On This Holy Night

Written by Bob Forbes and Yolanda Forbes
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On This Holy Night - music, performance by Bob Forbes; Lyrics by Yolanda Forbes; Production by Pascal Gregory. We hope this song touches everyone with the true meaning and Spirit of Christmas. God Bless. - Bob, October 12, 2007


Coming together to worship in song,
We can all join each other on this precious night.
Promise of peace and love for the world.
The memories of joy fill our hearts.

Families unite from all around.
Sharing from each their happiness found.
Life can sometimes cause us to worry,
But on this Christmas night, troubles are gone.

On this Holy night we gather,
Together to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Let us remember the hope of the season,
Always to remain in one and all.
We are His children, young and old.
Sharing His love, and truth that we hold.

As I dream of all the wonders,
The blessings that are yet to come from above.
The Lord is our Savior, the light in us all.
Trust in your faith, and you will rejoice.

On this Holy night we gather,
To celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Copyright © 2007 Bob and Yolanda Forbes

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2010-12-20Beautiful! Thanks Bob and Yolanda. Merry and blessed Christmas to you.
Stephanie2010-02-17Thanks for the beautiful song. If you are interested in getting sheet music made for it, check out www.leadsheetstation.com. Thanks and God bless!
cranz rabina2009-06-19nice lyrics i really appriciate
Jennifer2009-04-01soooo many christmas songs yet everything's so meaningful and so lovely
teey2009-03-25good job bonnie i pray God will continue to give u more song to sing. AMEN
Bonnie Davis2007-10-15This is such a beautiful song! I hope that, in the near future, sheet music will be available!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us! Bonnie Davis
2007-10-14Excellent lyrics, performance and production. I really enjoyed this. Great job! Don