Hallelujah, Christ Has Risen!

Written by Bob Forbes
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This song is the final entry on the Christian CD to benefit my local Catholic St. Ann church's building fund in Deming, NM. The Christian songs I have composed onto this CD entitled 'From the Church of St. Ann - To God's People' has been released on 6/1/07 and is available for purchase now. Thanks for listening - God Bless and may these songs bring peace to all. - Bob Forbes, March 25, 2007


Out of the depths I cry to You O Lord.
O hear my lowly voice.
With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.
I trust in Him, my soul trusts His word.

Father we share in the light of Your glory.
Through Your Son, the light of the world.
Make this new fire Holy, inflame us with new hope.
Christ is our light, thanks be to God.

Hallelujah, Christ has risen!
Hallelujah, His love is everlasting!

May the light of Christ rising in glory,
Dispel the darkness of our hearts.
Rejoice O Earth, in shining splendor.
Radiant in the brightness of your King.

Christ has conquered, glory fills us all.
Darkness vanishes forever.
The risen Savior shines upon you.
Let this place resound with joy.

Hallelujah, Christ has risen!
Hallelujah, His love is everlasting!

May the light of Christ rising,
Dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.
Rejoice O Earth, in shining splendor.
Radiant in the brightness of your King.

Hallelujah, Christ has risen!
Hallelujah, our Savior shines upon you!
Hallelujah, His love is everlasting!
Hallelujah, resound with joy!


Copyright © 2007 Bob Forbes

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Aram (Gideon) Klijian2015-02-25This is a very graceful song. Our ministry is very much interested in learning how to sing it and would to love to offer this song to reveal God's love & power at an upcoming Easter Bible conference. But I don't know where to find the piano music for it. Of course, we'd be willing to pay for it if it's available. Please let me know. Thank you so much!
2012-07-26Thank you and God Bless you Jennifer
- Bob
Jennifer2012-07-23beautiful song, had a dream of these words hallelujah, christ is risen. wanted to find out more of this and found this song on the net. i also belong to the parish of St Annes Church in Malaysia and we are now in the 5th day of novena to St Anne. Will be praying fr you and yr church today.
bht2012-06-20Pls. send me a copy of this song.
ค๓คภ๔ค2012-04-07Beautiful song!
courtney2011-04-21I Loved it, but you could give the song sheet to play instermants with.
2010-12-31Thank you Endy and Joshua - and may God Bless you this New Year ~ Bob
endy2010-12-28nice song,,Jesus bless you
JOSHUA JOHN LAL.2010-11-30PRAISE THE LORD ..........
nice song
2010-07-03You are very welcome Joe and Hercues. May God Bless ~ Bob
Joe Medrek2010-07-01Hi Bob,
I enjoyed listening to your song very much.

Thanks for reaching out and making a difference.
Hercues2010-07-01thank for ur song it enable me to come near with jesus
2010-05-21Thank you for listening - your kind words are appreciated ~ Bob Forbes
daniel2010-05-20thanks for this beautiful site. praise the lord
2010-05-05PRAISE THE LORD JESUS,i really trust him,very soon he will rise again to this world.Hallelujah
Eufemia2010-04-07God Bless u all who sings and Praises jesus
love u all
Praise Jesus
BINIAM2010-03-07oh!!!!! amazing songs. that GOD do for us. EMANUEL GOD BLESS U. ETHIOPIAN
2010-01-31well i hate to say this but hannah davies doesnt believe in the almighty jesus christ. how this could be i dont know because personally i think jesus great
eliseo2009-11-28hallelujah, what an inspiring and edifying songs, keep it up.
A. Domingo2009-10-07Beautiful song , Hallelujah. Thank you for sharing.
2009-08-11Beautiful song; beautiful voice.
2009-07-19Your comments are very much appreciated
God Bless, Bob
J Anthony2009-07-16My wife and I loved this song. Thank you for sharing it.
Sujana2009-07-14Wonderful song. It comforts our soul in christ. Thank You
Goldie2009-05-23wonderful,beautifully sung,inspiring but aren't they all?God bless this site
Bukola wright phillip adebisi2009-04-10may almighty God bless you and your ministries i will always appreciate you.
emmanuel raj2009-04-10excellent job u did in the name of lord jesus christ i thank u
Jennifer2009-04-01What a soothing song for the soul......lovely superb
Pachia2009-03-27Indeed, I agree with Betty--the song is wonderful. I was also wondering if there is a sheet music to go with this? It would be helpful as most of the members of the church I attend like to see the notes as they sing along.
Betty Davidson2009-03-12This is a great song. Is there a sheet music copy for it?
2009-02-10Thank you Bob for the escalation of self to our Risen Christ. Look up at Christ and be at rest!
2008-07-24Thank you all again for listening and commenting - I am truly happy to know that through God's gifts, I am able to touch others in songs ; ))
In Faith, Bob Forbes
2008-07-20As I listen to the song, I felt God is with me. It' s so nice to feel that God is really present in our hearts. I love the song because it really uplifts my soul. Wonderful lyrics and melody!
gift2008-07-10this song is wondfully made
edna2008-04-11thanks god for the blessing ...hallelujah nice song
ANIL VARGHESE2008-03-14Halleluiah, For he has given a new song in our lips.
ANIL VARGHESE2008-03-14Soul stirring songs and music. I could feel God's presence.

Priase be to God
janz2008-01-11i always thank god....4 the everything that he gaves to me..
dont 4get to thank him...
trust god always..
godbless you all...
invite me on my friendster. i will accept you as my friend!!!
il w8 you my dear friend....
Dele Adewole2007-09-11The wordings are beautiful, Our risen Lord is the hope of our faith. Thanks for rekindling that hope.
Dele Adewole
chanhf@lycos.com2007-06-09I like the melodious feel with great lyrics, it touches my heart. Good feel.
Bob Forbes2007-05-08Thank you and God Bless everyone for your generous comments. It is truly my reward when others can find peace listening to my songs.

In Faith,
PRINCE2007-05-05Fine,really this song touched my heart.
M.jeeva arulraj2007-04-23i can say only three words.

song is simply great& super
2007-04-18this is a great song
Alice DiRito2007-04-18I am glad you are going to review my comments about your song because I am a beginner webmaster, and I'm still finding my way around using other people's workd os art for my website. I really like your song! My website, www.healingourheartsandsouls.com is a Christian website meant to bring hope and encouragement to people who are suffering from emotional pain. It is dedicated to our daughter who completed suicide May 16, 1995. I was actually looking for "I Know My Redeemer Lives" since I'm telling people about our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. Well, any how, I found your song and found it really matched what I was trying to convey to the reader. I would like your permission to add it to my site. Oh course, I will add your copyright data, and even promote your album. Thanks for reading my long message. God's Blessings!
P J Joseph2007-04-11"His love is ever lasting".I enjoyed HALLELUJAH.May I congratulate Bob Forges and others behind this beautiful song.Of course I shall tell others also if it is the will of God.Thank you very much
A student2007-04-07I am giong to cry it is so beautiful
Lea from Helsinki, Finland2007-03-26Thank you so much for this wonderful song! Great words exalting the Lord and the melody is glorious. I'm going to listen to this many times.