Footprints In The Sand

Written by Bob Forbes and Don Shafer
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Here is a wonderful new song by Bob Forbes and Don Shafer. Don wrote the lyrics. Bob wrote the music and made the recording. - Elton, August 21, 2007


Tryin' to fight off the tears
Lost the way over the years
Need a chance for a new start
To lift my soul, renew my heart

Help break this chain of sorrow
Lead us to a new tomorrow
Your healing touch indeed
It changes lives in need

Can You change my heart?
Holy Father change my mind
Guide me by Your grace
As You lead, from this place

We will follow Your light
To help end this dark night
Lead us from our mourning
Into Your new found glory

We will reach out and take Your hand
This will help us to understand
Why there's sorrow to reach tomorrow
To follow Your footprints in the sand

Help break this chain of sorrow
Lead us to a new tomorrow
Your healing touch indeed
It changes lives in need

(Repeat Chorus)
Can You change my heart?
Holy Father change my mind
Guide me by Your grace
As You lead, from this place

We will follow Your light
To help end this dark night
Lead us from our mourning
Into Your new found glory

Follow, follow, follow Your footprints

Copyright © 2007 Bob Forbes and Don Shafer

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2022-11-28Thank you for listening Shy - Bob
Shylesh2022-09-03Beautiful song. Thanks
2017-11-30Thank you for listening kanyamasuke - Bob and Don
kanyamasuke2017-04-11nice song, but no mid file
Don2016-10-05Cheryl Ruddick this is available on songs of love cd here on this site. Thanks Don and Bob
Don2016-10-05Thank you Christine! Don and Bob
Christine2016-09-19I love this
Cheryl Ruddick2016-06-26Love this song. Is it on a CD I can buy. I don't have MP3 or anything. Thanks
Don and Bob2013-12-09Thank You Amani, there are the chords and song is available on cd. Thank You Don and Bob
Amani2013-12-05nice song, but no mid file
2013-10-01Thank you Alberto! Don and Bob
Alberto2013-09-30Wonderful lyrics, a prayer of a longing heart! thank you so much for this song!
2012-10-29Hi Frances - thank you for your words, and for your listen In Faith, Bob and Don
Frances Corlett2012-10-28Praise the Lord He is a God of the second chance. He is able to more than we ever immagined.
2011-11-30Thank you Jean and may god bless you and yours! Don and Bob
jean2011-11-26I really fell in-love with this song because of this song I realize how GOD really loves every person that He creates and I also realize that GOD will not leave us alone...For He loves us and carry us all the way...
2011-09-20God Bless you Ped Don and I are very happy that our song has helped you spiritually.
In faith, Bob
Ped Bellen2011-09-19Hi I'm Ped from the Philippines. When I played your song I can't prevent my tears but to fall. As I was typing this I am actually crying. I'm a musician and I broke my finger right thumb in an accident and I was really filled with sorrow. Your song gave me hope that my finger be well again by the Grace of God. Thank you Mr. Bob Forbes and Mr. Don Shafer. May God give you long life to create more praise songs.
Don and Bob2011-08-23Lots of Love back to you Joseph. we appreciate it!
2011-06-17Thanks Geraldine for your kind words! Don and Bob
Geraldine L.2011-05-26it makes me remember my darkest like this would truly make someone's load lighter...Let's praise our King...
Bob2011-05-25Thank ohoh and Cherryl - your kind words are appreciated ~ Bob and Don
oh2011-04-28Guide me by Your grace>>>realy love this song.
2010-12-13Thank You Bessgive!! Don and Bob
bessgiva2010-12-09i liked the song, shared with my clcients in every meeting/training i have with them...inspiring...hope this will lead us to everlasting the song ends..follow..follow..follow
elmer2010-10-31sorry but i'm expecting another song entitled footprint in the sand, yet it satisfy my soul desire, thank you very much.
2010-09-27Thanks You Cathy!! Don and Bob
cathy2010-09-26very nice piece. God bless you
2010-09-07God Bless you Novha, thank you for the kind words ~ Bob and Don
novha2010-09-05Yes Lord God change my heart. . I am but a sinner but in you there is always tommorow,this song gives me relief for i know in every sorrow I have a big GOD. Godbless to both of you may you continue sharing God's word thru songs!
2010-04-27Patricia we're sorry about your loss. But you're back on the right track. It is one of my favorite poems also. Don and Bob
