In The Silence Of The Night

Written by Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith
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Peter Gringhuis sent this wonderful new song to share with everyone. I helped write the lyrics. Be sure and hear his recording of Face To Face. - Elton, July 22, 2007
There were a lot of requests for the piano score. I finally completed it. - Elton, October 21, 2007


Thank you Lord for being my friend,
everyday You show Your mercy.
Help me Lord to understand,
that my life is in Your hand.

When I look up to the sky
and the clouds arise above me.
Then I cry, I don't know why,
they're just clouds a' passing by.

I praise You Lord
and I thank You Lord.
For Your amazing love,
that You showed me on the cross

And I will bow my knees,
and glorify Your name.
I lift my hands to You
and give my life to You alone.

In the silence of the night,
I come to You my Lord and Savior
In this life that's sometimes hard,
I know Jesus You are near.

When I look into Your eyes,
I see the pain that you have taken.
And Lord that's the reason why,
I sometimes have to cry.

Copyright © 2007 Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith

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Joe2016-05-21Nice song
Amani2015-07-05Thank you Lord for being my friend

Thanks for the wonderful song

My the whole team be blessed

Thanks for the nice piano melodymelody
renae forbes2015-01-23I thank you Lord for being my friend I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG
Carol2012-05-11I love all the music on this site..all the music is so inspirational and brings glory to God..What a whitness to the Lord..thankyou so much and God bless ya
charles2011-10-22a Pena boy a hear him la
rose2011-01-03amazing touch my heart
Thomas Mathai2010-11-28How beautiful and comforting. A must listen, at east for me.
Dawn2010-08-16Awesome, amazing
Varun Dominic2010-07-08I would like to thank the owner of this site - Brother / Sister may Lord Jesus bless you abundantly. Thanks for this free site as this helps me to be in prayer while I am at work and this song is a wonderful song that gives peace to heart mind and soul.
2010-06-25This is an excellent song, and easy to sing. I simply love it!

Edward Cheung ( from Hong Kong )2010-06-03The melody is good, best listen this song alone in a silent night, when u are playing a computer game or reading a book, u will find that all these are given by Jesus.
Christina2010-02-23 Thankyou for this site....This song is so so so good! 'Thankyou' is not the word!
arnold2009-11-21thanks a lot for this
..dear qoh..2009-11-18I really really love this song very much.The message of this song speak to me so much that sometimes I felt being left out but if I heard that song I felt that GOD is always at my side.He comfort me in times of my very very very saddest part of my life.GOD is good all the time.
Larry2009-11-11 Great song. I really enjoy listening to it.
Kim2009-11-09Love Love Love it. Thank you so much for sharing his
2009-10-25beautiful song...
Cherry2009-10-02this song leaped my heart....
rona2009-09-23I love this song...I can relate my all of blessing given for me...
rona2009-09-22I loves this song..I feels Jesus always my friend so that at the right side he always comfort for me.....
Jennifer2009-04-01excellent !!! such a soft and silent song correctly written for an aching soul. Bravo!!
Brenda2009-03-18Such a beautiful song that touched my heart. Well done, and thank you so much!
Anna2009-01-17Thanks for great songs! Your affirmation is God's affirmative presence and I Praise the Lord for the Gift of you.

God Bless !
2008-11-10It's great song.Bless you.

2008-09-23In the silence of the night, when I’m sad and no one is there with me, I know up there is my God who truly loves me. Yes Lord. Help me to understand and trust that my life is in your hand…

Thank you for being passionate in sharing your talents to bless others including me. I have set this song to be sung in the evening part of our church anniversary celebration. My male churchmates already heard this song and they would love to sing this.

May God continue to enable you to make melodies for His glory.

chirly2008-09-13This is really a wonderful song! a kind of song that touches my inmost feeling to think how wonderful God we have...

All in God's name!
Ann2008-08-10We truly have an awesome Lord.
Suzette2008-07-18It calms my soul to hear the song
Bernie2008-07-16Your inspirational words of praise and worship in song touches my heart and soothes my soul.
Israel2008-05-20Indeed it is a real silence in the night
A quiet inspirational moment
To build up and encourage
Throughout the silence
That exists thereof in the night!
Love It!!!
Claudia2008-05-07This is a wonderful song and very inspirational. i heard this song first with my dad and i loved it so much that we downloaded the music and now i know how to sing it and play it on guitar. im so glad that we came across this song. im 13 years old and i am very inspired by you and 1 day hopefully i can write and composse my own songs too.
Joyce2008-02-21Peter, your music is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with the world. God bless you special.
Sandra Sipe2008-01-26I cried throughout the entire song. You guys are amazingly talented. Thank you for blessing me with this song.
praveen2008-01-18It's an amazing song, it's really heart touching song. I just can't express it. Just i can feel my eyes are wet.
God Bless Him abundandtly
Praise the Lord
Ana2008-01-02All his songs has been a blessing, they are really inspirational! May God give you more of this beautiful music for all of us who loves to praise the Lord!
Pratheesh Jose2007-12-30i like the song very much
2007-12-30its so nice!
Emanuela2007-12-20Very very beautiful Molto, molto bella. Tank you. Grazie. Emanuela
2007-11-30I love this song. It is so relaxing. it helping alot.
RUTH2007-11-16i blessed again when i heard the songs. it reminds me when im in the darkest side. its a beatiful sond. GOD BLESS U ALWAYS..
Caryn2007-10-18Is there a piano music sheet to this song??? it's really nice..
john gautam2007-10-17thx for giving this wonderful song.almight lord bless you more. again many thx for providing track of this song.which makes us easier to sing n keep joy in it.

the sound of piano makes my blood hot n my all hair become straight n praise lord jesus.
Fans Morwe2007-10-13When everyone is covered in warm blankets, some are covered in sorrow,in the Silence of the Night,always Thank God for sending His Son to live on earth giving me(us)an exmple I(we)should follow.There might be pain and suffering in my(your)life, but, remember that Jesus cares, in the Silence of the Night when everyone is asleep His ears are always open for my(your) Prayer.1Peter5:6,7.
2007-10-04This is a beautiful song, I also would like to have the sheet music for my church. God Bless you for bringing such peace and Praise to the Lord in the gift of music.
JENLAB2007-09-28wow... this song confirms that GOD loves us all... thanks for sharing this song to the world... GOD BLESS US ALL :)
Almera2007-09-25SuCh a wonderful song!!!God bless you...Thanks for sharing your gifts to us...
Arnold Adams.2007-09-24please can I have a piano score. Thank you.
M.PRABHAKAR2007-09-24wonderful song, I heard first time in my life
Diane2007-09-23A beautiful worship song!
angelo2007-09-23very nice,nice composition
Peter Gringhuis2007-09-04I will try to sent a musical track to the webdesigner, please check the site sometimes...
Joy2007-08-31I also would like to see sheet music and/or tracks to use. Beautiful!
Suzanne2007-08-16The voice and piano music comes together to form an excellent composition. Words are well chosen and comes from the heart. This song and music piece merits many many votes. Thank you for sharing.

2007-08-13I loved your song and want to sing it in church soon. thank you
Alexandra2007-08-13It's so beautiful!
Brenna2007-08-04Gorgeous song! Thank you for such beautiful, inspired work! I'd also love to see some sheet music.
cecile long2007-08-03I love this song. One change use the I praise You Lord verse and the I will bow my knees as the chorus. Super song.
2007-07-31very nice
Bonnie Davis2007-07-29What a beautiful song! I only hope that the sheet music will soon appear on the site! Thank you for sharing your gift of music - all to the Glory of God!