Jesus Come

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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My wife's cousin is a resident assistant at Virginia Tech, in the same dorm as the initial shootings. Devastation of lives, man's inhumanity to fellow man, both at home and abroad, lead us all to long for the day when the Lord returns to claim His throne, and usher in true Peace on earth. His 1,000 year reign in Jerusalem will be followed by the re-creation of the heavens and earth, which will last for all eternity. Let's be sure to continue to tell the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ until that day when He makes good on His promise in Revelation 22:20: "The one who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"

This song is also a landmark... Elton and I are now celebrating 10 years of songwriting together (starting back in September 1997). This song was written in our classic collaboration style as the first songs were: Elton wrote the wonderful melody and MIDI accompaniment, and I added the lyrics. May the Lord continue to provide inspiration for even more songs until He returns! - Larry, May 2007


(Verse 1)
All the world's in travail
From the hills to the sea
Sin and death have their way
So it seems.

How we long for the day
When the Word shall prevail
When the Lord--- comes again!

Jesus, come!
End the night
Fill the world With Your light
Be enthroned,
Come and reign with no end.

Let the nations rejoice
(Let the nations rejoice)
To Your praise lift a voice
(To Your praise lift a voice)
Lord we long for the day
You come again!

(Verse 2)
All the world cries for peace
Yet the wars linger on
There's no hope for a change
So it seems.

Yet the promise remains
For a new age to dawn
When the Lord--- comes again!

(Repeat Chorus)
Jesus, come!
End the night
Fill the world With Your light
Be enthroned,
Come and reign with no end.

Let the nations rejoice
(Let the nations rejoice)
To Your praise lift a voice
(To Your praise lift a voice)
Lord we long for the day
You come again!

Bring Your love
Bring Your peace
Bring Your joy
Come again!

Copyright © 2007 Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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2013-04-23This has become my favorite song to listen to, especially when I feel down and alone. It really lifts my spirit.I am so glad it is on the internet and avaiable. Thank you for such a meaninful song of praise.
Seek Jesus true voice and spirit, daily.
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lechisa2010-11-19my life now get hope that I thrust y for Lords come again from heaven by glory with HIS this song is beautiful.
manohari samarathunga2009-12-07this is a very beautiful song which I have listened for more than twenty times. I love this song very much. May God bless you
Mshinda2009-11-30Beautiful Song, I certainly will enjoy it the rest of my life.
françois2009-07-13Thank you for this song ! We could even take the same melody and make a song for praising the Lord.
God bless you.
Dr Thomas Varghese2009-01-01wonderful moving song. May the good Lord bless you and keep you and take you to greater heights.
Anilajoseph2008-10-02Beautiful song.. with contemporary meaning, especially in the current strife filled world.. Can I hear the song recording also.

May the Lord continue to strenghthen you
Charles2008-08-05Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God (Matt 5:9)
Only Jesus can bring peace. We try, but just can't pull it together. Thanks for the song of hope and rememberance. Those that know Him ache for peace...
Leiyahnna Josh J.2008-02-25what a nice song, i just love to hear coz its really touched my heart W/ the message
Jackie2008-02-20Love this song - the message is so NOW
Barbara2008-01-25I enjoyed this song very much. You all are great. I have enjoyed your site so much. The music is so uplifting. Hope to be hearing your music for a long time to come. God Bless you both
Pradeep Beck2008-01-03God bless you
SZ2007-12-19Great song! Please put it on a cd.
Lea2007-12-12Please, Elton and Larry, record this song - it would be great to hear you sing it :)
What a lovely song...thank you!
vincent jebaraj.j2007-09-30wonderful song. i praise the lord joining with you for having given talent to you both. please continue to write and compose, i am sure the lord is going to bless you abuntantly more than you expect. since he is the only lord who is living and caring for us. always want to be a part of anything which will glorify god.
Suresh Thomas, Kuwait2007-09-23Beautiful song. Praise God for the talents given to you both, by HIM.
2007-09-22ilove this song from renae
Jean2007-09-11this song is great .God bless you
W.C.2007-08-24very nice, keep up the good work
Suzanne2007-07-29May the Holy Spirit continue to work through your music and your talents. Félicitation! Merci beaucoup! Thanks for sharing with all of us the gift that was given to you. I certainly look forward to hearing you sing the lyric. Beautiful!

New Brunswick, Canada
MANN2007-07-27I like this song veryu much
mohan2007-07-20hi performance this songs
JMcclure2007-07-04Larry: As always your songs are phenomenal, including this one. And the circumstances it was written under make it more beautiful. I will tell our praise and worship team about it.
Judith Seip2007-06-21What a beautiful song! I sure will use this song for our gospelgroup.
greetings Judith Seip
Grace and Margreth2007-06-21Its a very lovely song n we r sure that the wonderful Lord that we serve shall Bless You.
2007-06-13Please record this song soon. Words of His Coming bring such comfort.