Patricia2010-04-27I've been kind of lost since my husband of 44 years passed away in February 2010. I've been taking some wrong paths to find comfort and they have led me away from God. This song has been an inspiration and I will listen to it often to remind me to "Follow His Footprints In the Sand". Footprints in the sand was one of my mother's favorite poems and mine too. Thankyou for making this song available.
2010-04-14Thank you for lovely comment Prathyusha!! Don and Bob
prathyusha2010-04-13i was touched by ur song. the lyrics are very close to my life. i vl sing this song daily. may gods grace will be with us
2010-04-12Thank you very much JC!! Don and Bob
jc2010-04-10I was moved by your lovely song. I am so glad that your talents are able to be shared with so many. God bless you all.
2010-04-09Thanks you so much Lucy!! Don and Bob
2010-03-17Thank you Deborah!! Don and Bob
deborah2010-03-17beautiful song!
2009-11-25Hi Mark and Donna, contact Bob at his Email below and he can help you out. Thanks! Don
Mark & Donna Rice2009-11-24Don & Bob My wife and I really enjoyed your song Footprints in the Sand. We sing at a number of Christian Coffeehouses in the Herkimer, NY area. We were wondering if the sheet music may be available? Our singing is always free, and God gets all the glory . Thank you for your consideration, Mark
2009-11-19Becky prayers to you and your family on your loss. Thank you for your kind comments. Don
Bob2009-11-17Hi Becky - sending you an email now.
In Faith ~ Bob
Becky2009-11-17My brother passed away last week. This song is so inspirational, just the words we need to have faith...Any way to get sheet music? I'd love for our soloist to sing it at his memorial service.
Bob2009-11-15Hi Sandra - am sending you an email ~ Bob
2009-11-12Sandra thanks for your comments. Unfortunately we do not have that available. The song can be purchased here at the above link. Thanks Don and Bob
Sandra2009-11-10Loved the song and would like to get a Karaoke song of it for my 12 year old granddaughter to sing at church. Can you help me out with this matter.
2009-10-13Thank you for your positive comments! Don and Bob
ross2009-10-11 oh i love your song very much. it is soothing to the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!
renante sacayanan2009-10-04as a law enforcer i just want to share this to my fellow enforcer. thanks for having this
Evette Edward2009-09-05Please I need uggent to download all these songs because it's wonderfull and obvious to safe them in my mind and repeat them all the time and I've tried to regester in your site but there is a problem I don't know
2009-09-04Yvette, Thanks you very much for your kind words. Bless you and yours! Don and Bob
Yvette2009-09-04Thanks for this song I need it very much need the words and the sound of it in order to save it in my mind and repeat it always when I'm in trouble Thanks GOD BLESS YOU I'll try to know more english in these songs
2009-08-27Thank You Grace! Don and Bob
Grace2009-08-26very nice
2009-08-25Thanks Thomas!! Don and Bob
Thomas2009-08-24awesome, love it
2009-08-22Thank you Raccalee and Jaemeca for your kind words.
God Bless ~ Bob and Don
raccalee2009-08-21thank you for this wonderful song
Jaemeca2009-07-30wonderful song for our Holy Father!!! May His grace and love abide to us all
Don and Bob2009-07-24Thank you James and John for youe wonderful comments. We glad you enjoyed this song.
John2009-07-21That is such great song it real touch my heart god bless you all
James Colling2009-06-04What a besutiful song.
God bless.
2009-05-22Darlene, I can't imagine what you and your loved ones are going thru.Many prayers to you and your family on your losses. Don and Bob
Darlene Skeen2009-05-19We lost 4 loved ones this year. The latest Ben A. Blankenship only 29, he survived Iraq and the early morning he went home to Jesus, a heart attack. This song has touched me and lifted my mourning and grief thank you, God bless you and the gifts He's given you.
2009-05-11Thank you Debi for your wonderful comments! Don and Bob
Debi2009-05-09This song is beautiful. Just what I need for a hurting heart.
Don2009-04-03Jennifer Thank You so much for your lovely comments. Don and Bob
Jennifer2009-04-01Is there a better way to touch the heart in pain, the dying soul the aching heart, the sick and burdened heart? no..... this is a lovely song which will win many wounded broken hearts

