Open Up My Heart

Written by Peter Gringhuis and Manon Wierenga
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This song is truely written from the heart. Peter created the music and Manon wrote the lyrics. You can hear them singing together on the recording. - Elton, 11 April 2008


Every time we think of You and we realize
That You're always there for us
All we have to do is open up our hearts to You
Help me open up my heart

The love You gave us is like a beacon of light in the sky
Never ending on my part
But with love that light is guiding me in my darkest night
If I open up my heart

Let me open up my heart
Let me thank You for the wonders of Your love
For the cross the pain and everything
You went through for me
Lord I opened up my heart

When we stand here hand in hand (side by side)
Your mercy's flowing without an end (forever more)
We sing for You O Lord our God (to honor and worship)
'Cause You've opened up my heart

I have opened up my heart
I will thank You for the wonders of Your love
For the cross the pain and everything
You went through for me
Lord I've opened up my heart

Lord I've opened up
Lord I've opened up
Lord I've opened up my heart

Lord I've opened up
Lord I've opened up
Lord I've opened up my heart

Lord, when we stand here
Hand in hand, side by side
Your mercy flowing without an end
Forever more
We sing for You our Lord, our God
To honor and worship
Cause You, You've opened up our hearts Lord
You gave us something to believe in
Someone to believe in
Jesus Christ, Your only son
The Savior, Messiah, Redeemer and friend
The one who's lived for us, and died for us
For us all, none excluded
And for that we thank you
We thank you, the Lord of all
Who was, and is, and is to come

Copyright © 2008 Peter Gringhuis and Manon Wierenga

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Phil Wielewinski
Colonie Alliance Church
Albany, N.Y. 518-869-7384
Benjamin Chung2012-05-30I love this song...I want to download this song but do not know where I can get it! Help! Praise Jesus!
RACHELLE2012-04-19Bless to this song to use for inspiration for all follower to JESUS...
Prince BOW2012-03-08This song is annointing,thank godand bless the singer and listener,so we all open our Heart to god love.
ค๓คภ๔ค2011-12-08Thank you for this beautiful song.
2011-10-05unusual to have a prayer at the end. it works
randy2011-05-23a beautiful music with abeautiful lyrics
jaya2010-12-05thanku for this song
Gilda Sagarino2010-09-21Its wonderful! it helps to reflect the goodness of theLord! Wow! super!
mary jean2010-09-14Thanks God for opening our hearts. Through Manon's inspirational lyrics for this song It truly touches our hearts to open up for Jesus. I also love the tune thanks also to Peter.
Patrick2010-03-18I love this song and Jesus as open my heart.
I pray for all the people who dedicated to great this Lovely song and God Bless all of you
Patrick (patrickomow_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
2010-03-14A wonderful song
ana2010-03-12god will open the eyes to everyone no matter what he loves and he died for us so we need to praise and worship the lord and believe in him he died for our sins love him with all your heart because were waiting hes alwys watching what we do love him love him hes the key to heaven remember what he says "deny me in front of men and ill deny u infront of my father whos in the heavens".
Angelica2010-01-23such an Amazing song, very well sung and words of expression is wonderful.
vanesa2010-01-21thank lord for opening my heart to accept everything that's good and bad....
thank for ur unconditional love
2009-10-30I love this song. I have been praying for God to open the eyes of my heart. God Bless You!
marilex2009-10-17ilove this song God is starting to open my heart for Him. as i allow him also to enter...
elsie2009-09-24i do love the song, it touched me
rona2009-09-22I love this that he always open my heart..even theirs many trials to come for me...and I can relate this song...
didie2009-07-18i love this song
Debbie2009-07-03Beautiful! I pray more souls would open their hearts to Jesus. Thank you for this beautiful song.
terr2009-01-23you've truly is a blessing. God bless you all at songs of praise.
nicolas2009-01-19it´s been a real blessing to listen this song. may God bless you all
Dorleen Edway2009-01-16Something in this song makes me feel so close to Jesus
ALcO_MaLaysia2008-12-17Thanks mY Lord...
Thanks 4 gIve uRe Life tO Me...
Raise mE uP mY LoRd...
Praise 4 dE LoRd..
rAchelle2008-11-27gAnda tlga ng sOng nA toh..
nieva2008-11-17as i am listening this song i was carried with the lyrics and the melody and feel that even when i am busy and don't have the time toi pray HE is always there waiting for me to open my heart and hear my yearning and cries......
lashan jasmine butler2008-11-12hi my name is lashan am 16 years old i attend the north andros high shcool and i write my songs you have give me the life wen it was heard you are a leader to me you give me hope wen noone was there for me i love you and my god bless you and keep you in his arms
Destiny2008-10-16wow that is a beautiful song you have made thereit almost made me cry because I love some one and I am going to sing this at his funeral
fern2008-07-13Absolutely beautiful words and music and singing also.
Peter Epilla2008-05-23I listened to your songs when I was in my country Uganda in east Africa. I came for graduate study in Columbia in New York. You songs have continued to be a blessing. This one moves one to a closer commitment to the Lord. God bless you richly.
Debb :)2008-05-22BEAUTIFUL and full of Praises for HIM.

God bless,
emmanuel2008-05-13Thank you for your wonderful song.May God almighty continu to bless you and lift your heart.
Again thank you

martine uit belgie2008-04-17ik vind dit een mooie liedje en prachtige tekst jammer dat er geen bladmuziek en mid bijstaat.

mvg martine uit belgie