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Lord When I Hear You

By Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith

CCLI Number: 5089509

Here is another wonderful song from Peter Gringhuis. I helped write the lyrics. - Elton, November 7, 2007

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Lord when I hear You,
And when You touch me with Your Grace,
Lord Jesus it's then I see Your face.

One look in Your eyes,
I see the love You've given me.
Lord Jesus, it's here I want to be.

Lord when I see You face to face,
I fall upon my knees,
In honor, and give You all my praise.
I feel Your love, a healing spring.
Gone is fear, there is no pain,
Lord Jesus Your greatness makes me sing.

Holy, holy is Your name.
Holy, holy is Your name.

(Guitar Solo)

I want to follow,
No matter where the road may lead
For You have borne the pain on calvary.

(Repeat Refrain)
Lord when I see You face to face,
I fall upon my knees,
In honor, and give You all my praise.
I feel Your love, a healing spring.
Gone is fear, there is no pain,
Lord Jesus Your greatness makes me sing.

I feel Your love, a healing spring.
Gone is fear, there is no pain,
Lord Jesus Your greatness makes me sing.

Holy, holy is Your name
Your Name.

Copyright © 2007 Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith

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Lord when I hear you is a great song and it really blesses my heart every time I hear it. I listen to it all the time because it's just an awesome song.God bless you and keep singing.
Lord jesus your greatness let me sing
Renae forbes (Renaeforbes24_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Beautiful song...i really love this Song a lot...good composition......kalyan
kalyan (brkalyan_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
i really like this song it encourage my broken soul thank you so much for postng this song..
~~Outstanding~~... This is a song that should be in every Church Praise and worship lineup.
Sean Community Profile Link Sean (sean_howell_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
thanks for this song i no that Jesus is always in my side God bless us all
lorenzo nobelo Jr. (lorenzonobelo_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It is real nice song. thanks
PramodB (p_DOT_pramod_AT_live_DOT_com)
it is nce to hear everytime
tor (www_DOT_wilvi_1985_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Very anointing indeed.
Joseph (ceezaj_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
wowwwww.......... amazing song.......... i feel like jesus is so near to me....... thank you for this song..... more power..... i love this song.
charlyn (charlynllido_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
May the Lord bless you! This site is just what I needed for my boys. Thanks for the beautiful songs.
The Grace of Jesus uncountable when I hear this song first time in Maldives specialy when I am alone.Thanks to all of you. God Bless
Patrick (patrickomow_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
when i tuned this songs it i am filled again with holyspirit and sang it together.
thomas puthenpurayil (scrapbay_AT_ymail_DOT_com)
i thank the Lord for gifted men like you who can compose songs that touch our hearts and make us feel more closer to God. i always love to play your songs. the Lord is great!
sharon (smbengco_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
i love to hear the songs i feel closer to our "GOD" FOR HIS WONDROUS GRACE.;iam a widowed i pray unto "GOD" that "HE" will open a way for me a job abroad in any part of the state the soonest possible time/"AMEN".. (sweet_nlove2006_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This song is so touching. n the guitar play r beautiful. quick question can i play this song in my church i really want to sing song.
Yes, all of our songs are freely available for nonprofit use. There is a music score you can print. - Elton
Lord when I see You face to face,
I fall upon my knees,
In honor, and give You all my praise.
I feel Your love, a healing spring.
Gone is fear, there is no pain,
Lord Jesus Your greatness makes me sing.

Jennifer (jennifer_joshuap_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I love your song! Its so beautifully sang. Here, please email me! I would love to get in contact with you!
Clare Martin (ClareMartin1_AT_live_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
This song touches something deep down within me. Thanks again for the wonderful songs.
What a beautiful song. As a Dutch speaking Australian I was intrigued by the idea of Dutch songs of worship and listened to it first in Dutch for that reason, but it has wonderful lyrics that I could understand better in English. Has Peter any CDs, Dutch or English?
Margaret (margmagarey_AT_yahoo_DOT_com_DOT_au)
Awesome and breathless! The Holy Spirit and I amy minister this in dance. Shalom!
Min. Mary Jane Quintanilla (entheosmj_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Thanks be to God for giving you the privelage to sing this wonderful song of worship and praise. the accompanied music enhances it, in all , another great hymn.
Thanks Guys.
I love this song it is blessing to my soul and up lifing
Beverley (veund_DOT_arends_AT_vodacom_DOT_co_DOT_za)
This song is wonderful and I am touched by "Hope Richards" testimony about this song. This song made me to pray for the person "Hope Richards".
This is truley a blessing song. this song has touched me. i love the music to this to. it is well suited to the lyrics.
very good song. thanks to my mighty God. God bless u.
Damodar Ghimirey (samip_susan_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This is very nice song ever hapen. My name is charles from Tanzania.
Thank you
CHARLES SHAURI (chasha2002_AT_yahoo_DOT_ca)
This is so beautiful. It gives me goosebumps... Thank you for this wonderfully written and beautiful song giving Praise to our Lord! God bless!
Debb (wannabe_angel_AT_suddenlink_DOT_net)
I loved the words of the song. But how can I download the MP3 songs. It does not allow me. Please help.


Anita (akami_AT_arch-bldg_DOT_unitech_DOT_ac_DOT_pg)
this song has been a blessing.
Wonderful music and voices blend well together. The message is well heard through this song. Great job! You give hope to a lot of people through your compositions. Continue the great work with the talents that has been given to you.
Suzanne, New Brunswick
WONDERFUL!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! :) i JUST SIGNED ON TO THIS SITE THROUGH GOOGLE YESTERDAY AND i'M SO GLAD THE LORD LED ME TO DO THIS. I hope I understand exactly how to use it. I heard the song of the day and all I can say is amen. When I hear Him and when I see His face..perfect peace...amen! GBU and thank you for your ministry!!!!!
Donna (DonnaYshuaShalom_AT_sti_DOT_net)
this song is very touching and they give strength to the people. especially the word lord i want you to feel in my life and i want to see face to face to asking forgiveness
edna balagtas (pinsik_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I have been going through spiritual, physical, emotional healing, and somehow lost trust when a child. The other day, I pictured myself cowering, facing a brick wall, and knew all I needed to do was turn around and see Christ, to put my trust in Him again. I had been praying I would trust Him and see Him face to face, and that I would see His blood wash my sins. This morning at work, I knew I needed to hear some quiet soothing praise songs. So I typed 'praise songs' in my browser and this web site was the top of the list. How amazing to have this song be the featured song. It completely spoke to my heart and the prayers I have been praying the past few days.
I praise God and thank Him for this answer to prayer and confirmation He is ready and waiting for me to turn around, trust Him, and by His Grace, see Him face to face!
Hope Richards (hyr0656_AT_aol_DOT_com)

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