2009-03-27Hi Loretta - so glad this song has helped, thank you for listening and God Bless.
~ Bob and Don
lorettahemmings2009-03-22This song is a real lifter upper of down trodden soal and spirit.
Don and Bob2009-02-04Sue, Prayers to your family and loved ones on your loss. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Again Thank You!!
Sue Gray2009-02-02What a truly meaningful song. Having discovered it on your website,we recently had it played at our Dear Mum's funeral. All the family were very emotional at the words. It is a song that will remain a favourite for ever. Thank you so much.
2009-01-12Thanks Alice, we appreciate your kind words!! Glory to God!! Don and Bob
Alice2009-01-09Oh I love this song! I can sing it over and over again. I just began having a relationship with God. I am so thankful for him and everything he does. I'm just sorry it took me so long too realize what he does everyday in our lives. Thank you for such a wonderful song. I listen to it daily!
claudia2009-01-08Hi there Bob. just wanted to tell you this is a beautiful song and I was wondering if it's possible, would I be able to get th e piano music for it, as I may be able to use it for our up-coming ladies retreat in the spring. hope os.
Min. Mary Jane Quintanilla2008-11-20Just beautiful! All for the glory that belongs to. Shalom
Jennifer2008-11-09Just commenced training to be a griefshare facilitator, this song is so encouraging. I too would love to have the sheet music.
2008-10-15Thank you Donna and Mark, I sent an email to Bob. He will contact you. Thanks Don and Bob!!
Donna and Mark Rice2008-10-14My husband and I really like the song "Footprints". is there any way we can obtain a copy of the piano sheet music for the song so we could sing and play it? Thanks.
Don2008-09-29Hi Kerrie, you have our permission just make sure you use this (Copyright © 2007 Bob Forbes and Don Shafer) and notify us if you post the video anywhere. Thanks Don and Bob
Kerrie2008-09-29I continuously appreciate this song, I am right now fighting racism, and its very difficult sometimes you just can't understand why people choose to be ignorant. I would love to know if I choose to make a video presentation can I please use this song. It truly is a blessing.
2008-09-26Thank You, Kerrie for your kind words. Don and Bob
Kerrie2008-09-26A lullaby of hope and praise and comforting to difficulties faced throughout life. Thank you for this song, sometimes you just need to cleanse the air from all the tension and the song is filled with the sincerity and tenderness of crying out to the Lord thank you, it helps.
Don2008-09-26Thanks Joyce, we really appreciate your kind words. I wrote this song early in starting my walk with our lord. Prayers and blessings to your family. Thank you, Don and Bob
joyce2008-09-26WOW! Everyone is asleep so I couldn't play the music only read it. I just finished the devotion when Paul and Silas were imprisoned and how they sang songs of praise. I googled songs of praise and your site came up. Our family is in a very dark hour and the words were the praise we needed to give God who has and will sustain us. He will break this chain of sorrow and Lead us to a new tomorrow!!!
Don Shafer2008-09-24Thanks Marilyn, I contacted Bob and see that you have made contact. Thanks for your support and lovely comments!! Don
Marilyn2008-09-23Thank you so much sir! I'm very excited to have it. I'm planning to ask a male churchmate sing the melody and I'll sing the second voice. My email is. You are blessing!SALAMAT PO ULIT!(Thank you once again!)
2008-09-23Hi Marilyn - Don and I thank you for your beautiful compliments ; )) I do have the accompaniment track (music without vocals) for this song as well as the other songs here at Songs Of Praise. Send me your email and I will send you the mp3's you want.
In Faith, Bob
2008-09-22I'm grateful for your website. Thanks for being so generous in sharing your music. This song is one of my favorites. I love the melody and lyrics. It makes my heart cry out loud whenever i listen to it. I've been singing some of your songs in our church. I hope I can get the music score or accompaniment track of this for I know it will greatly bless them as well. Salamat (Thank you)!

