Every Morning When I Wake Up

Written by Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith
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According to Peter, this song came to him when he woke up one morning. I worked with him on the English lyrics to help with the flow and rhyme. - Elton, December 10, 2007


Every morning when I wake up,
I will start the day with You.
'Cause to start the day without You
Is impossible to do.

When I think what You have done
How You died and overcome.
Is there any reason not to believe
That You are God's own Son?

I know that You are near,
You make things always clear.
Your Grace is all I need,
I bow here at Your feet.

Every day here in my hometown
I tell the people to believe
In a friend who never leaves them,
And with open arms receive.

Let me tell You dearest Jesus
You pick me up when I'm feeling blue.
Lord I love You with my whole heart
And find myself in You.

I know that You are near,
You make things always clear.
Your Grace is all I need,
I bow here at Your feet.

Every morning when I wake up,
I will start the day with You.
'Cause to start the day without You
Is impossible to do.

I Love You.

Copyright © 2007 Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith

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Solomon2017-06-06Thanks to God and keeps me going each day with Him.
Ashlei2015-04-19Pretty song
graace2012-01-20i like it so much
sumi2011-04-30Iam looking for this song its really amazing when I heard this song Iam so happy
Flower Mary Joseph2010-12-14So good to start the day with Jesus.I really love this song.
2010-10-30Beautiful to wake up with a song for Jesus. Jesus I love you so................................................................... much - Christina
tor2010-10-11the song reminds all who forgot to the lord,what they do before they start the day.......it is WOW!
Rudy2010-09-03I'm touched with the song and made me strong my daily work
Bernard2010-08-17Its a blessing song i pray it every morning it gives me strengh.
edimlim2010-03-25Peter & Elton make a wonderful pair in bringing God to all through their music.
ashel2009-09-30PRAISE THE LORD!!! i rly apprciate ds song... He givs me strength n evryday living... 4 evrymrning dat wen we wke'up, s anothr chance of God gven life... Thanks God 4 evrything!! i love u... God bless us all.. :)
aiza2009-09-21great song!!i feel the presence of GOD..when i hear this song..
mary lou2009-09-12amazing! i really love this song....i want to have a copy of this song.thank you and GOD bless!
Audrey2009-09-01Your music is so uplifting and powerful in my heart. Let's keep praising the Lord.
2009-06-27this song is very touching
2009-04-15PRAISE THE LORD for this AWESOME Music that WORDS gives GREAT impact into my SOUL.The lyrics tells the presence of our LORD JESUS as I focus every word that was written.YES! we cannot start the day without the LORD JESUS in us. GOD bless you.
linda blackburn blair2009-03-11hello! I really like your site. this song is one of your best ones, but, they are all beautiful songs.
R@yahoo.co.uk2009-02-26this song gives me the reason to thank God for all things.
Debb2009-02-23This song gives me goosebumps. Your music is always so uplifting and full of praises. God bless!
In His Love,
doretta2008-08-19I just listened and this song brings your heart (as deceitful as it is) to just know that He lives. It opens my heart to love him because truly I do. Thank you so very much for putting that to words and music. I pray God bless you every day Thru that song it also shows how much you love Him.
2008-08-19i love it, very intimate song
2008-07-17Hey Guys, another great song, peacefull music, with words that touch the heart.
keep them coming. thanks so much.
Sandy2008-05-21Love it. Love it. love it. a sweet song with peaceful music and wonderful lyrics.
Israel2008-05-20A Blessing
Even to the words of music are sweet to shout!
That which soothes a weary soul
Towards a sound reassurance
raquel boxall (philippines)2008-04-13I play the song every morning when i wake up and i sing with the music...i love it very much, Thanks God for everything... thank you guys for this very heart touching song, God Bless.
Debb2008-02-07This song has really grown on me. It's such a beautiful song and I love starting the day off listening to it (and of course I have to sing-a-long with it). The chorus is absolutely heart embracing to me... Oh what a beautiful song! Thank you and God bless!
In His Love,
Ingird2008-02-07This son is the right thing to start the day. It is also quite evangelistic. I love it. Thanks.
Sherry2008-01-26Love the song and appreciate the ability to have MP3's and sheet music at the same time.
2008-01-22This song has made a beautiful impact on my daily life starting today! Thank you!
Suzanne2008-01-17Now that is beautiful! The music is heavenly! Like flowting on a cloud... Words well chosen! Bravo!
New-Brunswick, Canada
kaIRuPiano2008-01-16I would really appreciate it if you would upload a music score of this~! I like the lyrics very much including its message. I want to be able to play this with piano someday.
Thanks for sharing this~!
Inge Gringhuis2008-01-10very nice song I love it. Thanks for your site en I wish my brother Peter happiness en love.
2007-12-14One morning I woke up very early and was reading about the armour of God online and came across this song. This song is like a beautiful prayer to God. This song was very soothing to my soul and helped me start my day in a different mind set. I love this song.
Sherry2007-12-14Love the song, Where can we get he sheet music to it.
Kwee Say2007-12-13first of all, i would like to thank u "God" that being with me everymorning when i wake up.we cannot start our new day without Him.May God richly bless u whosoever wrote,sang,and helped this song.
John Osbrock2007-12-11Sometimes I have to sing a song, and then there is always a song on your site thanx for this song today.....