizon_DOT_net)
The be all and end all of all Christians is to bow at His feet, and that is what this song does, makes us wanna bow down and worship the King of Kings. Praise HIs Name, God bless you brother, love sis Gwendolyn Fisher.
Gwendolyn Fisher (telanurse_AT_shaw_DOT_ca)
Thank you and God Bless everyone for your generous comments. It is truly my reward and the Lord's gift when others can find peace listening to my songs.

In Faith,
Bob Forbes Community Profile Link Bob Forbes
This is a truly amazing song that is destined to become part of Christian Celebration and Worship world-wide! You are truly blessed with a precious gift - thank you for sharing this with us all. May God continue to bless you.
Carrie Manen (maraskywalker_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, it is sooooooooooo much appreciated and i do praise God for you, and pray that God will 7 times bless over and over.

I am believing for my husband very soon, and want to say that i would love to have this precious song played at our wedding.

Much blessing and stay focussed on Jesus, He the reason for our being:)
norah (norah2788freeseve_AT_msn_DOT_com)
I'm in love with this song!!!...It's beautiful, every line contains a deep meaning that has the power to touch the heart inside out. Great voice, calm soothing background music..Great Job Bob, hope to hear more from your. Your truly anointed with a vocal talent. God bless!
If I ever marry I would like to use this moving song. How wonderful to begin your new life together under the Anointing of God that is on this song.
It is beautiful. Every word filled me with His love.
Sandi (sjcJoy_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Bob, thanks for yor unselfish work. What a wonderful way to share your music with others! Keep up the great work!! This song as well as your many others really aren't designed to entertain, but minister. We need that in the Christian world.
Gary Potratz (glpotratz_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
"Hi Bob"! Beautiful song, wonderful lyrics. An excellent arrangement and production. Great work mate. "Cheers"
Jobar 44
Heard this on Mixposure. What can I say, but excellent work. Praise the Lord.
Simply beautiful! Very inspiring. Thanks!
Suzanne (pianoluv_AT_nbnet_DOT_nb_DOT_ca)
Hi Brother,
This song is really lovely. I am not a musician like you. I work with musicians on the music end of things,as the Lord gives me songs galore.
I get the lyrics with the melody, but I can't write music so I work with musicians who can do that, to get the music down.
It all started in 1995, when I said, Here I am Lord. "Use me". He started to give me songs one night (I'd only ever written poetry before that); but over the next three months, he gave me 150 songs. By the next month, I got 50 more and then I just stopped counting!
In "Robert Shuellers Short Sermons"
it says that every period of revival is accompanied by an outburst of Christian song......

Well, blessings....May God continue to bless you with song.
I go to a pentacostal style church in Brantford, Ontario; under the Elim Fellowship and to a Pentacostal Assemblies Of Canada (PAOC) church in Paris, Ontario...where I live.
A while back, the Lord spoke to me at the Brantford Church when we were singing the song "I'm A Friend Of God". I thought about this as I listened to your song.
The Lord said, "I am a friend like no other, because I come into your heart."
His love is truly like no other.

Your sis, Lisa
Lisa Diane Spagnuolo, Christian Songwriter (lisa_spagnuolo_AT_yahoo_DOT_ca)
Bob, this is such a beautiful song, it reflects alot of our daily thoughts. Looking forward to seeing more of your songs here soon. They will touch many hearts & bring many closer to God. What a wonderful way to share your music with others! Keep up the great work!!
Richard & Mary Lou

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