Marilyn, 25
2008-06-28the words say it all. thanks
2008-06-26Irene, thank you very much. I wrote these lyrics shortly after being saved. I'm still new in my walk with our Lord. But I to, believe in these lyrics. Again Thank You, Don and Bob
Irene2008-06-25I came by this song 'by accident' and I am really touched by it! This is exactly how I am feeling today. I believe these are the kind of songs the church needs, instead of more and more 'worship'. I think this is the kind of worship that the Lord desires: an open heart willing to change and be able to serve Him!
Diane2008-06-06This is so beautiful it truly ministered to me.God bless Diane
2008-04-27Hi Sue - thank you for the compliments on our song ; )) I believe the administrator of Songs Of Praise is going to create a new CD with "Footprints In The Sand" on it. Until then, you can download this mp3. Have a wonderful Sunday - Bob and Don
2008-04-26Judy, God Bless you and your Grandson. Thank you for your wonderful comments about our song. Blessings Don and Bob
judy Guess2008-04-25This is really special as my grandson Howard Barquero has been saved he is 5yrs he really loves this song and he really wants to follow Jesus and have a whole new life with the Lord and he is an inspiration for all of
sue lawler2008-04-17Hi Bob.My favorite song-Footprints.Goes right into my heart. What album is it on so I can but it?I not only need it ALL the time,I have a sister who is having a very hard and stressful problem she is dealing with.Please pray for her,please.God bless.Sue.
2008-03-22God Bless you Madhu - your friend and his mother have found a true friend in you. I am deeply honored that this song has provided spiritual comfort to you and those in their time of need. It is a pleasure working with Don - he is a fine musician and lyricist.
A Blessed Easter to all - Bob Forbes
2008-03-20Dear Madhu, I read your comment and did say a prayer for her. Thanks so much for your kind words. I wrote these lyrics a couple of years ago after hearing a sermon by my pastor. Bob who's a great friend and wonderful musician, really brought these words to life. Thanks once again Don
Madhu2008-03-20Praise God! my friends mom is now "out of danger". He is Life giving GOD. Healing JESUS. When I listen to this song. I hold on these lyrics and prayed.
"Help break this chain of sorrow
Lead us to a new tomorrow
Your healing touch indeed
It changes lives in need"
Wonderful words... God Bless all who are working with your SPIRIT in this music team.
2008-03-19I heard this song, when i am praying for my friend's mom's healing. As he is fighting with her life, whoever reads these comments... please you also pray for her.
Sandra Sipe2008-01-30Love the melody and the lyrics. Beautiful song in which to worship Our Lord!
Thank You.
Minette2008-01-16wow wow wow the lyrics are truly inspiring. i cant wait to see the music score for it. God Bless
Sherry2007-12-14Great song, I also ask when do we get the sheet music so we can play it also.
Janet2007-11-26This song came right when I needed it.
Thank you my Lord.
ruth2007-11-16i really loved the song. GOD IS SO GOOD TO US. GOD BLESS U...
million2007-11-13wow God(Jesus) bless you.
Rick2007-11-10What an awesome song well compose and truely written in the word of real praise may true believers around the world lift their hands high in this song of praise
2007-10-25Its wonderful...more people will be blessed through your songs...God Bless

In Christ, Charmaine
Suzanne / Canada2007-10-11Very well composed and the music fits well with the words. Great job!
jinky2007-10-07very good
2007-09-26When are the musicsheets available?
2007-09-22ilove this song . from renae
2007-09-18what can i say JUST BEAUTIFUL , thanks for such an inspirational song
carolyn from south carolina
m prabhakar2007-09-15a very good spiritual song forever
Loren2007-09-01hi guys. i'm happy to see your true talents come out in this super fine work.
prince immanuel2007-08-28god is good all the time
2007-08-23Very well done! Inspiring,soothing and gentle really enjoyed it.
Don2007-08-21Thanks Bob for a wonderful performance.